Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: Tanaka emperor makes 2 degrees because of be suspected of holding poison to be arrested to deny row Media of much home Japan covers 24 days, before emperor of KAT-TUN member tanaka this year on January 30 because be suspected of the hold inside the hotel at renown Gu Wu a shot in the arm of 0.164 fair grams, now (24 days) the police of county be knowinged by love is arrested.

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Ever was the tanaka emperor of KAT-TUN member, factor is spent violate compasses and 2013 by Jienisi the office removes sb’s name from the rolls. 2014, he joins new office and establish rock band INKT. He had marijuana because of the Tibet inside the car 2017, with red-handed be arrested, dan Shi mouth denies him of hold marijuana, obtain do not sue disciplinary action.

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According to ” Japanese TV station (day テ レ ) ” report, tanaka His or Her Majesty is in the business affairs hotel of an area in ancient house city be suspected of hold a shot in the arm of 0.164 fair grams, hotel clerk he discovers article of white crystallization shape after returning a house, the discovery after deliver examines is a shot in the arm.

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And on the road that tanaka emperor heads for a show in 24 days, at renown Gu Wu city is arrested by police. Report returns refer, tanaka emperor goes to making, say ” I do not know ” , deny make row.

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