Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: It is half comedy really, connect half even insufficient I am to developing Ren Suxi to look ” half comedy ” , hope this comedy piece to the He Sui this year archives brings a surprise. But a little regretful however, the title of film of no less than, this is half comedy only, connect half even insufficient! From ” the ass gets water ” to ” anonymous generation ” , we remembered Ren Suxi. Especially ” anonymous generation ” in that exalted paraplegia, have the standard of girl Ma Jia that active mouth can say the head only. The sort of young tiger bold, the sort of dripping wet, the sort of sensation, in the young actress nowadays, do not search to give the 2nd really. Even if is in ” I and my motherland ” medium Jing grand dekko, let us forget hard as before. So, ” half comedy ” the placard that decide archives, I am looking forward to to show. See the movie, glad is, happy fried dough twist took the motion picture that does not have Shen Teng eventually. Since happy fried dough twist goes out, shen Teng is the core of film of happy fried dough twist all the time. As time passes, nature is a little aesthetic and fatigue. Then, I hope happy fried dough twist changes somewhat. As expected, ” half comedy ” did not have Shen Teng eventually, gave us a brand-new story and brand-new actor ordinary members of theatrical troupe, especially before half part.

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Comedic, the most important is comedic disposition of the character. Like particularly ” anonymous generation ” , the sibling of personate of Chen Jianbin, night tide holding the post of element and the cateran of Pan Bin dragon, chapter eaves personate are typical comedic disposition, fill comedic cell all over. And ” half comedy ” besides the Mo Mo besides Ren Suxi personate, lack comedic temperament, this is very regretful. Rich 2 acting beautiful hearts are big little, the promising youth that little place comes to, we see too much.

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Comedy is immersed in easily commonplace, ” half comedy ” harvest this effect, also not unexpected, just regrettablly Ren Suxi’s acting. A good actor, need has what good play become reconciled directs to assist. This film, can calculate half comedy only really, connect half even insufficient. Expect she will meet superior play good director henceforth, can dedicate the audience is whole and comedic!

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