Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: A kind of such film always can let the on the sly in your darkness in the cinema clutch palm heart A kind of such film always can let the on the sly in your darkness in the cinema clutch palm heart, becoming aware oneself are auspicious green time is aspersed without brandish is to resemble living really general.

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Charlie is bashful the high school new student with loneliness, have those who surmount the age is sensitive with lachrymal gland, always observe the family beside and friend silently, be a model ” the wall spends an early youth ” . His adolescence is full of all sorts of setbacks, experienced an aunt to die to buy birthday present to him early or late, best friend suicide, suffer Tong Chai to elbow out bully, carry a torch does not have all sorts of things such as the response. Checking put in order however still is not the most miserable, the person that because be forced by the life with him,punishs a station into the corner is really too much. He has an enlightened teacher and two good friends of high grade fortunately: The like-minded schoolboy with the girl Shan with traitorous spruce charming and full self-confidence is overcome in handkerchief spy, they make Cha Liming white cannot look on forever occasionally, must want to participate in come in to just can be had those who belong to oneself is wonderful.

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Be too touching really, this kind of feeling also won’t have again, see me cried. See crying reason indecipherable. This is true · green film. Although the story is very far, but same mood color lubricious completely in succession accurate. The thing of the thing caper with folly sad favour. A lot of ” for the first time ” … Li Bai, what you say is too right if face blacks hair dusk gives birth to complacent beard to use up into snowman joyous ” the wall spends an early youth ” (love / is green) fabaceous valve grading: 8

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