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Original title: ” chili ” calm archives 38, “Sharp-shooter ” Wang Naixun plays the leading role Encourage annals is literary piece ” chili ” announce to decide archives on March 8 ” international woman red-letter day ” , the Li Ping of well-known actress Lv of for a long time of long parted screen is in piece in act a grandma, in Spring Festival archives popular movie ” sharp-shooter ” in Wang Naixun is in the new personality that acts important role piece in act teenager Liu Saiyuan. On Feburary 24, wang Naixun accepts red star journalist to interview, disclosed take the story of behind the curtain that absorbs film.

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” chili ” placard it is reported, ” chili ” in telling about hill of lake Beijing University, two Liu think of younger brother of sister of a pair of teenagers staying behind far (Wang Naixun is acted the role of) with Liu Saifang (He Xinyuan is acted the role of) , in the grandma (Lv Liping is acted the role of) guard next lives that live quiet joy. They are tasted learn to hold actor concurrently, but the father and mother that cannot stop pair of distance to work’s thick longing. Little brother Sai Yuanxi hopes to buy a mobile phone through selling him chili to make money, however, this process is full of mix zigzag adventure, sister younger brother two experienced street young ” curassow ” (Tian Yu is acted the role of) provoke, harvested finally friendship and grow, realized oneself little dream.

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” chili ” the act person of Liu Saiyuan of the little brother in drama photograph is Wang Naixun, good to act this part, he made many preparation. Film ” chili ” when, ability is 13 Wang Naixun years old, direct Li Jun forest to divulge, he practices carrying a carring pole to drill in guesthouse half month, real guns and bullets instigated 5 kilograms of heavy big rock, shoulder wore a skin. Find the sense with real role till him, just begin solid pat. To this Wang Naixun expresses, “Actually this process I also am the feeling that the hope can let he is true the daily life that regards child of a country as located real environment and him is what kind of, the hope passes such experience can role of more thorough character, can explain a better position. ” regard a new personality as the actor, it is very important that Wang Naixun feels to experience the life, observation life, development knows the life. Film ” chili ” when summer of as it happens, weather is torrid, for the appearance of character of press close to, wang Naixun besides suntan the skin, still blend in from the character’s disposition, part of thorough in the life experience is experienced. Piece in, the act person of the grandma is Li Ping of well-known actress Lv, wang Naixun and Lv Li Ping have many adversary to make fun of. Wang Naixun speak bluntly, acting in a play together with Lv Liping is the feeling that can have insecurity for certain, “Experienced Mr. Lv filming when work meticulous, small to a petty action also must character of press close to, joint figure is actual reaction. Joint figure is actual reaction..

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Wang Naixun is in ” sharp-shooter ” in act snipe not long ago of 5 soldiers Wang Zhongyi, wang Naixun just spent 18 years old of his birthday, his birthday last year is in the film ” sharp-shooter ” the play staff passes, director Zhang Yi seeks Ceng Wei he serves handwritten blessing. Be in ” sharp-shooter ” in, wang Naixun acts snipe 5 soldiers Wang Zhongyi. ” sharp-shooter ” mirrorring in heat, besides challenging new theme, zhang Yi is sought the director is bold still enable new personality, be asked about ” cooperating with Neozoic actor is what experience ” when, zhang Yi seeks say frankly: “New actor does not have a burden, resemble white paper same, they can bear hardships. ” for scene of spirit of reductive people who volunteer to fight in another country, young actors undertook enclosed training ahead of schedule, do not be afraid that suffering does not cry tired, bring the high-spirited fight will of young soldier for film. About wanting the part of the challenge in the future, wang Naixun expresses, “I am in now the actor still is on this road in study, still hope oneself can challenge different role, can let oneself learn more things. ” graph of charming of more than snow occupies Zhang Shihao of red star journalist’s trainee a square editor Li Jie

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