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Original title: ” this killer is not quite sober ” : This killer is the king of new comedy

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Long-term since, chinese film person devotes oneself to to break up all the time take Korea motion picture, for instance the Chinese edition last year ” sunshine sister is cleaned out ” and ” your wedding ” , regrettablly these turn over film to be evaluated for the most part not beautiful. Nevertheless, as the Sino-South Korean in recent years the relation goes cold, sino-Japanese relation regain ” honeymoon period ” , break up pat Japanese work to appeared to become new trend again. For instance this year of Spring Festival archives ” this killer is not quite sober ” , break up take the Japanese motion picture from 2008 ” demon unreal hour ” . ” this killer is not quite sober ” one begin, grumpy sinister gang old breaths out dimension (Chen Minghao is acted the role of) block Er by killer (Allan is acted the role of) assassinate, nearly get killed. The one’s heart still fluttering with fear that breath out dimension, if can contact Carl,express, he is willing bribe he. Harvey still invests Miller (Huang Cailun is acted the role of) film, even if Miller’s film all the time be out of pocket. Harvey so doing is to go after elder sister Milan of Miller actually (Ma Li acts the role of) , but Milan does not agree all the time give in. Breath out dimension then be ashamed into anger, make a field greatly, younger brother of minatory Milan sister the life of two is safe. Jungle, milan is certain the opportunity is caught help straw, claim to know Carl, acceptance introduces he and Harvey to meet. Of course, milan does not know Carl. Nevertheless at that time, wei Chenggong (Wei Xiang is acted the role of) appear in her at the moment, wei Chenggong is one has ambition but shallow-brained masses actor, he is mad with joy the ground promises Milan extemporaneous in film of her newest sinister gang the killer that acts to be called Carl.

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” this killer is not quite sober ” since a comedy about film-making, also be a love letter that writes film person. Piece in cite, greeted a large number of films, be like ” the music in rain ” , ” killer elegy ” series, ” intention club ” / ” wild big armed escort ” , Wu Yusen film / film of Hong Kong sinister gang and ” patristic ” series, etc, too numerous to mention one by one. The means of greeting is varied also, it is a dialogue sometimes, it is a piece of placard that sticking on the wall sometimes, it is emersion sometimes the modelling of a certain part or dress. Anyhow, to cinemagoer, was full of all sorts of surprises that confuse a picture. Comedic film is translated into another kind of culture from a kind of culture, often can desertion a lot of comedic elements, adapt by Japanese film nevertheless ” this killer is not quite sober ” withheld major humorous part. Film continued the comedic style with happy consistent fried dough twist, the director holds hero of playwrite Xing article concurrently to devote oneself to to present the doing of general comfortable sex to laugh at setting, and the joke on a large number of visions and limbs. Wei Xiang bore the weight of with its original humorous style and comic genius the major joke in film, make film already interesting divide farce to change nevertheless again. He finished a formidable job successfully still — let oneself resemble the actor with a very disappointing acting really it seems that, is not a good actor that pretends to not be good at acting in a play.

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The scenic design of this film is very excellent also, resembling it seems that is the sort of vintage Hollywood film that films in studio and exterior field. The photography that restore ancient ways and lamplight more added this kind of sense. The camera lens that connects the person inside the car even also added setting. Accordingly, ” this killer is not quite sober ” the terminal means of last act also appears suitable its nature, fair and reasonable, be come off as camera lens element, we saw the real case after cinematograph. Next, broadcast as trailer caption, film turned a paragraph of behind the curtain into titbits. ” this killer is not quite sober ” when 1 hour 49 minutes long, the feeling grew a bit really, when nearing end especially, begin to become fatigued and weak apparently. But, this film offerred a lot of joke and vision to enjoy really. Filmgoer people also meet glad the greeting element that sees at the everywhere in film. Nevertheless, if you are all along right,open sniff of film of heart fried dough twist, so be afraid this film also won’t suit you.

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