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Original title: What did Piao of chief editor Wen Jing produce today?

20220224160051 6217abb36ed05

Program information on Feburary 24, ” ace is right ace ” the 7th Ji Ding archives, will rise on Feburary 25 every week 5 20:20 defend in Zhejiang inspect broadcast, “Ace is familial ” Shen Teng, Gu Ling, Hua Chenyu, Guan Xiaotong, carry ” ace junior fellow apprentice ” Song Yaxuan, ” ace senior fellow apprentice ” Shen Tao is complete a regression. ” ace is right ace ” it is first gear advocate dozen ” add up to the home joyous ” large put together art program, leave from 2016 since sowing, had accompanied an audience to had walked along 6 to explode laugh to broadcast warmly again season. Zhejiang is defended inspect musical put together art ” god-given sound 3 ” Guanxuan music copartner is Hu Yanbin, Zhang Shaohan, Hu Haiquan, Zhou Shen, distribution, , flight copartner is stationed in for Liang Long, Li Yong, Xilinna is depended on tall. Hao of the Qin Dynasty of information of movie and TV, Ren Suxi acts the leading role ” dear child ” provisional love is strange in March art broadcast, this drama told about a pair to had left other and the parents that recombines a family severally, to save the dispute of the classics of daughter place all previous that has leukaemia and choice. The 58 collect teleplay that thunder favorable reply, Xin Baiqing, Song Jia, Yan Tao acts the leading role ” between the world ” land Jiangsu to defend besides 23 days of evening inspect 2 rounds broadcast beyond, still will land CCTV on March 4 8 cover gold archives 3 rounds to broadcast, every night 19:3Broadcast over a radio network of 0 3 market. Liu Yifei, Chen Xiao acts the leading role ” dream Hua Lu ” put on record information is changed, by ” Jing Menghua of another name for Kaifeng pursues ” change is ” dream Hua Lu ” , collect is counted by former 48 market change is 40 collect. On Feburary 24, risk of behavioral science fiction is huge make movie ” gigantic tine shark 2: Abyss ” Wu Jing of formal official announce goes out act, this, wu Jing general hand in hand before make male advocate Jiesen Sitansen, shark of as gigantic as prehistoric strange animal tine one relatively relative superiority or inferiority. It is reported, film predicts to met with global audience 2023. According to the report, its continuation ” gigantic tine shark 2 ” already switched on the mobile phone in England at the near future, title is ” gigantic tine shark 2: Abyss ” (Meg 2: The Trench) . Continuation by Ben Weiteli (” new butterfly dream ” ” skyscraper ” ” sparking trades ” ) hold guide, joe Huobeier, Ailixi Huobeier returns to playwrite. ” demon hostel ” series movies be over piece ” demon hostel 4: Change to take a risk greatly personally ” affirm introduce, archives expects to decide. Brian Hull replaces dub of Adam · Sang Dele Degula, install Di Samubaige, Sailinna the recursive dub such as · dagger Mai Si, zhan Ni Fu Kelusika (” beautiful girl of DC super hero ” ) with Derek Delaimeng (” sponge darling ” ) hold guide, tell about the mankind and an eccentric person to begin mutual ” change ” later explode laugh at a story. Company trends occupies harbor intermediary, suffer epidemic situation effect, all TVB play staffs are entire shutdown, include ” law word person ” ” concealed door ” ” regression ” ” dawn ” ” love. Those who come home is happy fast give ” ” broken poisonous strong person ” wait for drama. TVB just expresses ” this stage receives an announcement today, colleague of the member that receive a few duty art informs discovery of initial make a definite diagnosis, it is safety of colleague of the member that ensure duty art to reach prevent community across transmission, this stage already stopped factory of kinescope of all and dramatic series and exterior to film in real time the job, film the place undertakes complete disinfection, deep-seated cleanness in real time related, restore in order to ensure in absolute safety the circumstance issues ability to film. ” weather eye checks App to show, recently, china emperor Inc. and Inner Mongolia Fan Shiying inspect medium limited company, finite liability company serves medium of culture of Inner Mongolia current the seat of a monarchical government one case adds contract dispute newly service announcement, announcement detail is, company of accuser China emperor requests to sentence make affirm remove the service contract that company of medium of culture of company of medium of its and movie and TV of world of defendant this mortal world, current the seat of a monarchical government signs; Sentence make limited company of medium of afore-mentioned two companies and culture of Beijing every world related return a service to expend 17.5 million yuan to reach accrual to wait to accuser. Be worth what carry is, before this, to prevent belongings move, the belongings that China emperor company already applied for 17.75 million yuan to inspect value of company of medium of culture of medium company, current the seat of a monarchical government to Fan Shiying adopts full measure of be bailed out. As we have learned, wu Yifan ever was spokesman of China emperor brand, july 2021, china emperor company sends statement to announce with Wu Yifan collaboration concerns to already expired. Netease is announced four quarters and annual money signed up for 2021. Money newspaper shows, the four seasons was spent 2021, netease battalion receives 24.4 billion yuan, go up year of the corresponding period 19.8 billion yuan, grow 23.3% compared to the same period, the market anticipates twenty-four billion two hundred and seventy-three million yuan; Profit of Non GAAP net 6.6 billion yuan, GAAP net profit 5.694 billion yuan, the market expects GAAP net profit 3.6 billion yuan. In addition, interest rate of wool of Netease cloud music is successive 3 quarters are, amount of independent music person breaks through platform 400 thousand. Netease has realize quarterly gain first. Recently, limited company of science and technology of storm of Beijing dragon fist produces industrial and commercial change, partner adds B station correlation newly limited company of science and technology of breath of telecommunication of company Shanghai unreal. Public data shows, limited company of science and technology of storm of Beijing dragon fist held water in January 2017, nan of legal representative Cao, register capital 10 million RMB. Shareholder information shows, this company by Lin Zhi profit of Tecent correlation company amusement of each other of new IT limited company, Hua Yi’s brother (Tianjin) invest limited company to wait to be held jointly. It is reported, dragon fist storm is dedicated the Internet company at game of shift of research and development. The hand that is good at the much type such as calorie of card, Slg swims make. Recently, gu Yueting adds 3 newly to restore to carry out information, the add up to of executive mark more than yuan 2.5 billion. Involve a case to wait for relevant dispute for negotiable securities of Gu Yueting and restful negotiable securities, China be in harmony, executive court all is Beijing court of the 3rd intermediate people. Up to now, gu Yueting is carried out total amount already exceeded 5.2 billion yuan. Before paragraph time, gu Yueting, happy inspect accuse (Beijing) be sued limited company because of loan contract dispute, accuser assures again for financing of letter of Shanxi Monarch Yao limited company, the accused is Gu Yueting, happy inspect accuse (Beijing) new century commerce manages 100 vessels of limited company, Beijing course of study of buy of times of fortune of limited company, Beijing limited company.

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