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Original title: Be held in the arms! Yang Di of big star Piao: Song Zuer loves to see the hoof that repair an ox, with unmanned knock of CP of Gu Ling group Sohu recreation stalks of grain only (black counter an image / graph) recently, yang Di be a guest Sohu video contains item of put together art ” be held in the arms! Big star ” , he experted to arrive a little in the program fun of all sorts of star good friend and oneself recent situation mood. Although be to depend on conflagration of put together art, but Yang Di of in one’s heart or dream become a good actor, he also aspire becomes to classic work adds held actor. And the current situation of instantly is scene drama type small break archives, yang Di also showed his disappointment: He admits what the drama of instantly arouses him very hard to view interest, and chase after drama to tell the courage with very great need to him, the newest play that he what for a long time did not seek theatrical work sees is ” secret corner ” , although think very much,look ” Qing Pingle ” but hinder to be counted at collect however overmuch and abandon. Amount to a person as comedy, talk about the Yang Di when nearsightedness frequency, immediately switch becomes NEW BOY pattern, the short video that he issues popularity to becoming not only amounts to a person very familiar with sth, return him speak bluntly cry out of the meeting when video of playgoing essence peony comes, divide in addition, yang Di is right lamb fruit juice, drive the sea to wait for solution pressing to cure video to also show huge enthusiasm, return the spot to imitate a performance to rise even, it is to explode greatly more during Song Zuer, Zhu Zhengting loves to watch video of the hoof that repair an ox, the 100 dawn that solemning is nearsightedness frequency are unripe. All along with him stalk virgin material is much, should be gone to by Cue ” green annulus travel notes ” when familial member, yang Di ases if opened new radio receiving set, he is spoken during spending the New Year ” green annulus travel notes ” familial group involute book a whole theater the fun that watchs a movie, here the instinctive quality that he still does not forget person of him joy comedy, still be troubled by piece pretend to be Fan Chengcheng to book a whole theater to wear a band as a result, suffer field of fame and gain that spits groove. Mention red the feeling that rise, yang Di speak bluntly the first experiencing is glad, oneself have deep love for the thing that doing at oneself not only, still depend on a few positive feedback that he gets all the way, oneself comedy accompanies a lot of people to walk out of haze, this is he thinks his meaning is in, he is more than also mention: Life suffering indulges in pleasures shortly, in time, this is he wants to deliver the philosophy that give.

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Performance of playgoing essence peony can look cry Song Zuer Zhu Zhengting loves to see recreation of Sohu of Xiu Niu hoof: Scene comedy faces a problem that breaks archives now, also be scene comedy not just, drama of movie and TV ah of what, it is this appearance. Yang Di: Can look with respect to it doesn’t matter now. Sohu recreation: Relapse instead answer a few play that the possibility that see or we see 10 years ago 20 years ago. Yang Di: Want to open a play now, need courage especially, easily with respect to 40 collect. The play that I see last time should be ” secret corner ” , he 11 collect, other I do not have courage really. I look ” Gu city is shut ” the book wants to look especially ” Qing Pingle ” , but I still am struggling, ” Qing Pingle ” have 60 market, too long! I know they are made very excellent, it is noonday sunshine, but long really, I am not the person that the sort of multiple sees, I feel diploid to destroy the artistic concept of whole drama, very I am sorry the other people’s so serious bandstand word. Sohu recreation: Now is not to also have frequency of a lot of nearsightedness what patting to set upright drama. Yang Di: Yes, what actually I look do not make theatrical work truly, it is the short video that the sort of one person cent acts the role of multangular instead, for instance direct represent the sort of particularly true, before including peony of essence of wool wool elder sister, play they, feel embarrassed really say playgoing essence peony can see me cry, he performs his grandmother those are particularly true. Sohu recreation: Do you tremble sound those who how compare can you brush to eat, roam about of animal and so on? Yang Di: Can look, had you seen fruit juice is that video done not have? It is sheep of on the prairie one caboodle, that UP is taking a toffee to cry ” fruit juice ” , that sheep is met immediately change comes out to take candy, hundreds of video are this content completely, feed it to have all sorts of content. Some people often are brushed drive the of great capacity very interesting also. Sohu recreation: I had brushed the hoof that repair an ox. Yang Di: A lot of person looks the hoof that repair an ox, draw out the thing inside bovine hoof, everybody feels special to cure, song Zuer and Zhu Zhengting seem to love to see the hoof that repair an ox very much, two people still cry to me ” good cure ” , nevertheless I had not been brushed, what I brush is fruit juice.

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Pretend to be Fan Chengcheng to book a whole theater Gu Ling is new piece from small expert good fun it is recreation of COS aid fair Sohu: Of Gu Ling ” pass through does cold winter go embracing you ” went looking? Yang Di: Did not look, wrapped only. Sohu recreation: Spent money to still do not have there’s still time to look. Yang Di: Also be involute book a whole theater, we ” green annulus travel notes ” familial group in book a whole theater involute, because of that streak everybody’s film is shown in succession, be Fan Chengcheng above all ” door lock ” show everybody to book a whole theater with respect to the cloud, after elder sister film shows Gu Ling later, everybody books a whole theater in succession again, fan Chengcheng most first, the bag is over after field with respect to Ai Te I ” I booked a whole theater, enlighten elder brother you ” , everybody also in succession Ai Te I, arrived to bark Su Long is wrapped, also be in Ai Te I. Sohu recreation: Be to be not wrapped so washed-up? Yang Di: Originally I want a bag namely, nevertheless I want to do later laugh first, I book a whole theater Fan Chengcheng the graph P Cheng Yangdi that see a movie amuses their my bag next, next Wu Tong also as it happens is in this group in, he nodded the interface that went in to enter Fan Chengcheng to book a whole theater next, he records screen to send an interrogation to give me next, I respond to him this was discovered Hahaha. I book a whole theater later really, everybody answers me, late late. Sohu recreation: When one’s early years comes home, you can be performed by the requirement? Yang Di: This question still dare ask me unexpectedly! I am the sort of child that performs a program actively, taking brother little sisters to act together, gas the dead not? I am chaired not only still write essay, see teleplay in one’s childhood ” aid is official ” , I take the cattail leaf fan in build up, still wear the basket of form of the strip in the home on the head, the hair also is placed with the clincher that sun clothes full, singing next ” shoe broken, cap broken ” , this is my Solo, ” aid is official ” solo.

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Life suffering is short want seasonable picnicky Huang Minghao to had done recreation of penetralia NPC Sohu: Come down to feel you are a happy person a little, with respect to the feeling you are like the meeting is less when that is to say is not happy. Yang Di: Life suffering is short, indulge in pleasures in time. I often feel time is used not quite, which have time to feel sadness, I am tired at most, some moment work too fill in too completely, often be be born work, sleep on vehicle, I am to sleep to not be free from anxiety. Sohu recreation: The netizen says you say is ” model worker of put together art ” , it is these two years famous degree wider and wider, everybody is hepper and hepper also to you, red is the feeling that rise how appearance? Yang Di: Hold out anyway glad. Because head first the thing that I do is the thing that myself likes to do, return the feedback that can get a lot of people next. Especially occasionally we receive letter of a few illicit, we accompany a lot of lives very the person of haze spends period of time. This is quite good. Although we laugh in order to do be in the majority, but some moment also can share a few his philosophy, I basically am those who tell everybody to want pleasure is living. Life suffering is short, do oneself to think the thing that do, see the person of own infer, I feel certain to be not waited a moment regret, it is very important actually a thing. Some people also can ask me the question of directional and so on that lays about other, I can speak of a few options before myself: Invisible future is not grim, the future that sees so that see ability is terrible. You one when the eye can look at in the end, if you feel that hopes in the end is not you,like you, changing track in time is to be able to try, otherwise you can regret really. These train of thought can be offerred when I have, true meeting affects a few people, this still is held out to me valuable. Sohu recreation: Can occasionally you see everybody’s illicit believe a story? Yang Di: Of a lot of my what when tree hole. My beans valve is not to have number, streak beans valve puts me the favorite collects the favorite. Bring about illicit letter full look to come nevertheless, not bad disappear of small now try to gain already read a function, have already was being read is dare not nod, looked to also be not answered, very fearsome. Sohu recreation: Consider to is a play killed or with a bang bend over the inn of the house? Yang Di: Have a consideration, I think especially with Fu Shouer at that time, especially Fu Shouer, him itself also has literal strength very much, but chatting to chatting to be done not have. But I have penetralia in Shanghai together with Huang Minghao, the player goes in play, he does not know even actually inside the boss that has a pawnshop. That one is Huang Minghao act, nevertheless he is carrying a mask at that time.

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The job that replaces Shen Teng to do not have and CP of Gu Ling group recreation of unmanned knock Sohu: Yang Di 2022 be about to replace Shen Teng to add trump card familial. Yang Di: False how likely? Scold wear I do not have recreation of this thing Sohu: It is date eating melon is passing this Yang Di more very before: That just is a package that we record that program, one straightens. Shenyang of that is to say vacates elder brother again answering question does not answer to cross me to change me to replace him, this affirmation is false. Sohu recreation: Yang Di also wants to become Gu Ling’s passing traveler. Yang Di: We ourselves often do CP to oneself on the program, the old couple performs the sort of husband and wife two, essential nobody knock. Remove billows hard, do not have the idea of this respect so, just feel us two collocation rise more amused just, nobody knock belt is not moved. Sohu recreation: Yang Di and plan of model assist assist attend with assorted form ” 100 greaten Ga is beautiful ” . Yang Di: Without, ” 100 greaten Ga is beautiful ” still do do not do me to want to make a question mark, more never mention it combination attended.

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