Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: Miss Zhao dispatch responds to Wang Neng to be able to apologize: Hope this thing ends at this point

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24 days of evening, program of put together art ” half ripe lover ” the public opinion controversy that honored guest Wang Neng can respond to doubt be like dispatch of predecessor Miss Zhao to cause, state oneself did not use the relationship before right kind has handled this, let the other side be expressed by the worry very compunctious, hope everybody does not disturb her again. Subsequently, miss Zhao also responds to Wang Neng to be able to apologize in gregarious platform: “Thank Wang Neng can the thing that the gentleman is willing stand to assume his place to should be done, the response that I also got I want and apology (I want an apology only, do not think hold tight is worn did not put) , so this thing hopes to be able to end at this point. ” at the same time, she still states today is him 20 old since be atttacked a most day by public opinion, appeal everybody stops net violence to be: “Public opinion is an aeriform gun, do not use this weapon to injure another person at will please. Reason eats melon, reject a net cruel, thank everybody, hope everybody can be treated well. Hope everybody can be treated well..

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