Thu. Jul 7th, 2022
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Original title: TVB dispatch announces shutdown of all play staff already had new hat of many employee diagnose

20220224160239 6217ac1fc47f6

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On Feburary 24, TVB announces to affect all play staffs because of getting epidemic situation will comprehensive shutdown, official outgoing message says: “This stage today (24) day receives an announcement, colleague of the member that receive a few duty art informs discovery of initial make a definite diagnosis, it is safety of colleague of the member that ensure duty art to reach prevent community across transmission, this stage already stopped factory of kinescope of all and dramatic series and exterior to film immediately the job, film the place undertakes complete disinfection, deep-seated cleanness in real time related, restore in order to ensure in absolute safety the circumstance issues ability to film. ” TVB expresses to happen from epidemic situation up to now, departmental door person in charge defends law closely all the time, make the meeting for many times with respect to clerical work of the lash-up that fight epidemic disease; Place multinomial ” lash-up fights epidemic disease measure ” , cooperate sanitation to defend the center reachs a government departmental door is newest and how-to, enjoy a camp that fights epidemic disease to give priority to body movement duty, in order to ensure broadcasting flow is insusceptible. Prospective TVB will continue to defend with sanitation the center makes close connection, the epidemic prevention that cooperates a center in the round is how-to reach arrangement.

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