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Original title: Former times has glazed tile big final result! Shao Xue Zheng Sunian marriage, arrive from school uniform the love of marriage gauze is satisfactory ” former times has glazed tile ” big ending, arrive from school uniform marriage gauze, zheng Sunian is Shao Xue one pair this satisfactory! Shao snow Zheng Sunian two people are apart those years, they are longed for to each other, it is in the kiss after meet again, true good meeting is close! Flimsy Shao Xue Zaisu year Ge Huaili complain tearfully, asking element cautiously year elder brother had forgotten her, affection arrives in, enough of a kiss shows everything!

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The show share that Shao snow Zheng Sunian lives together is very sweet. Shao snow nightmare awakes, zheng Sunian is held in the arms comfort light snow. “Hold in the arms ” ” I am in, do not be afraid of ” Zheng Su holds light snow in the arms to have a meal, take the course that he does with one’s own hands, still feed light snow to eat with one’s own hands, who does not want to have ” element year elder brother ” ! Shao snow Zheng Sunian lives together, of young lovers is to go in person in person daily, still gave bilateral father and mother through phone direct seeding. “Why do you kiss me ” ” had kissed me by you “

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Shao Xue’s father is bashful to cover face, shao Xue is incoherent, laozheng should give a daughter-in-law betrothal gifts directly. Zheng Sunian and Shao Xue marriage! Element year romance proposes Shao Xue, the love of green plum a bamboo stick used as a toy horse is best crack with teeth in mouth really, you accompany me to be brought up I accompany you to age! It is two-way that two people return Zheng Sunian and Shao snow propose! “Light snow, marry me, ? ” ” marry me! ” ” marry me!!

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Zheng Sunian still came a paragraph of touching confess, “Light snow, my life is too simple. But after having you, had all wonderful, I am a not quite risible person originally, but hit you to be born, amusing me to laugh all the time, when I paint these pictures, ability discovery, every my happy instant, have you, I hope every instant of survive has you. Zheng Sunian and a bamboo stick used as a toy horse of Shao lilac plum, match the fate brings lovers together absolutely! “Previously, your for company I am brought up slowly, survive, my for company you age slowly. ” Zheng Sunian and Shao Xue repair Cheng Zhengguo eventually! Zheng Sunian and Shao snow arrive from school uniform marriage gauze, the formal attire of this Chinese style suits them very much really, this is the love inside alley, experienced the precipitation of time, but forever experience is long cover is new!

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When Zheng Sunian calls light snow into marriage room, the picture that light snow turns round is very enchanted really! Although had been in element year had appeared countless times in the dream, dan Zaimei’s dream is inferior to present light snow, from now on sweetheart changes eventually bedside person! Deep feeling of spot of light snow wedding professions element year the neighbor below the stage people be touched. “You always are grabbed in front of me, we are above this, be before we, present we, of future we.

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Zheng Sunian and Shao snow arrive home again to the lover from playmate person, they this encounters how many twist without giving thought to all the way, but insist to come down, all difficulty are engraved here melt into is happy! The story of coloured glaze alley already turned over final canto, zheng Sunian and Shao snow let an audience feel the growing change in green years together, also witnessed the good fairy tale of green plum a bamboo stick used as a toy horse together.

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