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Original title: Close inspect the 2nd, heat is next to ” between the world ” , is new theatrical work of thunder favorable reply hit again ” king blast ” ? Late on Feburary 23, the great theatrical work of practical subject matter that begins collective main actor by thunder favorable reply, Yuan Quan, Zhang Yi ” meet season ” expect to fall to sow in millions of people eventually, and it is to be in 2 David is inspected leave with the stage sow.

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Head sow took next defending to inspect that day close inspect the 2nd, tertiary good achievement, and in network heat on sharp also violent wind entire network the 2nd, be next to ” between the world ” . Head sowed content is very wonderful also, let audience cannot help doing sth.

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So ” meet season ” why can be in drama of one numerous beautiful, make king flee in terrorfry in deep fat or oil? 1, story online, clue is compact this drama is adapted start a novel formerly from what gold playwrite A is able to bear or endure ” fall beautiful season ” , told about two families to be as long as tens of year enemy of affection of kind and enmity, also told about half a lifetime of waste time of a pair of lovers eventually the story of meet again. Emotional fundamental key is reunion of husband and wife after an enforced separation or rupture, but the thematic sequence of thought of whole story is however with ” avenge ” for core, it is Ning You no matter (Yuan Quan is acted the role of) with Ning Shu (Zhang Yi is promoted adorn) the family property between sister younger brother contends for battle, peaceful still excuse me is become to Jianhong after returning the home town with long already long parted (thunder favorable reply is acted the role of) blow makes reprisals, perhaps adulterated between Ning You and Jian Hongcheng again too much the mixed feeling of kind and enmity of on one generation, make an audience big breathe out wonderful.

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Come from gut rhythm say, this ” meet season ” it is to leave more sufficient horsepower, be in a before sowing two concentration are clear the thematic sequence of thought that told whole story legibly, and pass the contradictory conflict of a few leading role a few short play is shown before the audience, flat and agile tick off again popular extremely urticant. The introduction of the story is in a day of 1991, the worker Cui Hao of 2 factories is in agriculture machinery of the city that face water office building uses Jian Zhiguo of hilt factory director disclose injury, jian Zhiguo experience hurts the body again gradually frail, subsequently Cui Hao also dread punishment for one’s crime commits suicide, with jump the life that the means of the building ended him.

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But animosity does not have because of Cui Hao’s death disintegrate however, instead aggravate the contradiction between Jian Jiahe Home Cui. Jian Zhiguo as agriculture machinery the factory director of 2 factories, in arteries and veins of person of the city that face water capacious, cui Jia fears to be hit to make reprisals, must change a last name to two children, the kind and enmity that comes to two so appears also as time elapse and decrease gradually weak, till 20 years hind, young son Ning Shu of Cui Jia decides to return the city that face water from Shanghai, begin oneself to plan in the light of the vengeance of brief home.

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And the Jian Hongcheng of personate of thunder favorable reply is more miserable on add miserable, in one’s childhood father gets hurt the body is frail and times more contradictory piece, oneself go after Ning You hard during the university, goddess however the head also does not answer married with others, elder sister and seize power of elder sister’s husband obtain next agriculture machinery the control of 2 factories counterpoises, jian Hongcheng must far take a place far away form home, good not easy cause has, zhang Lixin of elder sister’s husband makes bewitching want to sell old plant land for building pay a debt in kind or by labor again. Give birth to the painstaking effort before to can protect father, jian Hongcheng can return the city that face water only, this thinking that this is contention of a belongings guards battle, did not think of Ning Shu is abrupt however the horizontal stroke inserts one thick line, make trouble ceaselessly.

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Advanced two concentration, be full of family feud, reunion of husband and wife after an enforced separation or rupture, off the rails from different, contention family property, hold read aloud avenge wait for a series of dog blood to bring the element of feeling again, the audience that lets love not less to see bright play is too sufficient addiction. 2, actor acting is online early before ” meet season ” when deciding archives, raise a temperature, besides it is noonday sunshine manufactures outside this one stunt, the main actor that the most important is this drama has a strong lineup. The acting of thunder favorable reply need not say oneself, bring an another department an excellent work to the audience in last few years, ” Chang’an 12 time ” ” assassinate fictionist ” ” over cliff ” etc.

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In ” meet season ” in thunder favorable reply changes former days ” dingy ” part, change body president, compared with the lofty and handsome strong president in idol play, the president of edition of thunder favorable reply more ground connection is angry, in opening content of sowed before a few collect, what can feel this part is dark reach complexity.

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Because this ” meet season ” should explain in before two collect on the combat of the kind and enmity of generation and this generation, involve leading role so people teenager period and interim, doing not have those who think of is young actors acting is conspicuous all the more, it is the terrified of the brief family that small Ning You faces get up on one’s hind legs no matter, the news of sb’s death that small still Ning Shu is informed father after get hurt one second weeps, let an audience all the more era is entered feeling.

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More absolutely the Jian Hongcheng that is young edition is young simply thunder favorable reply of 20 years old, take the hair that coil slightly, simple and honest in the smile that bringing a bit guileless, when letting an audience hope to was certain Jianhong year after year is light immediately in the past, grow such.

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In drama female advocate the Ning You of Yuan Quan personate, more in before two collect large window, below her deduction, ning You this part grace is calm and not disease not Xu, but the courage that also can take out burn one’s boats when facing dilemma, marital Hao green Lin Yi is again for instance off the rails still ask for gold to her, ning You is exhausted under the decision abandons this paragraph of marriage.

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She looks sober all the more, it is for the child apparently grow bear do not send a decision to live apart, but after resolved really divorce, she in elevator cry that play shows an information fully again, that is her absolutely unlike apparently so do not care about this paragraph of marriage, acting practised fluent.

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Yuan Quan has acted parts of many female strong person in last few years, model is almost similar also, but every time gives an audience different experience. In ” my before half a lifetime ” in she is swift and fierce and have definite idea, and ” meet season ” she medium is spell able however much the female’s tender feelings and sensibility.

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” meet season ” in, zhang Yi promotes personate ” mad batch ” Ning Shu also lets many audiences feel a surprise, the pursuit of the blow that in one’s childhood father dies and Jian Minmin is stricken, let him pledge in the heart the humiliate that after be brought up, wants to will get at the outset and anguish are returned entirely still, and after he is grown also the oath that a bit did not forget him to be sent, seek move after that search avenge an opportunity, first-class it is 20 years.

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From head sow content to look, this part still has a dot not to give a shop sign by constant manage murkily a bit, show the characteristic with black abdomen of peaceful excuse me incisively and vividly, make an audience exceedingly satisfactory. As a whole, this ” meet season ” rhythm strong, actor gives fast, the plot of a play colour, be worth to look very much!

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