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Original title: Wang Yiguan is an actor also be example, grow in what the boy shows in the part, make Xin Jinnan mind We know to want to stand firm inside the circle as actor, the most important still is to should have work amount, no matter you attend the put together of how many art, no matter you have much taller person energy of life, have a masterpiece only, have a classical figure figure, you just are competing violent entertainment has proper place in the circle. And to ingoing actor, because just gave the reason of the path, the resource that so they receive perhaps is not so outstanding, net drama made the first selection of harden oneself acting, wang Yiguan is to rely on all sorts of youth small sweet in drama, little will promote a person spirit. Now the consequence of drama of movie and TV is very big, we for can slow pressure, in daily in like to watch play of a few idol to exchange with this the mood, and this of one mind that Wang Yiguan held an audience very well manages, we let see in all sorts of different figure figure, a very big promotion on his acting.

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Now is the times of be in power of a Yan Zhi, you have conspicuous feature only, ability has superexcellent resource quite, in drama of a movie and TV male advocate it is to should grow handsomely for certain, if grow too uglily, leading role aureola so won’t strong. Wang Yiguan’s appearance is in numerous still be very dominant in male star, his side face has edges and corners particularly to feel, but he laughs to be able to let a person feel very warm again, some photographs resemble his advantage and Chen Weiting, no matter be the teenager of the part with hot firm or green sunshine, go up to be able to be accorded with to it in the appearance.

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Young actor wants to depending on acting, getting admissive inside the circle is very difficult actually, bone of old in front of them after all show has so much, middleaged actual strength clique also has many, want to become famous with this so must can sink so that live heart. When Wang Yiguan is beginning, his acting is a little awkward actually, nevertheless ” the most pleasant thing ” a watershed that this drama should be his career to go up, although appearance looks,be in in drama Gao Leng, but his heart is very exquisite however, right female advocate then the portion is guarded with love, let a person feel very comfortable. In his countenance in drama more much, look Wang Yiguan also is to using all sorts of figures, go promoting the performance of oneself skill.

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Wang Yiguan goes out to come for years, he ever had tried the figure figure of whatever appearance, perhaps you feel his work play road has some of fossilization, it is drama of a few green affection. But if observe you can discover carefully, each his figure differs somewhat actually, no matter be the boy with acerbity blueness, still be Gao Leng’s president, also or be it is the teenager with noble very energy of life, he can show a marrow, the plasticity that says him so still is very tall actually.

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An actor’s greatest to him affirmation is not to much taller person is enraged, increase as what work measures however, his show share in drama can promote gradually, this is best approbate. Now Wang Yiguan almost every drama can take on male advocate, be in ” first love so old ” in, he should be OK in be major schoolgirl heart perfect male god, the collect inside some but it is to belong to faithful dog model male friend, artistic endowment is opposite again love very concentrated, wang Yiguan lets what we witnessed him grow.

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Returning in the begining think Wang Yiguan can take discharge course, can not thinking of him is to belong to encourage annals however model, his smile very cure, his experience is common teenager this some grows, such one clean dinkum big boy, special really charming. Serving as actor is the target that a lot of people struggle to the drive of vermicelli made from bean starch, wang Yiguan showed the strength of example, believe this kind of attitude that has with him, can achieve taller progress certainly.

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