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Original title: ” culminating note ” ending too hole, leave two big regrets, but these two hole that fill, really far-fetched Civil / small playwright-director language: ” culminating note ” ending too hole, leave two big regrets, but these two hole that fill, too far-fetched of the main actor such as the You Cengshun , bridge that resemble house, set prescription brilliance of the rising sun ” culminating note ” already lead ending, see 36 market this ending is really too hole, if do not have the 2nd season, that became sodden end final result really, or ” restart ” ending is better. In ending, left two big regrets, but these two hole that fill in ending are honest also too far-fetched. Do not know these two hole that 3 him father’s younger brother fill. Ending is the biggest regretful: Life and death of black a blind person is unidentified in ending, arrangement of suddenly old lady of Wu Xie and small perianth went to the grave of 4 girls hill of Sichuan, encountered the another helper black a blind person that suddenly old lady arranges. Floret and Wu Xie defeat the key that saw 3 body finally, black a blind person escapes for covering floret and Wu Xie, it is to follow cadaver Xi to fight, pulling black hair to blame perish together one case finally, floret wept for black a blind person actually.

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To ending black a blind person is dead it is vivid it is clear to also was not explained, black a blind person did not appear to ending, although we know those who die black a blind person won’t be so easy, in ” Sha Hai ” in still can see black a blind person. But life and death of black in ending a blind person is unidentified, also be one big regret. Ending the 2nd big regret: The 3rd password that because Wu Xie defeats solution,the person such as little elder brother and suddenly old lady misses is wrong, suddenly old lady is taking password picture to give little elder brother, the door of the 3rd stone that opened Zhang Jiagu floor as a result, the password became wrong still went in, it is dangerous that because he can encounter,Wu Xie knows little elder brother and suddenly old lady and self-condemned.

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Also did not explain the whereabouts of little elder brother and suddenly old lady to ending, it is a few memory and inessential person instead. See such final result, psychological drop is very big really, seeking 36 market was to see a loneliness really. The first hole that ending fills: “It ” in ending, be informed from inside Wu Xie’s mouth ” it ” after all what, because of it, 9 ability become now of this appearance, “It ” those who point to is, not be a person, also not be an organization, it is from of old all wanting that obtain immortal person summation.

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The 2nd hole that ending fills: Culminating in ending, what this hole fills is too far-fetched also, the explanation in the mouth from Wu Xie also is in ending culminating what be, and so called culminating be not culminating really, it is a fokelore only probably, because this is fabulous, what a lot of people began this paragraph of explore to search is itinerary, chen Wenjin, little elder brother, we may be the fabulous person that witness.

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Say so, two hole that this fills ending are too far-fetched, feel even if be in flicker person, explain too generally with abstraction, probably 3 him father’s younger brother also do not know culminating what be, what is bronze door after all, and often mention in drama it and culminating, so by Wu Xie a few words give an explanation, really far-fetched really. good if have other question, the welcome leaves a message beneath discuss.

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