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Original title: Too warm! Zhao Liying exposing to the sun cannot bear Sun Jian ” know to deny ” be changed, strive for actively for its ” have Fei ” part Zhao Liying is the presence with stronger gain of the teleplay in 85 flowers all the time, and she because the spells interest and itself growing experience of oneself, make she also begins to become in the passerby predestined relationship in one numerous floret better and better. In just had his moment before long two years that, probably she is returned often because ” penknife ” word of random flying missay and be scolded.

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But nowadays the growth as her age, and knot legitimate child of important matter of these two life finish, the temperament that she does an individual begins to become downy rise. Because oneself actual strength is powerful, so audience people also begin to be attracted by her work and part place, especially before what broadcast ” know to deny ” , this one drama is the way relations with people that saved her, also let everybody feel Zhao Liying and Cheng Minglan this part is very of joint.

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Because fill Ming Lan as a child although extraction is very good, but after all is not most white-headed white-headed that one, very small when go digesting a lot of moods with respect to him need, although have the shelter of grandmother, need to grow in order to compare sisters’ rapidder rate as before, finally, a happy and happy ending also was harvested under his effort really truly, this have one’s moment road with Zhao Liying be exactly the same, also invite an audience people in blending in this play truly.

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Zhao Liying nowadays have been drama is carried to take on in 85 flowers, also had certain speech to counterpoise, elder of Wang Yibo recommend is actively to be able to see in golden eagle section from her, she also is the person beside a hope can grow ceaselessly, ascensive person. Have recently explode makings say, because Sun Jian is in before pat ” know to deny ” when was changed, after Zhao Liying knows, be in for him ” have Fei ” in strove for a new role, it is the Yan Pei that we see now.

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Sun Jian serves as an actor for, as if all the time not lukewarm not fire, although before ever also went out act too drama of a palace, but because be share of costar, show little, did not bring what help to his career so. And this he goes out act ” have Fei ” , it is to let more the existence that remembered him, although this his part in personate of the place in drama makes fun of the portion also is not very much, but have a few window or invite an audience people remembered successfully.

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The past waves to say when seeing Zhou Fei and Xie Yun have love to interact for example that ” disgusting ” , by make it expressional bag, use in a lot of people to be used speak of this drama help strength, a circle that also is another form. Expect through exploding we also can feel the person that Zhao Liying is a true disposition, the actor tries play to be fallen into disuse to also be commonplace, and this thing can be written down to 9 years are in in the heart by her, also be the intention indeed, so one the individual’s success, besides professional competence, it is to have the heart that be the same as manage more. Everybody has what idea to this thing, greeting attention leaves a message.

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