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Original title: Another new theatrical work will raid Yang Yang, CCTV nods a warm-up, tall Yan Zhizhen allows window, explode the paragraph is booked All the time since, in the rapid development that encircles in movie and TV, idol play always raises eye, relaxed characteristic with its and get of a lot of audience love, the sweet love that shows in drama, romantic conjugal love, often can the flavor that coruscate gives spring, make a person enchanted. ” so I love you very much ” can serve as very good spokesman, having in drama sweet and not the true love of be bored with, in the love of life lieutenant general of the a bit explanation gets incisively and vividly, she in the heart made one part of the heartbeat already, inseparable. And ” it is sweet candy partly it is an injury partly ” the impression that left profundity to the person likewise, the Luo Yunxi that serves as a main actor, Bai Lu, captured love closely only beautiful romance, month of snow of hardships of a journey or of one’s life is having more sturdy love afterwards, encounter, acquaintance knows each other well to love each other, each link that go forward one by one is the occurrence of the climax, let sweet candy scatter one ground simply. But want respecting an impression giving a person is the deepest recently sweet play of the idol that bestow favor on type, blame ” the honor that you are me ” not belonged to, yang Yang, Dilireba will ” sweethearts ” conjugal love, longing and grow, explanation is very apt reach the designated position, go up in the foundation of attractive Yan Zhi especially, the sweet beautiful conjugal love of honorable couple, have kind of feeling that lets a person fall into sweet canister, sweet in the bottom of one’s heart. As idol play ” Yan Zhi spokesman ” Yang Yang, his masterly acting and handsome sunshine temperament, already thorough popular feeling, see the work that he brings, became grow of eye Yue heart enjoy. Yang Yang play of another new image ” my terrestrial fireworks ” will raid, get ending inspecting call-overing propagandist warm-up, more Gao Yan is worth main actor battle array, director of actual strength group is aided blast, make multiple window, did not sow first fire, can saying is to explode the paragraph was booked. “For use of an emperor ” idol play director moves again, stereo and full love is more touching ” my terrestrial fireworks ” the Song Yan that basically told about green times and Xu Qin, loving the other side deeply in carefree age, never wanted to encounter obstruct however and be forced to part, the Song Yan after 10 years became a firemen, and Xu Qin became doctor of family of an emergency call, because concern and two people begin of the task to meet again, frequent be mixed let two people know the other side afresh again, old precipitation grows it is more mature to let each other become with bear the blame, old heart writtens guarantee also by gradually unlock, two people decide to stay together long eventually, break all sorts of resistance, the care that uses oneself is defending each other, also convoying a beautiful city. Grow love drama as a Li Zhicheng, this drama is having relaxed fundamental key, also adulterated however green melting with sadness, still having be engaged in occupational waiting with the setback loftily, but key or the love experience that highlighted hero of male and female and happy road, true change show went out to be forced to part company, the affection change that encounters again, stereo and full love lets whole look more true change, touching change. Those who had gut is true and touching, still have the discharge base that is origianl work IP, the bend mental efforts that as Jiu Yue the author makes is made, there is important place in a list of names posted up of feeling of network novel talk, another is the existence that actual strength clique directs Li Muge, he the direct capability that but having,abounds to drama of God talk feeling, ” east palace ” , ” dark love tangerine south unripe the Huaihe River ” , ” Si Teng ” wait for drama of high public praise to make all out his hand, exquisite emotional expression means and beautiful the gut setting of round of beautiful Huan, the blame that he can explain often reachs the designated position, vision and aesthetic feeling all are moving. Can of main actor battle array says ” colour accuse pink ” spring, explode the paragraph books the wonderful story that having origianl work, still have absolutely beautiful control of the director, such adding cent had been to let this drama get attention fully, play of besides itself idol belongs to the screen work that takes flow oneself namely, and main actor battle array is more ” colour accuse pink ” spring, the temperament of all of one suit person enrages an actor, can saying is to let this drama have explode a booked hotspot and actual strength. Male advocate Yang Yang most propbably authority is not new, the 90 beauty that he after had officer grass during school praise, having Jun Langyang’s smooth attractive temperament, there was many person to enrage support at the beginning of going out oneself, entering him what deduce a bound is to show the potential that gave fine actor more, model to a variety of subject matter such as feeling of contemporary, ancient time, talk, war of resistance against aggression and suspense gave unique figure figure, capricious acting got the jubilation of a lot of audiences, and one of strong points that drama of God talk feeling is him, what has green energy explains the male god figure in love is considerate reach the designated position, each small expression is the generation of show share, the God theatrical work that can say to see Yang Yang had become a kind to enjoy, a kind of appreciation. Female advocate hold the position of like that by the 95 king Hunan after, heart of Yue of her what having tall Yan Zhi likewise temperament, she in living especially is had choosing a figure high is more those who let a person be is infatuate, she of one’s previous experience of regular professional training is having tremendous latent capacity more in performance side, in ” the general is going up ” , ” Qing Pingle ” , ” Yan Yun stage ” in waiting for drama, reach the designated position what the eyes of elegant grace behaves, still have ginseng those who act wait for sow drama ” hear you like me ” , ” jade bone Yao ” also be to be in did not sow first igneous condition, she what give time weak point had had rich performance experience, and God kind a list of plays is worth what match with her Gao Yan just about. Overall for, this drama is having the wonderful story of origianl work IP, still have the personally attend to garrison duty that actual strength directs, and the spokesman that the main actor’s Yang Yang, Wang Chu also is Yan Zhi bound like that, have the God theatrical work of Yan Zhi and quality so, got CCTV again call-over personally conduct propaganda heats, can saying is to explode the paragraph was booked. How do you feel the CP of Chu Ran of Yang Yang, king feels? What view do you have to this drama? The welcome leaves a message to discuss You together.

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