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Original title: Meet season: Head sow viewing rate low fan? Premiere of thunder favorable reply bully always, zhang Yi is promoted and origianl work not joint

20220224160511 6217acb74fd86

Civil / violet manufacture according to noonday sunshine ” meet season ” went up late sadly on Feburary 23 line, the luxurious battle array such as thunder favorable reply, Yuan Quan, Li Naiwen is added hold, expect to be worth absolutely full marks. On fabaceous valve wanting to see a number is 1. 20 thousand, comment number 800 + , many people are 4 stars wait-and-see. But, when the data of viewing rate is taken, ” meet season ” in broadcast over a radio network of double station of east and Zhejiang, contrast is the same as period of time ” between the world ” , close inspect only 0.23 with 0.18, honest some are gloomy.

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It is noonday sunshine was ineffective after all, or the story is not quite fascinating, still go up is the time place of the line wrong? Actually, drama is good theatrical work for certain, data is low confusing just is integrated the element of each respect causes. (1) two collect stimulation nods the head concentrated, play summary dog blood, unidentified so the person can be persuaded to retreat had looked ” meet season ” the friend of origianl work should be met know, the clue of this drama, carry dog blood slightly. The first collect, father generation character comes on the stage in succession, around Jian Ning two kind and enmity spreads out quickly.

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One begin, jian Hongcheng (personate of thunder favorable reply) father (factory director) be stabbed, and culprit Cui grand, standing in plant area attic, preparation jumps building. Camera lens turns, cui Hao jumps building.

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Jian Hongcheng’s elder sister — the factory director’s daughter, entered Home Cui Hao very overbearingly, broke their home, two dot hide in the bed next Duo shiver Suo. And these two children, after be brought up, excuse rather namely (Yuan spring personate) He Ningshu (Zhang Yi promotes personate) . Mom is bearing their change name later, avoid the retaliation of brief home, the Ning Shu that can get hurt in this conflict, bright to Jian Jiageng all the time Yu Huai.

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Leave two foreshadowing here. It is, why this room for action makes after all between father generation, have facts one wishes to hide surely among them. 2 be, ning Shu keeps making trouble from which later, also be from this and come. The first collect, was full of really bloody with force, it is to stab, it is to jump building, even still big growl cries the ground breaks a thing, the language between person and person and limbs conflict.

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Should say, had never seen rhythm is so fast, stimulation chooses so concentrated theatrical work. Explain the kind and enmity of father generation, the children after be brought up come on stage in succession, jian Hongcheng, namely suddenly change one’s identity of thunder favorable reply, strong president. Ning Shu also is the company that business suit change walks on deputy always, want to promote the manager of local company immediately. And Ning You is married already Yo, obviously her career has, met unluckily however eat soft meal, off the rails still husband (Li Naiwen personate) . Just, to explain the childhood of clear Jian Hongcheng, when modern play, alternate again told in those days his elder sister and elder sister’s husband, how be used by parents, retaliate sexual loot conversely again, cause the lot that he also is swept the floor to go out. If look not carefully, very easy unbalanced, thinking is two collateral lines, result, it is the parallel with spatio-temporal crisscross actually. But, want to seek two market seriously only, basically the be mixed dot of the kind and enmity of one generation and posterity is clear about with respect to the explanation, the sequence of thought of integral story rises with respect to clarity. (2) those who pick part is comfortable deserve to spend a question, the audience jumps easily play, had adjusted oneself to judge main concentration to promote a body to go up in thunder favorable reply and Zhang Yi with respect to the difference with current travel. The acting of thunder favorable reply, absolute value gets affirmation. Heat sows recently ” between the world ” , the Zhou Bingkun of personate of thunder favorable reply, that is the part that can take prize absolutely. Just all the time since, he gives the unimportant person that the part great majority of the circle is feel vexed having a place. It is no matter prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan and red ” my before half a lifetime ” former husband elder brother, or ” Chang’an 12 time ” rock-bottom character Zhang Xiaojing, and ” between the world ” Zhou Bingkun, figure figure is stereo, accept degree tall. Can be the Jian Hongcheng after be brought up, appearing is business suit is very straight brief always. See thunder favorable reply is combing big back head, wearing beard, brows tightens the about of the lock, fat bully total figure arises spontaneously.

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Can say, thunder favorable reply is the person that has solidify figure package very much, because of him all the time since emphasize not be advanced feeling, kiss civilian feeling however. All parts, having one exception to resemble is the character that lives beside same. Perhaps the audience just does not have ready-made, one day big head also can turn business into battle medium bully always, he also is met suddenly change one’s identity, fly towering. As to the CP Yuan Quan in drama.

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Everybody still stays in advanced feeling of Yuan Quan, elder brother of former husband of thunder favorable reply the negative heart about of obsequious, want to change department theatrical work really, put them together when sweethearts, still should make the construction in good intention really.

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Because this difference criticizes main also concentration,CP is not had to feel in two people on this thing. Promote as to Zhang Yi, must say, his resource is good really. It is to be in first ” sweep black storm ” in, perform a ruffian commander in chief, and the police with quite heavy weight, it is to be in ” meet season ” in, perform a vengeance manager.

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Come on the stage when him, the idea careful that describes with origianl work really, the Ning Shu that avenges a heart to weigh is not quite same, more the wool head child that resembling is an impulse, because,the likelihood is integral the appearance of an actor handsome young. Of thunder favorable reply bully always accept degree not tall, zhang Yi promotes the character set with origianl work to have difference, brought about an audience to say groovy voice this at 2 o’clock bigger.

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But actually, we always cannot stay in inherent in the past impression to judge an issue, for instance thunder favorable reply also is not rock-bottom character certainly, ning Shu also is not in that way person sets origianl work certainly. (3) the deduction that dog blood gut adds superior actor, can touch a different scintilla to say an audience to spit groove and misunderstanding at 2 o’clock, the window that this theatrical work says for us. Two are having the person of father generation kind and enmity, happened not to have avoidable drag in however, close kin insists to revenge, and she is hesitant. Jian Hongcheng and Ning You encountered when the university, one is in bright, one is in dark, jian Hongcheng falls in love at first sight to Ning You, ning You does not agree to accept all the time because of his identity however.

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Then they get married severally, experienced not happy marriage however, when after they divorce severally, begin the yard for the past, spread out connection.

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There is the portraiture of marriage of two people misfortune among, jian Hongcheng gives birth to those dispute of the family formerly. Weigh for instance male light female, marriage of sacrificial elder sister, achievement son, contend for family property, soft meal has forcedly, yo of type of bereft of one’s spouse etc, almost a heat of the society in stamp. 2021 ” Qiao Jia’s children ” also be blood of dog of the chamfer that be spat, be weighed by play even ” hapless egg of Qiao Jia ” , can insist to see next bearer finally, say really sweet. Dog blood is an introduction only just, not be drama is all. Even if face again much dispute, leading role people pare silk smokes chrysalis finally, solved a problem smoothly, overcome an obstacle to obtain happiness, perhaps see happy written guarantee, achieve what goal even, just be the elite of this drama.

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Epilogue ” meet season ” story logic is online, figure relationship is complex, include social pain spot, and gut whole rhythm is fast, be made plus the play of noonday sunshine and powerful cast, final grading affirmation won’t be low. Just be in ” between the world ” before receiving Guan Zhi, its close it is not quite good to inspect said, get numerous group after all similar, relatively, former more charming. Let us be able to bear or endure next strength, look slowly.

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