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Original title: The first part is too exciting, ” fast stimulate 9 ” the director acts according to on one again hot make newly! Forest attainments Bin directs ” speed and passion 9 ” it is the most disappointing 2021 Hollywood is big, public praise fails, but box-office and hot, global total booking office is 720 million dollar. Came 2009 2013, forest attainments Bin patted 3 fast stimulate the film, each public praise and box-office double bumper harvest, he is achievement fast the official of one great merit that stimulates series.

20220224160609 6217acf1db704

Afterwards ” fast stimulate 9 ” later, forest attainments Bin director brought to be made newly again eventually ” end ” , work of guilty subject matter, be forest attainments Bin most the good fun of expert.

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” end ” sow at leaving on Feburary 21, 2022, the first collect with respect to firepower hot and a standard-sized sheet, extraordinary, the tale is very strange fierce, gut be concerned about is dye-in-the-wood, let a person look to have the desire that seeks.

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A woman that wears blue dress just was captured, the person such as director of bureau of judiciary minister, adjustment comes over to talk with her together, want La Yi daughter to speak her contact, do not speak the word that come, close her inside the jail to close decay. La Yi daughter is an ammunition businessman, all sorts of intimidate lure by promise of gain are after be being locked up, but La Yi daughter is calm however and calm and at ease, do not answer their question directly at all.

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A bank that is located in Manhadu is controlled by cateran, cateran delivers gave an information: Bow to queen.

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Differ meeting, hand of another group of unconscious faces grasped emmagee to develop a bank that is located in shopping centre region, controlled a bank quickly. Back-to-back, it is savings bank of world of bank of new York republican, United States, be robbed in succession, a day in, new York 7 banks by cateran occupational, everything accuses in the palm of La Yi daughter in, cateran people the at hand that is La Yi daughter.

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Across, black younger sister investigates discovery through his, a series of banks that new York produces inside a day are robbed case, la Yi daughter is engineered single-handed, hei Meiceng has investigated La Yi daughter, but fail finally to catch her. With La Yi female fight hand to hand passes, black younger sister is clear about witting La Yi female purpose is not to rob a bank, still have bigger plan, bigger plot for certain, and what is her target after all, it is one big be concerned about.

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As story gut spread out, begin to be acted according to in succession go up to invert wonderfully clue, la Yi daughter is not temporarily carelessness and be captured, because she is active,be captured however.

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Be in occupational after the 7th bank, la Yi daughter shined the first chip, in the article that judiciary minister deposits in this bank place, having shameful thing, and still have corruption evidence even.

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All these, became the weapon of La Yi daughter nowadays, but what does she want after all, did not start to talk all the time however, just be being spoken is not for money. Come round to look from eye, the purpose has two probably, it is to avenge, 2 it is to help a certain person. In the first concentration, also carry the kind of flashback, slowly say the lot when the one’s lot that had La Yi daughter and she is young.

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The story of the first collect is high-energy and ceaseless, gut trend expects hard, have more wonderful to making fun of definitely portion, thespian conflict is intense, comparative it seems that satisfy a craving, be worthy of is forest attainments Bin. Open a Jing to admire and hot, ” end ” be worth to be chased after, nevertheless, how does integral quality still want to see follow-up gut behave after all, the story at the back of the hope won’t pull hip.

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