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Original title: Read seriously ” between the world ” origianl work, I just know Zhou Nan ” must die ” 3 reasons ” between the world ” too bitter, the bitterest is Zheng Juan and Zhou Bingkun. Zhou Nan took fellowship to go abroad study abroad, became envy making a person ” the child of others home ” , have prospect very much certainly later, this moment, zhou Nan dies in exotic an alien land, zhou Bingkun hit Luo Shibin because of skill and put in prison, zheng has beautifuled the life of not easy after suffering comes happiness was immersed in darkness again. A lot of audiences do not understand, why must Zhou Nan die? Read ” between the world ” origianl work, I knew Zhou Nan ” must die ” 3 reasons. After Zhou Nan and Feng love each other, just know Zhou Bingkun to upright from beginning to end Huai Zhounan’s one’s life experience. This paragraph of gut, undertook adapting in drama, set to Zhou Bingkun’s person undertook proper beautification, although the Zhou Bingkun in origianl work is very good also, but he in comparing theatrical work is a bit more reality and self. Zhou Nan and Feng love each other, zhou Bingkun does not agree with them to be together. On one hand, it is for Zheng Juan. In the eye of alien, zhou Nan and Feng are the younger brother that express elder sister ( of the Feng in origianl work is a bit bigger than Zhou Nan) , if want together, the past that is equivalent to a Zheng Juan is fair at numerous, circumjacent neighbour can know the thing that Zheng Juan is raped by Luo Shibin in those days, this meeting has the reputation that caustic Zheng beautifuls. On the other hand, zhou Bingkun feels Zhou Nan does not deserve to go up Feng . Feng is the only daughter that he kisses Chengdu of elder sister week ah, how outstanding, although Zhou Nan is good, but he is the son that Luo Shibin mixes Zhang that, zhou Bingkun minds this very much. And, the time line of drama edition undertook altering. In origianl work, zhou Bingkun mauls Luo Shibin to want to compare the shift to an ealier time in drama ten years, await Luo Shibin to just looked for Zhou Nan in those days, it is the Luo Shibin in drama almost the be in hospital that be mauled that, zhou Bingkun was sentenced 12 years, after he is released from prison, Zhou Nan just dies, zhou Cong worked in those days, without the Zhou Nan in drama and Luo Shibin filiation alleviates that paragraph. Below this kind of circumstance, if Zhou Nan is not dead, how should be together with Feng ? Toward say badly, possible meeting causes Zhou Bingkun and rupture of Zheng beautiful feeling. Highlighted Zheng Juan’s person to set. Zhou Nan dies, origianl work still is in drama without giving thought to in, zheng Juan was shown super- of the ordinary person sober. In origianl work, zheng Juan makes family members look at with new eyes in American expression, also won the respect of a lot of foreigners, zheng Juan is what Zhou Nan holds to chase after in the university think of say so on the meeting: As the mother, the Chinese mother with very low rate of a literacy, my only to the son education, a good person is after hoping he is grown namely. If he is not a good person actually, so without giving thought to he how stand out, can make me sad. Now, he proved with the action my hope did not come to nothing. I have how sadness, have at the same time how gratified… of Zhou Rong, Hao Dongmei, Zhou Cong, week (origianl work is incognito) want to write a speech to stalk of grain for Zheng Juan, was rejected by Zheng Juan, zheng Juan holds to him to say, let Zhou Rong help interpreter, her speech makes a person shed silent tears. In drama although do not have this paragraph, dan Zhengjuan makes a person shake likewise in the expression on the court, she for Zhou Bingkun, not hesitate to uncover a scar oneself, after Zhou Bingkun put in prison, her summer sells ice-lolly winter to sell yam bean, a very firm day that when waiting for Zhou Bingkun to be released from prison. Zhou Nan dies, proved Zhou Bingkun holding to is right, also made Zhou Bingyi complete admit this nephew. Zhou Nan is to protect another person and dead, in origianl work, zhou Nan is given a professor to become assistant by school square approval, sufferred the jealousy of other, in critical juncture, 3 times come out boldly protects Zhou Nan classmate and teacher, gave oneself life. After Zhou Nan is dead, zhou Rong and Zhou Bingyi are very excited, especially Zhou Bingyi, so old, although he is apparently right Zhou Nan is very good, but treat distinction of week Nan He Zhoucong in the depth of the heart. The sort of week Nan expression in jungle, let Zhou Bingyi heart give birth to devoir, he said a paragraph of such words to Zhou Rong: Want to be less than, but not strange, the practice of Nan Nan too the person that resembles our Zhou Jia, grasping Kun Fei should contend for this son, it is to let him resemble the person of our Zhou Jia, is not to become Luo Shibin in that way person. If he has lived two years beside Luo Shibin, be afraid also won’t have in that way action. Of Zhou Nan dead, let Zhou Bingyi understand those who come Zhou Bingkun is so old holding to is right, old thinking, let Zhou Nan become a true Zhou Jiaren, have take on, have courage, this is Luo Shibin teachs forever won’t Zhou Nan’s character. Integrated this at 3 o’clock reason, why should not fathomless also author arrange a so tragic ending to Zhou Nan. Write finally: Achieve content formerly, borrowed surely investigate. The welcome nods assist, comment, attention and transmit, also welcome everybody to discuss together!

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