Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

Original title: ” meet season ” although subject matter shows dog blood slightly, but rhythm is compact, cast is powerful, the hotspot is much These two days of broadcasted teleplay are a bit much, but looked, be in the majority with marital family drama, picture ” our marriage ” ” guess two kinds of marriage ” . Theatrical work of only an ancient costume ” still feed ” , temperature is quite high, but destroy was in on filter lens. And manufacture by noonday sunshine ” meet season ” , tell about although also be the story between two families, but rhythm is compact, have very much can view a sex. Gibberish did not say more, talk about teleplay directly! One, subject matter shows dog blood slightly, but one second enters sport actually, from the point of the subject matter of this teleplay, or very of dog blood. Cui Hao produces quarrel with factory director Jian Zhiguo, he hurts disclose of the other side, oneself also jumped building. Subsequently, jian Zhiguo was sent to go to a hospital by the worker, brief mother and daughter Jian Minmin come, astonish, sad unceasingly. And explode the Jian Minmin of disposition, run to the roughhouse in Cui Hao’s home immediately, cui Jia’s two sisters hide alarmedly to the end of the bed. This is insufficient still, because was in a hospital to see the peaceful of apothecary, the other side is tongue-lashed before she goes up directly, still overturned Cui Hao’s son. Nevertheless a few divide camera lens, the contradictory conflict that lets brief home follow Cui Jia reached the limit, also let an audience look immediately understood, the origin that contradiction of this two family produces. But later, jian Hongcheng likes to go up to excuse rather, ning Shu returns the of one mind that face water to want revenging scene, show convention and dog blood slightly. Because be the kind and enmity of older generation, continuance arrives young the play code on one generation body. 2, rhythm is compact, although memory and actual thrust deep into the enemy forces rectified department theatrical work to broadcast only at present 2 collect, but rhythm is not laggard. This teleplay has the possibility only 38 collect, begin from the first collect so, the director showed two contradiction without preamble come out, also be from the back spread out gut to lay next foundations. Carry memory and the kind that reality alternates again, let an audience see the life of the younger brother of sister of peaceful family name that was in Shanghai 2018 and Jian Hongcheng, also allow authority understanding is in to 1991 the event that faces water happening. Paragraphs of whole paragraphs whole memory can make popular feeling repugn irritated, light is told cannot have best knowledge to going again now, so the director used such means, joined memory and reality to rise without what seam. Although someone says such begin, look so that the person feels to be not worn brains, but do not meet actually, masterstroke is quite clear still. 3, the perfect union of old show bone and young actor is in this drama, saw Yan Xiaopin very surprizingly. Explode from wherefrom ministry of fire ” Peking Man is in new York ” later, see she gives the teleplay that act rarely, cannot think of, can see in drama what she goes out the peaceful that act. Peaceful is Cui Hao’s wife, also be the family member with only younger brother of Home Cui sister. So old, she is bringing sister younger brother two conceal one’s identity, bear strongly drag is worn they are grown. When two have sister younger brother prospect, went to big Shanghai, and she still stays in face water. Part of such a mother, be in with her ” Peking Man is in new York ” medium Guo Yan is very similar. And besides Yan Xiaopin, there still are thunder favorable reply, Yuan Quan, Li Naiwen and Zhang Yi to promote in drama, Gu Nailiang, Luo Haiqiong, of these acting cliques and young actor join in. Look at these mutual whirlwind makes fun of between the actor, also hold out satisfy a craving. Kind Dan Ni, how to perform a bad woman this again? Actually, like her to be in quite ” ordinary also ” medium expression, cruel Sa. In this drama, one begin comes with respect to the person mad, resemble a shrew same, but likelihood nature is not bad, just be brought about by environmental place. And in receiving the plot of a play that go down, do not know to enter middleaged Jian Hongcheng to follow Ning You, want how to be dissolved, the dispute of kind and enmity that leaves between older generation? How does Ning Shu want to revenge again? Let us seek theatrical work silently!

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