Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: Cheng Jiangchuan informs against Shenyang comet faze civilian is too comical Recently, teleplay ” our marriage ” defending in Beijing inspect and Tecent video broadcasts, in the drama concentration that broadcasted on Feburary 23, the Cheng Jiangchuan of Tong Dawei personate pretends is neighbour call to property the Shenyang comet that informs against Bai Baihe personate, vacate to let Shenyang comet the house decorates room of a game to oneself, this one operation is belonged to solid it is some ” by hook and crook ” , after the netizen looked, express in succession: Those who had seen can complete work, had not seen Cheng Jiangchuan is so strong! This one operation is belonged to solid it is some ” fierce ” , “The family is optimal actor award ” do not have us to refuse to obey!

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Teleplay ” our marriage ” the story that basically relates is, before marrying, comet of full-time mom Shenyang ever also was the brilliant student of top university, she chooses to return to godchild of domestic photograph husband after marriage, use talent on management marriage. Marital Cheng Jiangchuan is on-the-job field is hit go all out, after marriage because the job is unusually busy,be too busy to take care of a family however, bring about domestic responsibility to fall on the shoulder of Shenyang comet entirely.

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Be brought up gradually as the daughter, shenyang comet feels the opportunity is mature, want return duty field to seek a career the 2nd spring, the company that does not want to hold a post with oneself marital Cheng Jiangchuan however produced competition to concern. And Shenyang comet asks Cheng Jiangchuan partakes more family responsibility, cause 2 people again attrition is ceaseless, spark for a time even divorce big fight.

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Final, gradually on-the-job field looks for Shenyang comet the 2nd spring, cheng Jiangchuan also is in and the understanding of the daughter in getting along the wife is so old pay. This pair of young husband and wife grow severally in on-the-job field and affection collision, learned finally to face family and career with more mature means, also be the final result that had an everyone is happy.

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