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Original title: ” accompany you to have a meal well ” Cheng Xiaotian drama ” a dark horse ” , cure department actor’s lines to give a circle to obtain reputably! Present as leading role to give the city that act by Gao Hanyu, Zheng Jiaohong warm heart is sweet more drama ” accompany you to have a meal well ” , in mango TV heat is sowed in. Climb ceaselessly as what open the heat after sowing litre, this advocate hit city cate theme ” small sweet drama ” just like ” a dark horse ” show itself successfully, hot search, heat, public praise appears with + rise.

20220224160704 6217ad28982b1

Of small network drama present means mostly with malapropos ” sweet bestow favor on ” give priority to, will feed with all sorts of artificial saccharin feed an audience, because of this net drama appear not the issue is mostly small cost and take form of manufacture in a rough way slightly, the market overruns, can obtain good result truly ” sweet bestow favor on drama ” can be counted on one’s fingers, so this ” accompany you to have a meal well ” what is the account that can you get the market is approbated?

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Last-minute the intention of the innovation that is content and actor’s lines, and of subject matter ” warm heart is cured ” . This drama and before those ” Zuo is sweet drama ” different those who depend on it present means. The ploy of a lot of cate cooking is seen in drama, with what differ before this it is host of male and female set model opposite ground connection to enrage. Although undeniable is male,advocate peace female advocate continuance is sweet in bestowing favor on drama bully total × Cinderella person is set, but the person sets withstand deliberate and test.

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The hero Yu Hao of Gao Hanyu personate is a working mad boss, he is illogical favor is chill, some extremely strong time controls accuse force, allow in the eye even do not get sand, work only consummate. But the play staff is passed in shaping a process ” contrast bud ” will to the audience be pounded feeling. So bully also always have ” teenager ” at the same time. He is employee of a bondage is him ” work overtime ” old boss, but it is one loves Duo in furtive life at the same time the boy of A dream.

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Because food festival looks,appear ” accident ” and female advocate Su Kelan produces a series of chemical reaction. Goodwife is set in also be not drama of traditional Ma Li Su foolish Bai Tian’s person is set. Contrary is female advocate special tenderness and warmth. The means that she talks is full of philosophic theory everywhere, chatting to resemble every time is the broadcasting station warmth in the late night momently, let a person indulge however without sedulous coincidence female advocate under sunshine and warmth. She accumulates ecstasy view to be hit in big city go all out not ” golden finger ” , only interest is to cook, will maintain with cate as dry as a chip live hardly again.

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It is to present means secondly advocate dozen cure a department. ” accompany you to have a meal well ” this drama from when grow to look to be hit with respect to enough condole, basic every collect 70 minutes when grow sufficient audience safety feeling and sincerity. Be in especially instantly market ” cut leek ” below all sorts of behavior, this drama appears very commendable. And its filter lens colour slants warm department, one of resembling a night warm light is warm the heart that a lot of outer north bleach gens person iciness. Using a heart to do good theatrical work is OK be experienced by audience place.

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Its actor’s lines was comforted numerous dozen of homeless worker. It is agency Goulian affection with cate, advocate make romantic gentle heart. It lets an audience try through this drama in effort slow come down, the trial goes seeing the joy of the life. The job gives holder engrave tired seal, below busy instinctive quality, everybody expects what opposite lives to be put in most in, it is much more difficult to because live,should compare the life it seems that.

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But resemble ” accompany you to have a meal well ” in, it passes each simple course is to call audience heart the best recollect simply again.

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Resemble that balsam pear dish in drama, somebody likes somebody to be fed up with, but if can go understanding it actively, your meeting discovery goes the balsam pear that flesh wine makes also has its lovely one side.

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Bore with in this drama the job and life, let an audience get a kind of balance with cate through cooking. Letting an audience discover former life is not whole is book of full ground wolf it is OK also become fireworks world too. This drama is worth everybody to go fine fine savour, cate is in drama, and the life is in your back. Accordingly conscience good theatrical work won’t be buried, ask play square according to this standard ” roll ” rise!

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