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Original title: ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” absolutely beautiful road is appeared! Dilireba 1 body red Yi Haosa, battle damage makeup too felt distressed To teleplay ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” , reckon many people are impressive to it, star of 2 people energy of life presents as leading role to act the leading role, at the same time at present the shark person subject matter of conflagration, sow with firm heat ” lens twin city ” of similar theme it, regard the shark mankind that receives grade as work, whether can surmount forehead work, it is the problem that gets everybody to pay close attention to fully for certain.

20220224160719 6217ad37cc696

And sending in fervent announce nowadays it, exposed not rare farce to appear daily, though leave compared with calm archives,sow, drama appears a message to look not quite, but anyhow gave vermicelli made from bean starch to read aloud not less want, heat up especially cling to newest road shows a picture, be absolutely beautiful simply!

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” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” absolutely beautiful road is appeared! Dilireba makes person Jing colourful this teleplay is adapted be not sweet novel from 9 aigret ” drive shark is written down ” , told about drive spirit long meaning of Shi Jiyun standing grain and shark person is broken through manacle, all previous classics 1000 difficult 10 thousand danger become spouses eventually, defend the old practice of the common people hand in hand, the chilly beautiful love between person and bewitching, even if positive still was not raided, can show through all sorts of premonitory graphs and PV came out, perfect mentioned everybody is chased after more idea.

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Sending in enthusiastic announce it, exposure of day regular meeting gives many lovely roads to appear, especially the relevant drama of 2 leading role is appeared, it is silk of equipment be pollinated be pollinated more people expect, because act the leading role,be Dilireba and Ren Jialun only, these 2 are the person that Yan Zhi has acting, can you expect how? The road appears the Dilireba of newest exposure graph, it is to make person Jing colourful more unceasingly, be worthy of is her!

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Dilireba 1 body red garment dresses up good Sa, battle damage makeup too felt distressed to be able to see from the picture, the Dilireba of newest exposure wears the gules dress with marked a suit, dress up so that heroic bearing ofs material bearing, good a handsome heroine blow on the face and come, even if be to wearing guaze mask unpleasant also attack by surprise her part, and it is absolutely beautiful more after systemic exposure, simple and simple a suit is red, was to bestrew bruise however on the face, is so this battle damage outfit?

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The dress that new way pursues fully does not calculate too luxuriant, but get the better of in tonal and perfect with heat cling to match absolutely, of material bearing red garment suits her very much really, the eyebrow eye that cooperates her is picturesque it is a colour more! Even if bruise was bestrewed on the body, a bit does not affect her Yan Zhi, invite an audience instead more feel distressed her, the battle of peerlessly beautiful belle caustic makeup is honest too let popular feeling ache.

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Version of design of the figure in drama is not little, sufficient feeling be heated cling to beautiful but be in this actually ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” in, figure design of Dilireba is quite much still, as female advocate peace she of drive clever division, experience is very rich, this adumbrative also her person is set can have a lot of kinds of depict, figure of newest damage of red garment battle is only firstly, the placard graph before and PV are premonitory in, showed her the person of a lot of version is set, always have a seal your heart!

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Lively and lovely it is her, mature sex appeal is her, handsome valiant also is her, the heat in static graph cling to had made person Jing colourful, but move her what rise to have charm more actually, especially that act spreads out a few fox’s tail-something that gives away a person’s real character or evil intentions, ground of leakage of bully gas side is saying her of firm word, true too absolutely! Look of this shark mankind ancient occasionally drama, will make us sufficient feel heat cling to beautiful!

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On put together, ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” absolutely beautiful road is appeared! Dilireba 1 body red Yi Haosa, battle damage makeup too felt distressed, in this ancient occasionally Lireba’s person sets theatrical work figure still has a lot of actually, static plan version is really pretty good, but use the heat that rise cling to actually more absolutely beautiful, each frame picture too stamp popular feeling, too impatient to wait wants to see her, you?

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