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Original title: Cast a men and women advocate set, this drama daughter advocate, and male 3 can be to match one face really To a pair of lovers or for husband and wife, build actually with do not build cast appearance besides, immanent is to be on 3 view and be fond of. And the growth as the age, what each other value more also is 3 view and be fond of identical, because only such two talents can have ceaseless topic, doing enough synchronism of the ability on a lot of things, such also the ability relation two people even a family maintains the position with be in better all the time.

20220224160816 6217ad7016159

In ” accompany you to have a meal well together ” in this drama, also be to have such a pair ” copartner ” , but final however because this is drama of movie and TV, male advocate peace female advocate the relationship that must want together, this two people never had had the be mixed on affection however. Cast a men and women actually advocate set, actually gold guides Jinyi is mixed female advocate Su Kelan is to be built really.

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” accompany you to have a meal well together ” it is of You Gaohan eaves, Zheng Jiaohong, He Lei, king a city of cold main actor waiting for a person is warm more affection drama. It is city drama, originate it is to telling story of field of report one’s work; Warming is more, because the set of the set of a lot of gut in drama and character role can give a person the sense that a kind of warmth cures,be.

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Female in drama advocate the Su Kelan of personate is an average office worker, with most girl, company and home 2.1 line. She very have deep love for the life, also love her mother very much at the same time, it is average employee, she is the earliest forever one comes off work. Because she does not want to let the job occupy her whole life, everyday she must want to come home to make the dinner that is full of love on one times to the mother.

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Besides, in office leisure when, she often also cooks in the office. Below her desk, she has those your thinkable kitchen utensils and appliances. The stomach that works in the same place in the office is very much also be by her ” bribe ” , soup of dish of pickle, bittern, fried dish, Bao is waited a moment, the food in office freezer is almost complete out the hand at her.

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She has deep love for the life, devotee front courtyard, have deep love for cate, also like to cook, like to share cate together with everybody, also enjoy what oneself bring when cooking at the same time the sort of joy and rich sense.

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The gold in drama guides Jin Yi is an average TV program director, with most director, the meeting because of the honored guest do not cooperate and suffer from excessive internal heat scratchs his head. As an artistic worker, be in by monetary temptation while, have oneself principle as before however, that cannot cheat an audience namely. Regard first gear food festival as eye, yu Hao is the sponsor of this file program, also regarded this section purpose as one of regular honored guests so. But the food that makes every time in the Yu Hao on the program is not be with one’s own hands, what use however is vicarious. Facing appropriate of this thing gold also is to see Yu Hao very not pleasing to the eye, communicated a lot of times with vicarious and incorrect, cannot cheat an audience, but fail finally to reach consistent.

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Then Jin Yi also is him exposure Yu Hao is used vicarious on program this thing, the figure of the figure that lets him Yu Hao and company is damaged badly. Although company of more than Hao is gold advocate father, before Dan Zaicheng fact, jinyi chose latter, actually his this one practice, also deserve study of contemporary media person very much, beguiling audience is original incorrect.

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Besides, in office leisure when, he often also cooks in the office. Also be to having a relatively complete kitchen utensils and appliances in his assembly room, he often also is employee with respect to subterranean hutch people do on a few cole, let everybody also can experience the warmth like excellent front courtyard when work. Jinyi and Su Kelan are same, have deep love for the life, have deep love for cate, like to cook, like to share cate together with everybody, also enjoy what oneself bring when cooking at the same time the sort of joy and rich sense.

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It is here, each dish is not a simple dish, they are the story that has itself and its soul. Still remember seeing Su Kelan cook for the first time when Jin Yi the appearance of moment, see him all over the face successful appearance, he thinks him should be to like to go up at the moment this meets the girl that cook. Besides him, the audience before screen why is not, although this drama just just begins, the nature that still also does not know two people how, but also look with respect to sheet from this picture, two people calculate be built ineffably.

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I think, in reality, it is certain that two so similar people are together can special ground is happy.

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