Thu. Jul 7th, 2022
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Original title: Guangdong is native land ” red star of movie and TV ” Kang Tianxiu’s old age is illuminated, he took away the youth of countless audiences Li Junyi, ” man of this locality of ab extra daughter-in-law ” the person that the Kang Tianxiu in the center is acted, he what was born on January 21, 1992 nowadays already year full 30. ” outside drama ” arrived today when still broadcast now in the center, kang Jiadi 2 generation already ground of one after another often went, the next often will go had been turn for Kang Tianxiu. Not long ago, kang Tianxiu also is basked in on gregarious platform give a piece of his old age to illuminate, although the course machined the photograph, but audience of a lot of Guangdong can’ts help giving out plaint.

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” outside drama ” leave when sowing, kang Tianxiu just is an innocent, mischievous child, he at that time has 8 years old only. Once liked to chase after to those look ” outside drama ” for the audience that abandon theatrical work later and goes, they often stay in him only to Kang Tianxiu’s memory in one’s childhood appearance, the Kang Tianxiu that who can think of to who looks at him to be brought up again accordingly has been entered nowadays middleaged. alleged life can have a few 10 years, however Kang Tianxiu tells you however, 22 years years went so, honest sigh letting a person unceasingly!

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Be worth what carry is, old father of Kang Tianxiu Kang Qi an administrative unit in Xizang has died 16 years nowadays, 16 years ago, those who lose core person ” outside drama ” the bottleneck that is faced with otherwise to want to continue to broadcast, it still chose finally precipitant, had gotten married with respect to Lian Kangtian Xiu nowadays stand room several years. Before long hind, kang Tianxiu and Luo Feiyan’s son also are about to come on stage, health home realizes run in the family that kind as a family of actual existence, look everybody witnesses organic meeting Kang Tianxiu to becoming really one day.

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In fact, ” outside drama ” had appeared lesser and lesser to be story clue of the center with health home, 2014 when, kang Tianxiu from and south the university graduates, the mainest part with the strange another person since wherefrom moment had become a singer from the actor. Because Kang Tianxiu appears lesser in ” outside drama ” in the center, add Kang Jiadi 3 acting other members also originally to come down surely hard, so the story in drama has been in health home hard continuance went down among the 3rd generation. As a singer, no matter Kang Tianxiu sings how he won’t lack a person to enrage, because he is Guangdong audience,look at grown Kang Tianxiu only.

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