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Original title: Screen of beginning of spring is recrudescent He Sui drama, familiar joyous laugh came back! This year beginning of spring, the mirth lung-power of the screen appears big all the more, a series of light comedy gave free to the audience happy ” year flavour ” . ” holiday warm complacently ” put forward clearly ” He Sui drama ” concept, express to will make series work; ” rustic love 14 ” be about to receive an official, company audience is old ” countryside loves ” had become many people ” spend the New Year necessary sheet is tasted ” ; Ancient costume is comedic ” tile abandons all corners of the country ” ordinary members of theatrical troupe of You Deyun company acts the leading role, continued Spring Festival archives broadcasted last year ” son-in-law who lives in the home of his wife’s parents ” take off atmosphere happily; The scene that still has reshipment go into work is comedic ” the home and all things are promoted ” . These drama anthology built up ” He Sui ” identical temperament — prosperous, bustling, cat-and-dog, keep on good terms with everyone at the expense of principle is returned to after snarl of be laughing and playing, still laugh at opposite to live. He Sui drama or will become new form of a kind of movie and TV. Afterwards after last year, ” holiday warm complacently 2 ” this year Spring Festival archives once more as agreed upon and to. Happen in Hainan with the first season 3 inferior ” true love goes vacationing village ” the story is different, ” holiday warm complacently 2 ” pitch the line of vision to provide most ” year flavour ” northeast snow countryside, have whole story with a of Home Cheng 5 mouth series connection — Lao father Cheng Sanmin (Ni Dagong is acted the role of) with grandmother Ma Chunmei (Ni Ping is acted the role of) northeastern country lives, old 3 two children at ordinary times outer enter swing, the home returns together when the Spring Festival, produced a series of joy from this warm story. Big daughter Cheng Man (Liu Tao is acted the role of) it is wind joins a group female strong person, kong Lingqi of the rich person that 2 generation do poineering work (Chen He is acted the role of) because ” difference is judged ” chase after therewith to come all the way northeast native place, become the joy that be between tears and smiles enemy; Beans of young daughter Cheng (Zhang Jia Ni is acted the role of) from Hengdian Sha feather and put in return to one’s native place ‘s charge to manage civilian constellation, with ” chase after a star ” and the brilliant student Liao Ran that come (poplar is acted the role of) become partner; Big granddaughter Cheng vasts (Cheng Xiao is acted the role of) in the be thwarted in figure skating motion, turn and found life new way from inside be surpassed without man-machine contest speed ratio.

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Director Yao Xiaofeng says, ” holiday warm complacently ” what series tells about is the story that common people spends the New Year, “This kind has an atmosphere that has love, it is year of our yearning flavour. ” make just express, will this IP make it ” drama of He Sui series ” . From ” holiday warm complacently ” in can you see with ” He Sui ” the: of drama anthology distinguishing feature that nods for exert oneself? Warmth of sprain hill shelfing? is cured, galaxy is deduced, joy of the whole family. Besides ” holiday warm complacently ” put forward clearly formally ” He Sui drama ” concept, still have a lot of drama market that broadcast in Spring Festival archives, having likewise ” He Sui ” idiosyncratic. For instance ” rustic love ” series, had broadcasted this year reach the 14th, the story of ivory hill remains the same humanness take delight in talking about.

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By De Yun company ordinary members of theatrical troupe acts the leading role ” tile abandons all corners of the country ” at large this year the beginning of the year 3 are sowed, with what Spring Festival archives acted the leading role by Guo Qilin last year ” son-in-law who lives in the home of his wife’s parents ” same, suit atmosphere of He Sui of the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year’s Day.

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The scene is comedic ” the home and all things are promoted ” ever hit a head to prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan for He Sui drama. 1997 by Feng Xiaogang hold those who guide ” Party A Party B ” start shooting ” New Year film ” after renown date, you Yingda hold the playlet that guide ” the home and all things are promoted ” 1998 first day of the lunar year broadcasts, make theatrical work of first He Sui. This year first day of the lunar year, ” the home and all things are promoted ” reshipment returns, still You Yingda hold guide, the main actor such as Cai Ming, Liang Tian, Li Jianhua, Li Qi, Cao Yang, be in in Beijing alley in the parent that perform short.

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1998 ” the home and all things are promoted ” later, still had had ” decorate with lanterns and streamers ” ” happy good ” wait for work, after this ” He Sui drama ” the line of sight that the concept fades out of people. Those who replace is a series of ” drama of winter vacation god ” , company audience spends the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year’s Day. ” the home has children ” the first is sowed at quarto of large 2005 the beginning of the year, ” pass outside Wu Lin ” at broadcasting before the Spring Festival 2006, ” love apartment ” the 2nd, 4, 5 season meet in Spring Festival archives and audience. Plus ” rustic love ” series, these comedic work happen to coincide ground choice appears in Spring Festival archives, also developed actually ” He Sui ” action. Like the New Year film, he Sui drama also cannot leave comedic element likewise. But want to make the He Sui theatrical work that having clear fixed position, still need exploration. Director Yao Xiaofeng expresses, spring it is late ” holiday warm complacently ” the object that series place draws lessons from. As spring the element such as program of late shirt-sleeve singing and dancing, comic dialogue, essay, quyi, ” holiday warm complacently ” also have miscellaneous mix sex, during confluence spends the New Year the performance manner of audience love to see and hear. “We make fun of this to resemble melodrama, singing and dancing a bit piece, resemble comedic essay, feature film a bit again. How these elements should match after all? We also are being explored. The hope carries the market in exploration two-way examine, decide and perfect the mode of He Sui drama. ” and He Sui drama needs not merely ” complete a comedic person ” , the cooked food that also wants amid body to reveal the life enrages the milk of human kindness with warmth, in the meantime, also need to pay close attention to reality, with when all is entered. Be in for instance ” holiday warm complacently 2 ” in, revitalize country, the actual element such as red economy of motion of ice and snow, net, former unripe family is blended in among them. ” the home and all things are promoted ” in paid close attention to Beijing Olympic Winter Games, still appeared from media rich advocate, outside sell little elder brother, net to make an appointment with the burgeoning profession such as car driver, have humanitarian care.

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