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Original title: He is ” discriminate is passed ” in ” lukewarm imperial physician ” , part company with first love, marry small 8 years old of charming wife win the home into life! ” discriminate is passed ” this drama is too hot really, let Sun Liwen occupy position of female star of a gleam of not only, also let a lot of actors walk into masses eye shot. For instance ” lukewarm imperial physician ” Zhang Xiaolong, when taking this sport at the outset he is 36 years old, reckon a lot of people did not see. So much is lain between when year, now he already 45 years old. But do not look to give what years mark on the face, still be that little fresh pork 9 years ago as before. Another not old male god, was born.

20220224160940 6217adc497af7

Although Zhang Xiaolong’s fame does not calculate big, but but connections is not small, recreational group learns bully. From the teacher of the play in after boreal dance graduates, be being become, later preferment associate professor, Master lays a teacher. Accordingly, a lot of people inside the circle also call him the teacher. And his student has a lot of, include grandson couple, la Yingying, lan sunlight and Zhang Han. Although discriminate breathes out to be drunk to lukewarm imperial physician, but outside play, sun Li even he is address sb respectfully teacher.

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Does acting also need talent? The teacher makes fun of in regarding as, nature must not say. From ” discriminate is passed ” after becoming famous, go out again acted ” the crammer of the wife ” and ” of aurora love ” . Everybody the style of content is different, show the individual character characteristic of every part first-rately again, enough proves him act art actual strength.

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As a child he shows a very great performance talent, see the do the yangko dance in TV, he is twisted accordingly. Troupe comes to the town later, he follows a family to learn a movement to act rise. His performance is about to be inherent it seems that, laid the foundation of tamp because of his success later.

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Is ancient costume drama formal and directive? He becomes an actor in this play, it is a part-time job actually. Fiercer is, he is the formal guidance of this drama. The Jing grand dance in drama, actually him dragon makes up piece of dawn. Although in drama he does not have real play to cross this paragraph of dance, it is later in a few programs, he still was done personally set an example. And it seems that more coquettish, still be former writer as expected fierce.

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He is the formal guidance of this drama not only, ” if exemplary,pass ” , ” Lang Ya a list of names posted up ” wait for work of much ministry movie and TV, ask him to do formal guidance. After all he is right the history the research of this respect, still hold out reach the designated position. Does Zhang Jia kiss an uncle rather? ? Zhang Xiaolong’s status is more than still and such, actually he or Zhang Jia kiss an uncle rather. In ” if exemplary,pass ” in, the clever the wife of a prince that Zhang Jia acts rather, gain many attention. Their kindred of two people, also by hold tight come out. Two people returned transcribe one case later ” me that girl 2 ” , an uncle of 45 years old, still have a sister’s daughter of 28 years old, two people sit together. True still unlike is two generation person.

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The concern that Zhang Jia coulds there be and involves Xiao Tong is first-rate, accordingly, when seeing Zhang Xiaolong, guan Xiaotong also can follow mother’s brother of good boudoir sweet cry. Still be pretty is piquant. Is affection history rich? The Zhang Xiaolong before camera lens is the good man of affectionate fund fund, the Zhang Xiaolong in reality, but affection history astonished many people. His first love is actually ” discriminate is passed ” the Qi Erfei Zhang Yameng in. Did not meet ten years, in play staff meet again. Each other gave greatly hug, have age fun a little again.

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Zhang Xiaolong’s first love is Qi Erfei, the 2nd paragraph of amour is as expensive as Cao person Chen Saisi. So look, “Lukewarm imperial physician ” just be the emperor in reality.

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Chen Saisi is Zhang Xiaolong’s student. Because two people make fun of become attached to, go very quickly. Although differ 8 years old, but walk into marriage hand in hand. Still special happiness.

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They are poured out of on the net now not little information, be in ” Qi Erfei ” after the amour exposure with him, a lot of people spit groovy Qi Erfei more like his mom. This is right they two people, having bad effect. It is to consider ego is protected probably, this paragraph of feeling also was not announced. As long as two people are happy, other not important.

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