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Original title: New theatrical work of Bai Baihe frequently by refus, as her of full-time mom, difficulty of return duty field is heavy Tong of hand of Baibai He Lian brings a new theatrical work for everybody greatly, drama of new theatrical work is called ” our marriage ” . Bai Baihe is in drama personate a full-time mom, in in wanting to return duty field afresh, imagining however so easy, be in not only interview when be rejected frequently, also do not give even husband support, really difficult and heavy.

20220224160955 6217add36b148

The detail expression in living people reality in this teleplay gets incisively and vividly, especially full-time mom. So, why it is so difficult that a full-time mom wants return duty field? This also is one of keys of this drama. In our real life, full-time mom is far in comparing theatrical work even hard much.

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Bai Baihe calls Shen Hui full-time mom of the star in the personate in drama, and the good mom that still is all-round of a decathlon, but, she is the lovely sinister plot that an intelligence quotient has 3 years old only however among the life in reality, contrast is such it is very difficult really greatly let a person do not love.

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” our marriage ” begin from Feburary 23, will sow alone in Tecent video entire network, entire network replaces 6 part first, the member can replace 2 part after passing at 20 o’clock everyday, the word that is not a member passed to be able to replace 1 part at 20 o’clock everyday. And still have different titbits everyday, from inside titbits we can see different Bai Baihe.

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Bai Baihe once was mentioned in making a speech, ” our marriage ” this part of medium Shenyang comet suits her very much, because the Shenyang comet in drama and she is same charge for the making of sth. is housewife, in also returning duty field afresh, the effort that they hope to be able to pass their will get the happiness that he wants. The road of field of duty of even if regain is not smooth, interview when also be rejected frequently, but she never abandons, no matter be the pressure in the life, still be the pressure on duty field, also cannot hold back her most the way that seeks happiness, shenyang comet this part is very good really.

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Speak of this part of full-time mom, also a lot of netizens leave a message in comment area say: “Full-time mom is bad really to become ” , this says some netizens oneself do not have even the courage of the attempt. Still the netizen says to as if saw oneself, the Shenyang comet in still saying theatrical work already very lucky, after all she is in to apply for a job when found very quickly appropriate oneself job. Is who says? It is very difficult really that full-time mom wants regain duty field, want to search appropriate oneself profession is more extremely difficult.

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Bai Baihe also takes this seriously very much head sow, she is in Feburary 19 when say with respect to dispatch: “The time that the distance broadcasts still has 4 days, my hand holds acid in the palm. ” Feburary 20 when she dispatch says: “Who says Shenyang comet is fierce, I feel she holds out tenderness ah! ” can look from this reach, white why do 100 have many to take seriously to the broadcasting of new theatrical work, can ascend queenly throne to see this, pardonable also she will be so impatient.

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Bai Baihe once had said: “When oneself ” when having definite idea, think with respect to meeting independence, in comply with these idea when, can let oneself become more firm, never escape oneself mood, want honesty to face his, no matter make what choice, this is in charge of promising, I just began to have independent moral quality, just begin to like myself. Just begin to like myself..

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Can look from this reach she still holds out those who sink so that live to enrage to her career, she is returned for absorption precipitation acting before retreated ” the elder sister that brave the wind and waves ” invite about. Hope this ” our marriage ” the public praise that can have won after broadcast, let Bai Baihe can make in order to be in new personality generation turn over brand-newly a unit of length, prove oneself actual strength to people again.

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The Bai Baihe in the Shenyang comet in drama and reality is having same disposition, what also believe she can act is better, make good success, let us expect her new theatrical work together! Also wish ” our marriage ” the result that viewing rate can achieve forecast, cheer!

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