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Original title: Besides Fu Ying CP fit, ” the strategy that delay happiness ” in what star still acted ” still feed ” ? Besides Fu Ying CP fit, what to still have ” Yan Xi strategy ” the star in acted ” still feed ” civil / one bed love letter ” still feed ” sow, dream of instant letting a person answers Fu Ying CP.

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Be in ” the strategy that delay happiness ” in, fu Heng and Luo of Ying of the Kingdom of Wei have a predestined relationship not to have cent, ” I am defending this all one’s life enough, next all one’s life change you to guard me ” tear making a person runs quickly, and in ” still feed ” in, yao Zijin and Zhu Zhan base two-way hurry off to, the lover becomes spouses eventually.

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Yao Zijin is in in one’s childhood in renter home when amuse oneself, see Zhu Zhan radical learn break ground fitly, be kissed by his civilian move with forthright and sincere, bury in the heart issued ” love ” seed, so that be brought up epigenesis her blame enters palace cannot reason (PS: Father mother should marry her is to say decline only, it is infer probably at present Zhu Zhan radical) . To cause Zhu Zhan radical to notice, she falls intentionally in rain, zhu Zhan radical notices her of course, still absolved the punish to her. Without do not become a book opportunely, perhaps say love is so wonderful again, square allusion board arranges her to go fitly Zhu Zhan radical sends board, read to give a late night ” beau ” recover from fatigue, her on the sly added a bowl of drunk jujube in meal. Zhu Zhan radical also solves amorous feelings quite, drew a mouse intentionally (speak Yao Zijin cannot say boh to a goose) , wait for Yao Zijin to add a few, yao Zijin is audacious really still the ground added a lot of, became a pair of whole picture to make. Hear throat of Zhu Zhan radical is uncomfortable, yao Zijin did chaffy dish of a chrysanthemum to him instantly.

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Of course, the sweetest still is Zhu Zhan radical knows perfectly well Yao Zijin to hide in the table next, still stroke musical instrument calmly to read a book, cover the book the face to pretend to sleep next, when before going up, Yao Zijin is examined, the hand that he plays Yao Zijin pretends somnambulate, say ” Chen Wu, not faze I ” , click of the tongue of click of the tongue, the method of younger sister of hold up of this one action is really brillant!

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And be in ” Yan Xi strategy ” in, wei Ying Luo and Fu Heng of rich examine ยท love and do not get, can be in love bury only bottom of the heart, and expect ” next all one’s life ” , 3 years short time, fu Ying CP had sequel, and the 2nd partner of Xu Kai of Wu Jin make peace performs end-all eventually! Had looked ” still feed ” the friend knows, this play follows ” the strategy that delay happiness ” the place that has a lot of likeness, for instance the person of leading role of male and female is set, make the plot of a play that upgrades quite all the way, especially ordinary members of theatrical troupe of the behind the curtain before the stage almost continue to use ” Yan Xi strategy ” the old cast, besides Xu Kai of Wu Jin make peace, there still is many actor in drama also is from ” Yan Xi strategy ” ” pass through ” and come. Experienced: Wang Yao of cheerful noble VS is clear

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Well-known actress practice is experienced (this name Lian Shumei) in ” Yan Xi strategy ” in act bravery heart cowardly cheerful noble, meet with bully and oppress of high the wife of a prince not dare utter a word, within an inch of did not protect even the child in abdomen, I hope so that the person such as Wei Ying Luo assists, just be able to be in hind palace lives go down.

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Can be in ” still feed ” in, her suddenly change one’s identity was become still feed the Wang Si board of the bureau, hutch art is masterly, act is spell able, a road of the palace after knowing well greatly again, also know examine colour to watch scene, the part with two tremendous contrast is taken to hold the ground by her proper, be worthy of sending a female role for acting. Deng Sha: The wife of a prince of village of Han of Wei Ying peaceful VS

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Well-known, deng Sha is in ” the strategy that delay happiness ” in the Wei Ying of be apt to of personate person beautiful heart is peaceful, she brings up Ying of little sister the Kingdom of Wei rather single-handed, teach her embroidery, teach her to read write, can die mysteriously however into palace hind, returned booth to get on to make whole and familial the fame of unconscious be ashamed, and her dead, also bring about Wei Ying Luo to be determined to examine explore fact into palace.

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Today second in ” still feed ” in, deng Sha personate village the wife of a prince one horn, as always elegant and dignified, kind-hearted Wen Wan, put under house arrest by analogy beauty complicity however, in the palace after you contend for what I seize, she can go much further to also affecting the heart of the audience, follow Wu Jin talk when her together genuflect is before the emperor when, instant letting a person is returned ” the strategy that delay happiness ” . Gao Yu: Samite VS still feeds bureau female official

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One bed love letter still is in ” still feed ” in see ” Yan Xi strategy ” in ” beautiful ” Gao Yu, this he still is to act an envious heart strong foolish girl, upside play is used by square aunt, luo of Ying of intended circumvent the Kingdom of Wei, library of the person that the result comes to the light to was sent to match laborious. This play wants to have an insatiable desire for the credit that takes Yao Zijin again, pretending is the person that gives Zhu Zhan radical to send board, result by Zhu Zhan base get behind and bastinado duty 20 expulsive palace, gao Yu acting not common, yan Zhi is very good also, regrettablly share of show of it doesn’t matter, or cherish! Zhang Yixi: Lucky VS Xue Lu

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Zhang Yixi is in ” the strategy that delay happiness ” in the embroider woman of personate embroider lane is lucky, it is good sister of Wei Ying Luo, the result meets with the exquisite circumvent of Luo of envious Wei Ying to death, to replace lucky revenge, wei Ying Luo applies subtotal slightly, match her hair border area.

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Be in this ” still feed ” in, zhang Yixi acted to still feed one of the bureau, current show share is very few, do not know sequel to have show share. Easy brave name: Xie Tianshi VS fills imperial physician

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” the strategy that delay happiness ” in act imperial physician Xie Tianshi, in ” still feed ” Li Yiyong name still performs imperial physician, although dynasty is different, the appearance of an actor is different, but the profession is identical, actor’s lines, expression is about the same, without what play, wasted a good actor. Easy brave name is graduated from the Thespian institute central, go out to act without what play however for years however, good not easy because ” Yan Xi strategy ” be paid close attention to, or follow-up career not beautiful, perform minor minor role, play is made an appointment with not much also. Sun Di: Jing Quan of Wu Shulai VS

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” the strategy that delay happiness ” have the eunuch with 3 show much share, one is Yuan Chun look, one is Li Yu, still having is Wu Shu of manager of internal affairs government office, his early days mingled a lot of things (include to kill lucky) , serpentine and crafty, be a bully under the protection of a powerful person, be hoped finally nevertheless to replace by Yuan Chun, still sent to him ” box meal ” . The actor that acts Wu Shulai calls Sun Di, many play performed after play graduates in, it is the part of feeling of some of existence of it doesn’t matter, be in this ” still feed ” in act Guang Lusi Qing Jingquan, with Wu Shulai the person is set about the same, the space that it doesn’t matter develops. The word says, so much actor from ” Yan Xi strategy ” pass through ” still feed ” , can you give play?

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