Thu. Jul 7th, 2022
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Original title: After all, guo Jingming apologizes or make the masses straight breathe out ” bright ” ! Him Jing Ming of Guo of no less than place character, 15 years are lain between when, had been so long in the past thing really, present Guo Jingming thinks of to want to make such apology in the last day 2020 actually, also be to let a netizen feel very the thing that indissoluble. If be willing all the time,obstinately stick to a wrong course goes down, also be possible, had gone anyway so long time.

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But Guo Jingming should do put together art now, want shoot, should continue oneself commercial domain, because borrowed,always be however one thing and let oneself face all sorts of attack, accordingly, he must want to do some thing. And this thing faces him bravely namely, let what oneself get a victim excuse and popular forgives. After no matter he is made,reacting, how is everybody responded to, at least he has resembled is that kind of became a capitalization person that he say, such continueing the brigade of oneself commercial empire is OK also more smoothly.

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After all, guo Jingming apologizes or make the masses straight breathe out ” bright ” ! Because this means Zhuang Yu’s victory, meant the intense boycott that borroweds to those literature to had welcomed the victory of level sex, to broad the protection of the person that start creative work formerly also was to have safeguard more. Perhaps Guo Jingming just also as club for amateur performers of Beijing opera to have safeguard more to yield his motion picture just, but the sense that his present act had had materiality, the thing of a happy event that is worth to celebrate joyously is for the person that that is created to be being achieved formerly namely. So, the masses people breathe out continuously ” bright ” namely the thing in reason.

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Divide actually borrowed however one thing, the stain on Guo Jingming body is not much, also be to like beautiful schoolboy merely at most just. Undoubted he is a writer that has actual strength very, bellyful poetry book, brilliant. He is filmed the small times that come out perhaps gets the assail of a lot of people, but at the same time also casting a new era, hold in both hands red many actors, the old actor such as the Yang Mi that help strength, Guo Caijie is new also fire gives horizon. His actual strength is placed already here. And after admitting one’s mistake, at least the censure dot on his body is met gradually abreaction, this action fact belongs to advisability.

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