Thu. Jun 30th, 2022
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Original title: She is grandson of couple ” dead correct ” , go out 15 years still not lukewarm not fire, 36 years old still solitary nowadays one person Although recreational group is one lies Hu Canglong’s place, but also be a ground that stands firm very hard likewise, not be all actor that have ability can lucky by discovery, lucky one artillery piece and red, and, even if is bright red rise, most actor is transitory, very rare actor can maintain very good public praise and person energy of life all the time, nevertheless, grandson couple is actor of clique of an actual strength really however, also be a very successful actor, performing art circle inside, her public praise and person morale are very high, it is happy and perfect more on the life.

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But small today making up what should chat is Ceng Hesun couple has acted ” dead correct ” Xu Fan brook, in ” Mi month is passed ” in because of,what Xu Fan brook acts is Mi, she has gone out 15 years up to now, however as before not lukewarm not fire, she 36 years old as before lone one person.

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Xu Buddhist brook is the earliest be from ” struggle ” in be disentombed, she is in at that time ” struggle ” in of personate is dew shows this part, acted the leading role with Liu Huan again later ” small father ” the sweethearts above, but it is not lukewarm all the time not of fire, and the much that act is costar, nevertheless, the acting of Xu Buddhist brook is better still, when performing hellion especially, the blame that act often reachs the designated position, and Xu Buddhist brook or a particularly firm and stubborn person, although acting all the time art on road not lukewarm not fire, but she is holding to all the time however, be in all the time surmount.

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Of course, it is to be on the career not only, on feeling, xu Buddhist brook also is a particularly stubborn person, although now already 36 years old, but before coming up against oneself to consider married person, she holds single position all the time, also hear without what red on feeling, girl of such a treasure, she of hope future is better and better.

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