Thu. Jun 30th, 2022
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Original title: Boxing king mom is worth our everybody to learn Often have attention Chen Xiang early 6:30, often brush recently ” Chen Xiang mom of six fists king ” , look seriously, be unable to bear or endure weep. The actor acting naturally 6:30 need not say, all and online, the circumstances is precise, 3 view, press close to lives, it is to touch completely. Accident opportunity was informed sea of mom of film fist king to choose a hero to want to sign up from the back, want to improve domestic life with this. A Feng is termless teach her fistic skill, with the passing of time lays condition, when but become,A wind lets her divorce of purpose, she scrupulouslied abide by her bottom line. A lot of people are faced with a such families that suffer misery, encounter handsome and likely bring oneself additionally one kind of life male, the likelihood is not controlled so that live certainly. For can selected, took a lot of pain, but discover leading role however actually already decided at the higher level but not officially announced, again acid instantly the inside story of a plot of program of a lot of take as an elective course, the director although very see comical laugh, it is however those who had not touched capital is powerful, also can compromise to production only. Whole motion picture looks, too much tear was nodded, the likelihood is to be born in the country, had seen too much and miserable. Had seen daughter-in-law of a lot of countries casts a husband to abandon for better life child, of course this kind of phenomenon is more than it is a country. Present marriage can not leave what do not abandon less and less. Also had seen a lot of caballero paper a mouth one day to run to raise the home 8 seventeen hours. And an epitome that the laugh in the film laughs at the person that just go before a lot of hardship. The film tells us 3 view want, treat the life to be able to abandon anything but, the affliction place that cannot be lived Koes, who is one ground chicken feather, want us not to abandon can going down too only. What everybody has fun at is OK go looking, literary grace is finite, a lot of feeling cannot come out completely with literal expression. It is a good movie really

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