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Original title: ” drown penknife ” : What it tells is model of a girl and god a group of things with common features the love story between heir “You are the deities that has of great capacity of river of mountains and rivers-land, and I am the girl because of with deities crisscross glow ” . Film ” drown penknife ” in a the most glaring word, namely ” green ” . And the encounter of prince and princess, it is the most romantic love in green dictionary. Our heroine is called Xia Ya, male hero is called A Hang. Xia Ya is the cosset that girl model is recreational group, and A Hang is a god advocate the heir of gens, likewise outstanding two people, matching originally on status position. But because Xia Ya’s parents wants the inn business of successive grandfather, removed so countryside, and Xia Ya also was forced to abandon his accordingly act art career. After Xia Ya and A Hang encountering, the one party that wallows in quickly is Xia Ya. Go up to match A Hang, xia Ya begins to encircle a contact with recreation again, film photo market. And everything what what Xia Ya does tries hard, it is to gain A Hang’s attention only, obtain love.

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Xia Ya’s effort did not waste, if she wished to obtain A Hang’s attention and love. Two their people, a youth is beautiful beautiful, a lad is handsome, association is together, resemble person of a pair of walls. The association of two people, still got summerly bud vermicelli made from bean starch adds the blessing of Nai even. In ” drown penknife ” in, water is youth seemingly is indicative. The love between two people, having a lot of is to hand in tangle abandon finish in underwater. Such we are understandable, are youth and love the thing that allows a person to get drunk? Nevertheless, such seeing be like perfect love, got immediately however the test of God severity. In the day after two people part company, xia Ya and sunshine, handsome, hopeful old friend encountered. The consideration of old friend and warmth gave dark and dissocial Xia Ya is very right now big in the heart comfort, but anyhow, a Hang cannot forget in Xia Ya’s heart. In the depth of her heart, old friend is candlelight, and A Hang is to enlighten her sun. They need a chance that meets again.

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The director gave this film a particularly happy ending. He uses an illusion, fill very the ending of poetic flavour. “The sea, big hill, blue sky, Bai Yun, sun, moon, ocean wave, heavy rain… this hill, this sea, all is A Hang, I also am of A Hang. ” on the autocycle that sits in A Hang when Xia Ya, the rose on the car is besprent all the way, romantic atmosphere full screen is. They pass a seaside, through field, fall through the bridge, through the setting sun, no matter they can be together after that, at least that momently, they are being embraced became the most attractive scenery in each other youth.

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