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Original title: ” meet season ” thunder favorable reply conceals identity exposure, zhang Yi is promoted be not a patch on, ning You dare not believe The conflagration that thunder favorable reply acts the leading role ” between the world ” downfallen still next heavy curtain, of back-to-back move and Yuan spring main actor ” meet season ” be about to go up line, although this drama name is literary, but gut everywhere anxious.

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Thunder favorable reply becomes the son that is Jian Guozhi in the Jianhong of the personate in drama, when work, because produced unpleasant thing with Cui Hao, the Cui Hao that is had resentment gives stabbed, sullen Jian Guozhi chose to jump finally building, from now on brief home and peaceful home issued family feud with respect to the knot, the Ning You of Yuan spring personate knows Jian Hongcheng falls in love at first sight to oneself, but she what know very well two have bitter enemy rejected Jian Hongcheng, brief home to do not let Jian Hongcheng will contend for family property henceforth, age gently Jian Hongcheng gives evicted a door.

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That yard before Jian Hongcheng knows father is unripe is the painstaking effort of his lifetime, to want to protect father’s enterprise, jian Hongcheng begins dark start a career, can grab a thing that belongs to oneself originally formidably for oneself namely, during Jian Hongcheng is doing poineering work, encountered a career to have the Ning You that just encounters the husband is betrayed, a what love scintilla will be brushed between two people, the person that should know Jian Hongcheng wants to make do is close kin, jianhong becomes the oldest end, pull down the brother elder sister that kills his put in prison namely, but good the person that encountered oneself not easily to like excuses rather, give birth to rancor because of domestic account heart again however, it is thus clear that this drama is blocked in male advocate female before, not be love only so simple, more be come from a family be hostile to.

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The development of whole the story of a play or opera, should let a men and women namely advocate those who revolt this kind of destiny is unjust, originally Jian Jiadou very look down on the Jian Hongcheng that does not have father, but the development as gut, jian Hongcheng just knows he is not one’s own son of Jian Guozhi, because,oneself give birth to father domestic account, sent Jian Guozhi to bring up oneself in those days, after favorable reply of the thunder in drama conceals identity exposure, ning Sudou does not want to dare believe, brief home dare not put more in the eye, the Ning Shu that Zhang Yi promotes personate be not a patch on.

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