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Original title: Say a truth, yu Zheng this ” still feed ” , I look when comedy Character of Xu Kai, Wu Jin acts the leading role ” still feed ” broadcasted, did everybody look? This is the ancient costume drama that love of a collect, tactics, cate, Gong Dou is an organic whole, because be Yu Zheng’s drama, it is Wu Jin character, Xu Kai’s main actor, still have many ” Yan Xi strategy ” , ” blaze military school ” , ” Yu Louchun ” the actor is inside, heat is not so low. From the point of broadcasted data, this drama leaves since sowing, always broadcast a quantity to exceed 100 million, also took mango broadcast day of coronal, achievement still is pretty good.

20220224210145 6217f2393c58e

Although this drama is given priority to with promoting China cate, conveniently lets Fu Ying renew leading edge, but after seeing 10 market, small 7 this drama regards as in light of comedy. Because gut is too comical really,be really, a bit not careful one laughs at a dot, let a person cannot help bursting out laughing, though there also is nervous tactics plot in drama, but get odd atmosphere easily and many.

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In whole department theatrical work most do the crown prince Zhu Gaochi that those who laugh still is Hong Jiantao personate, although Zhu Gaochi is crown prince, but pass so that hold back bends, because his appearance is fat,do not meet always happy Di Zhudi likes, add king of little brother Chinese again an eye covetously of the Chu Jun to him, the grievance that so Zhu Gaochi crosses. Because won’t ride,shoot, emperor under one anger, be about crown prince society is equestrian, even he reduces weight, be about otherwise accusatory still feed the lady-in-waiting of the bureau people.

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Hong Jiantao authority is not new, famous comedian, had acted ” the story of cooking class ” and ” pass outside Wu Lin ” , first-class the acting clique of one. Let Hong Jiantao perform foolish condition so but the Zhu Gaochi of Ju, very appropriate. What when motion reduces weight, he chooses is to go quickly, with sweet will calculate time, he is blown rapidly, wanting to go quickly only. Go tiredly to lie on the ground, crying to beat dead I also climb not to rise, but smell fragrance, climb immediately, hearing flavour to search eat.

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So lovely crown prince, make a person jubilate indeed. Of course, between crown prince and Huang Taisun interactive, more interesting. Though be father and son, but two people seem to take a fault the scenario is same. Father works occasionally not quite reliable, scheming is not deep, instead is son idea careful, still take care of father everywhere, the feeling of attend to father. Take crown prince by circumvent be related for, crown prince is taking cord to want hang oneself, huang Taisun hears the news come, look at crown prince one pair wants hang oneself, but the model that did not use tardy again, in the heart had plan early, imposing does not use a bit not anxious.

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Crown prince is taken to be held firmly by Huang Taisun already, anyway no matter how crown prince is troubled by, huang Taisun have a well-thought-out plan, a bit is not confused. This father and son of two interactive, it is the another yock dot of this drama, the relation between father and son is done not have so nervous, also unlike is royal father and son so honour low is particularly orderly, resemble ordinary common people instead, look very sweet.

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And the crown prince that cocoa loves, always can be in when coming on the stage, let yock of audience to one’s heart’s content. Want to eat obviously delicious, but hinder at the identity, even mincing say a few words, be prohibited cannot having meat or fish obviously, but still should go back on his word phonily not to go, mix impediment. This where is when crown prince, trenchant very grievance. Of course, ” still feed ” not just crown prince brings the laugh of this drama is nodded, still have at any time and place by surprise ground comes a package.

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Say Yao Zijin falls ill that time, yuan farther-in-law suffers Huang Taisun’s command to send medicine to Yao Zijin secretly, square allusion board serves as bagman. Two people are waited for when be in, square allusion board took out a small bag, when just when Yuan farther-in-law thinks this is,giving oneself, who knows square allusion board wants him to give old husband’s father actually. This one act looks so that the person is between tears and smiles, this imagines attraction from opposite sex namely, still was spilled the feeling of a cold water, pitiful Yuan farther-in-law wants the carrier pigeon when Huang Taisun and Yao Zijin not only, just should be in charge of even board and the bagman of old farther-in-law.

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Besides, imperial concubine Wu Cai’s person of Huang Taisun also is an angel. When just coming on the stage, want to see Huang Taisun, huang Taisun says she is too sweet, then Wu Cai’s person changes clothes, say to still have on the hair again next, went be being changed again, in the course of contacts a few, the person went. Later on palace banquet, wu Cai’s person encountered Huang Taisun, huang Taisun says to let her be not moved, return lie she says butterfly is poisonous, leave in a flurry next. Wu Cai’s person believes hastily, motionless really still. The look that cocoa of Wu Cai’s person loves makes a person like indeed, it seems that the heart does not have shrewdness, whats know Wu Cai’s person actually, just cooperate Huang Taisun gladly to act in a play.

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” still feed ” this drama, look very relaxed, do not need too beat one’s brains, the most commendable is female advocate peace female compound the concern between very good, get along harmonious it is good sister, it is good into enemy that fall out also does not want at the back of the hope. Looked at a heat ” still feed ” 10 collect, I look when comedy, looked after all very interesting, always can let yock of my to one’s heart’s content, do you feel?

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