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Original title: ” rustic love 14 ” big ending, founder found true love, additionally 3 parts ” the idle that invite a person “ Article | October ” rustic love 14 ” teleplay is fast near end, in the gut that volt rises and fall since, appear eventually friendly to Founder one side, he found true love eventually.

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Picture origin teleplay ” rustic love 14 ” in ” rustic love ” inside perform Founder one part, when this part appears in thirteenth ministry, the person is set do not denounce happy event, still denounce person be disgusted with a bit even. He begins is teacher of a countryside, like to go up female colleague Li Yinping, naked eye of Founder oneself condition is knowable, li Yinping has his eye, do not like Founder. Founder is special be infatuated with her, often follow at sb’ heels she, this paragraph of play lets an audience look uncomfortably, feel Founder has bit of toad to want to have the feeling of swan flesh.

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Picture origin teleplay ” rustic love 14 ” the figure that Li Yinping is inside is great beauty, working ability is outstanding also, from the appearance, two individual difference too great disparity, so this ” character set ” not friendly to Founder, destroyed him even.

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Picture origin teleplay ” rustic love 14 ” come around suddenly instead, the love of Founder had a home to return to. This girl is niece Zhao Qun of Zhao Si, the figure is small fat, disposition is optimistic. This Zhao Qun comes to Home Zhaosi to help, encountered Founder, two people fall in love at first sight.

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Picture origin teleplay ” rustic love 14 ” in this the boundless universe, everybody has the power that chooses happiness, have nothing to do appearance appearance, two hearts close, nature can eliminate all difficulties. Founder person is set wash afresh white, a few parts that add newly denounce person be disgusted with however. The act person of large size is ” countryside loves ” director Fu Weng, surface of square field of this character set is not denounced happy event. Big most beginning is ” ivory hill ” security personnel, accomplish all the way from security personnel ” president ” , confuse unreal with respect to some. To highlight ” love ” theme, still went up to his arrangement ” love ” the bridge paragraph.

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Picture origin ” rustic love 14 ” be in ” rustic love 13 ” in, female net is red on big infatuation little feel well, but little feel well is stupefied,be not to look to go up he, the reason also is in 14 have the result in the ministry, namely big too straight male, novelty of train of thought, different at the ordinary person. For instance, after the girlfriend is bitten by the dog, fall on the ground, the dog ran, big the first business that do chases after a dog to make a dog namely, is not the cut that checks a girlfriend, send a hospital at once. Because of this reason, two people are done not have.

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Picture origin teleplay ” rustic love 14 ” this one is medium, he is immersed in before half part in lovelorn anguish, intermediate part is he looked for a cummer to be cheated 100 thousand, settle on of second half part Li Yinping. The person of large size is set true absolutely, acted to be become finally ” a third party ” . As ” countryside loves 14 ” director, he is true oneself from the beginning black to end, the audience liked not to rise really, have bit of spare part, “Ivory hill ” the care of intelligence quotient can of president, can you still manage good mountain villa?

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Picture origin teleplay ” rustic love 14 ” of spare part is ” cate female rich advocate ” , she will to ivory hill become a commissioner, liu Neng wants to insinuate the commissioner lets her him occupy, this female rich advocate, solid belong to do not have a hotspot, do not talk, do not do laugh, pure the passerby armour that belong to even if shows lens. Be in Home Liu Neng when, every time to serve a meal, on table the evaluation issues meal, the others time disappears, with Liu Neng daughter-in-law did not interact.

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Picture origin teleplay ” rustic love 14 ” Liu Neng is affable, take care of by every means to her, because of Liu Neng’s manner, liu flower mother still takes this female gain advocate vinegar, feel Liu Neng has ” off the rails ” suspicion. Female finally rich advocate must move a village appoint can go, know early such, live in the village at the beginning appoint do not meet? This part lets a lot of netizens feel redundant.

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Picture origin teleplay ” rustic love 14 ” of Home Xie Ankun of spare part ” female baby-sitter ” , wang Xiaomeng is consider of husband’s father and mother, also be child consider, search a tutor, tutor is done not have ” teach a course ” gut, domestic nurse was made in Home Xie Ankun.

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Picture origin teleplay ” rustic love 14 “

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Picture origin teleplay ” rustic love 14 ” resembling is actor Wang Xiaomeng ever replied so: ” and ” rustic love ” had gone 16 years, already special be thankful, besides old actor, actor of a lot of new personality also needs to have a meal, so the opportunity is equal ” . Think so also not without the truth.

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Picture origin teleplay ” rustic love 14 ” to ” rustic love ” the new role inside, what view do you have? 14# of love of countryside of # # of by-talk of # movie and TV

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