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Original title: Audience of 2021 10 old young people likes homebred theatrical work, the selected teleplay part such as Liu Shishi, Zhu Yilong Civil / violet according to ” 2021 China teleplay develops a report ” release, share 10 work to be seleted, all high public praise, tall countryman is spent, gao Bo puts the homebred theatrical work of the quantity, it is respectively ” arousal time ” , ” big decisive battle ” , ” hill sea affection ” , ” had crossed duck green river ” , ” sweep black storm ” , ” traitor ” , ” years drifting gold ” , ” exploit ” , ” little be willing to part with or use ” and ” ideal. Meanwhile, still have the part of 10 star personate, selected ” the 10 teleplay part with young audience the deepest 2021 impression ” , for instance Liu Shishi, Zhu Yilong, fourth Yong Dai, Song Jia, heat is depended on plunge into, zhang Yi is promoted etc, all be the actor that loves by young audience. (1) arousal time, fabaceous valve 9.3 minutes, 400 thousand + evaluation

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Never had thought, have a thematic teleplay, can such ground contact is angry, so thorough popular feeling, and ” arousal time ” accomplished.

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This drama is made from actor, gut, later period etc, even each place detail is very meticulous and excellent, can saying to go up is, the last few years is homebred in drama most moral a teleplay. Once was opposite on the net ” arousal time heat is sowed, youth and martyr lie between empty dialog ” the viewpoint of incident has pool, have astonishing discovery.

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And it can receive so many commend and award, I think to have the following reasons. The light of 01 characters, the person that pass once appeared on reductive history highly, be moved nowadays big screen, in ” arousal time ” in be modelled to get extremely vivid figure, also be one of its so excellent reasons, whole department theatrical work is twinkling from A to Z the great person’s light.

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Yu Hewei is mixed by this work part, have the honor to win multinomial large award, visible audience loves to his. Of 02 plays excellent, let a person look so that satisfy a craving regards a tribute as drama, people often can feel it is dry, be full of meaningless ” conduct propaganda ” . But ” arousal time ” what let countless youth hearts however is yearning, playwrite dragon is the law Master of university of the nation central and researcher flatly. The actor’s lines of whole drama and gut have connotation and sense very, barrage often is given out ” acquired again ” plaint.

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Through looking ” arousal time ” can acquire a lot of histories and literacy knowledge, enough sees so that playwrite writes ability and artistic appreciation deeply. ” arousal time ” will surely become Chinese teleplay history go up one big classical circulate forever, the interior shock that because it gives a person,brings is tremendous. (2) ” big decisive battle ” , fabaceous valve 7.8 minutes, 19 thousand person is evaluated

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Teleplay ” big decisive battle ” be one by Gaoxixi hold guide, huang Jian east playwrite, the historical serials that the person such as Tang Guojiang, Wang Jinsong, Liu Tao, Su Qing acts the leading role, in all 49 collect.

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This drama tells about battle of distant Shenyang battle, the Huai-Hai Campaign, smooth ferry from different level, the story of soul-stirring of 3 big battle, have the following 3 large window: It is, the level that make exceeds before. Contemporary film for technology and the technology such as the setting that make, later period editing and rearrangement, the making level of scene of this serials battle is in classy.

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The warlike scene of this part, no matter be character, setting, fireworks, appliance,superhigh makes standard, besides the flaw of fraction, from it is a lot of better still to be made than congener teleplay on the whole, this is very marvelous progress. The 2 window that are pair of character depict are very much. Be being deduced to historical character have difficulty. Because want to divide main character however besides figure, other for example the feature such as disposition, hobby, accomplishment wants according to the facts reductive come out, that is impossible. And Gaoxixi is the history the character of drama assures! Character depict is very accurate, take historical theatrical work into the character group like drama. 3 be, the music of freeboard level is made. What I am enchanted by this drama is the biggest one part reason, it is its trailer music. Trailer music ” feelings ” differ to give looking glass together with drama anthology before, chose to be released alone however, the effect if really outstanding! Explode for an instant not only fire, more make TV leap color, sublimate too much. Libretto is clingy the history, what expression gives pair of ancestors is infinite esteem with the affection that eulogize. Song tune is beautiful atmosphere, bright entrance, both can weighs before last anthology, have the romantic charm of bit of eyeball to drama anthology! (3) ” hill sea affection ” fabaceous valve 9.4 minutes, 72 thousand person is evaluated

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Mountains and rivers-land is changed colour, natural environment renascence.

The desire that Changjiang Delta is everywhere on a place of strategic importance is coming true.

— teleplay ” hill sea affection “

Who can think of, so a drama of guileless, with simple camera lens language, the times that showed seas change into mulberry field and mulberry fields in seas-time brings great changes to the world is transitional, desert reclaims the great contribution that gives fertile land and prairie.

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When encountering difficulty, we can remember Ma Defu is riding 28 bicycle, run around here and there to resolve the difficulty of the villager; Still have the northwest man that has courage and uprightness in that way like Ma Debao, how will become a possibility impossibly.

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2021, we because the real story of these people, remembered teleplay ” hill sea affection ” , let us know to support deficient story ” true drop very ” . Show itself from inside the one numerous drama that help deficient up, win top public praise, ” hill sea affection ” after all outstanding where be? On one hand, this drama firm quietly walks allowed this to help deficient up dot.

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The ground like emerge is like to appear in the drama that help deficient up, think this one course medium hardships is mixed namely not easy, appear thoroughly in the audience at the moment, when letting an audience understand, ” hill sea affection ” also emerge as the times require. On the other hand, the actor with numerous consummate acting joins in, also increased many hotspots, interest sex increased. By noonday sunshine preeminent group is in this fascia this the behind the curtain holds a bottom in the palm, below the joint efforts of numerous and fine actor, ma Defu of acting village secretary of a Party or League branch (personate of yellow a small room) , horse of expert professor Ling Yinong, village secretary of a Party or League branch calls water (personate of Zhang Jia beneficial) , Li Shui spends average villager (Reyiza personate, those who do not have a bit is affected, do not give play. Pass what three-layer unimportant person lays in going up to model, rip person and person between difference while, say this story satisfactorily again. With respect to strong Zhang Jia beneficial is holding the about that attends a meeting by the side of the leaf then, let audience be laughing and playing, however also one second enters sport.

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Huang Xuan of 35 years old gives the college graduate that acts 19 years old, do not have a bit unexpectedly violate and feel.

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His eyes reachs the designated position, countenance is puerile, behavior is accorded with, can says most the actor of figure of blessing of heart of be identical horse. Reyiza also by this part, win an audience successfully love, although miss award of white yulan magnolia, but the countryman spends ceaseless however promotion.

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Because the bend circumstances of actors arises,just be act, will be in in that way below setting of a period, the person photograph of capital of setting of different one’s previous experience, different society, different record of formal schooling gathers, for the travel before a common cause. With respect to the task that like us national spirit allows to help deficient up, it is to relying on the countless cadres that help deficient up, sacrificed the life of one part individual, the collective that will exchange takes off deficient achievement. This abandons me whose resolutely and like that, just about ” hill sea affection ” what what want a praise is thematic. (4) ” had crossed duck green river ” fabaceous valve 8.5 minutes, 23 thousand person is evaluated

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See ” had crossed duck green river ” when this simple and unadorned name, I think is unit organization the sort of, slightly a little as dry as a chip and dull newsreel, so, I care nothing at the beginning. After but follow,old father sought a few market in the home, discovery is really sweet. First, somebody can a history drama is patted so vivid and dramatic, not as dry as a chip, not dull, and look to feel an upsurge of emotion, the heart has a sense of pride that arise spontaneously. Do not press a road completely to give a shop sign plus it, be without premonitory, many times abrupt sign off, it is to chase after really popular feel nervous. About fighting the work of drama of movie and TV of subject matter of beautiful aid face, in China slant all the time on warlike history little, be in in some paragraph of time even ban sow period. 2020 is Chinese people people who volunteer to fight in another country fights beautiful aid face to go abroad fight 70 years, then, be in period of a blowout in order to fight the work of movie and TV that beautiful aid face is subject matter. ” had crossed duck green river ” it is the teleplay that first all-around, systematization tells about history of government of the aid that fight the United States, land CCTV one is less than a week, ascend viewing rate a list of names posted up head, become the drama king of year.

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Why ” had crossed duck green river ” can you score so huge success? Be what decision, can it be in warlike war kind does subject matter kill a tight encirclement apotheosis? In this backside of high viewing rate, what password is waiting for us to decode again? The 01 blank that made up for work of Chinese movie and TV 70 years because this kind of excellent narrative skill and proper view drama rhythm, go up plus market rare the teleplay of subject matter of face of the aid that fight the United States, ” had crossed duck green river ” held an audience successfully people remote controller, do not have a person to be able to quit this theatrical work again after 5 minutes. 02 immortals pick part, portray heroic character very successful work of good movie and TV cannot leave good actor, and ” had crossed duck green river ” , just about what comprise by countless good actors is epic big play. Fourth Yong Dai is with this drama, take the heart of the audience again. Drama is sowed in the closest heat ” between the world ” in Zhou Zhigang of personate old father, let a person look to be familiar with extremely.

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The 03 historical detail that touch popular feeling, gentleman of unlined upper garment of wet garment of tear letting a person buries the mud below the spring to cut bone, I send terrestrial snow full head. Unlike the drama of movie and TV of other war subject matter, ” had crossed duck green river ” do not have prate sacrifice spirit, more it is apply colours to a drawing loves national condition mood. How many people who volunteer to fight in another country leaves home still is lad body, returning already was to dedicate oneself to the service of one’s motherland bone. ” had crossed duck green river ” in depict glacial carve links monumental work of this one great mind.

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” had crossed duck green river ” clench the psychological activity of the audience, buckle subject of government of the aid that fight the United States closely, esteem history, greeting hero, treasure peace. Production just showed excellent teleplay to make a standard to the audience, present the theatrical work of industrialized movie and TV that gives high level high level to the audience, look so, the backside of its high viewing rate, it is the the entire cast is paid jointly with personnel performing duty, it is the audience gives them due respect. (5) ” sweep black storm ” fabaceous valve 7.1 minutes, 340 thousand + evaluation

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” sweep black storm ” it may be said was to be stupefied one everybody, sun Gonglei, Zhang Yi is promoted, the battle array of the actor such as shadow of Liu Yijun, Jiang Shu also lets an audience expect all the time. Fabaceous valve opens branch 8, viewing rate head collect is broken 2, the case in drama, it is the whole nation sweeps the basis black do what offerred real case will undertake to adapt.

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Successful reason has at 2 o’clock: Of 01 measure suit to hold, promote simple sense successfully to be adapted from real criminal event, asked, the measure of this drama cannot too small, had made a person because of the process of case itself bristle with anger, and block cloak attack by surprise, foot of Wei hand Wei, meeting loss feels character, let a person feel a play. Across of 02 many cases, increase fluent spend this one another thing, resemble an another string, these lines look originally be like independence. And adapt through what theatricalize, as if to interweave each other again, whether can intersect finally at a bit, what this increased gut undoubtedly is fluent degree, also cast left a lot of doubt. Of 03 umbrella unidentified, the superintend and director that added suspense feeling to head with the land of country of a white horse with a black mane guides group, whether can be later period gouge, hide a vicious person manipulating sb or sth from behind the scenes of behind the curtain that is in green cane city, is gouge brillant the umbrella that far backside hides? Breathe out to these making that a lot of audiences are large ” fine think of extremely fear ” , ” horrible ” , ” dare not look ” detail, a string of 1 really sufficient the appetite of the audience, can encircle can nod. Be worth what carry is, zhang Yi promotes the Lin Hao of personate, still have quite much tall smooth hour.

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Although show share is not much, but the effect that had to do sewing work, when facing old show bone, zhang Yi is promoted also do not calculate pull break down, whole is pass a barrier. (6) ” traitor ” fabaceous valve 7.7 minutes, 260 thousand + evaluation

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” traitor ” homonymic novel is adapted and become by Bi I, this novel wins the first prize of award of literature of two years of people repeatedly. Explode as Zhu Yilong red the following the first drama, novel itself is very outstanding, after adapting teleplay, it is the high-quality goods of rare more. This is play of war of classical to mark espionage ” conceal ” work, just the perspective made transition, it is the story that with Lin Nan sheng grows for new traitor of the representing give priority to a line.

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01 fine figures group resemble show, advocate each is true and stereo Zhu Yilong checks supporting rule of Lin Nan sheng deduce, go up to be close to as far as possible besides gaunt bodily form besides, basically center on eye ability, have a hotspot very much.

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From what be full of a hope to expect to come to Shanghai at the beginning small I hope truly, arrive from the back, he is in trial room, be pressed by stationmaster first, see be interrogated cruel when hit child, he is whole in the eye was full of shock, fear and fab. The Zhu Yizhen of Tong Yao personate, having natural girl feeling, braid of two fried dough twist combs, it is the about of a pair of undergraduate, was not violated and. Of bone of 02 old show join in, wonderful espionage war play, logic is rigorous and clever ” traitor ” successful, join in from what do not open an old show bone absolutely. Bone of you old show is the same as stage athletics, kill all directions greatly, see a drop completely. The Gu Shenyan of Wang Zhiwen personate, smooth and slick, the first collect performs two place suddenly turn hostile to make fun of greatly, let a person strike the table and shout bravo; And the Chen Mo of Wang Yang personate group, double business is online, the eyes of benefit of his Na Xi, lying between screen, let me look at make Song a bit; And the pen that nods eyeball, it is the come on the staging of the dancing girl La Xinjie of Zhu Zhu personate, it is Jing admired more I, how in espionage war play little not this kind of woman of 10 thousand kinds of amorous feelings!

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” traitor ” too good-looking really, viewing rate is lousy 1, the top is ascended in each platform, it is reasonable absolutely. (7) ” years drifting gold ” fabaceous valve 6.5 minutes, 130 thousand + evaluation

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The teleplay that by Yi Shu the novel adapts ” years drifting gold ” , from 2020 conduct propaganda begins to build first situation. Ni of Ni of two main actors and Liu poem poem are exert to one’s utmost more, much circumstance powerful group ” write a poem for Ni ” CP, for conduct propaganda of warm-up of new theatrical work, it may be said is millions of people expects.

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Liu Shishi and Ni Ni two 85 hind big flower makes fun of with Tai Biao, relative superiority or inferiority stands now. ” years drifting gold ” of the most outstanding concentration, be two female advocate the emotional line in drama. The Zhu Suo of Ni Ni personate is locked up, be fine-looking the female sale that coexists with ambition, as shallow as bandit of 3 men relation.

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It is husband respectively — Mom treasure is rich 2 metabolization grand ancestor, the person of lead the way on the job — Yang Ke, company old boss — Xie Jin character. The Zhu Suo that Ni Ni acts the leading role is locked up, it is one is brought up in alley, live as a child live under another’s roof, the life of carefully watch what sb is doing and saying, so, experienced her favor experienced and worldly-wise. And fine-looking it is her it seems that can a piece of proof of invincible, so, mix in her transhipment of through cargo and on-the-job field since rumour water, received logical explanation it seems that. The Jiang Na of personate of Liu poem poem grandson. Liu Shishi chilly, elegant, disposition indifferent to fame or benefit, belong to the star that takes the rich home female temperament with good family education oneself, so, on figure with Jiang Na grandson is close to quite however.

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Character set is the elder sister of size of a thousand pieces of gold of decline of family financial situation, the road of her feeling, do not calculate too suitable, there is Zhang Anren before, there is Wang Yongzheng after. These two people, let countless audiences be hated the tooth is crawlily. The high fever of this drama is spent, besides the actor, play also perfectly, be worth to look. (8) ” exploit ” fabaceous valve 9 minutes, 60 thousand evaluation


” exploit ” the theme is ideal and beamed China, for ” congratulatory Chinese Communist holds water 100 years ” and filmed unit drama, told about Li Yan year, the story of the exploit such as You of You of Yu Min, Zhang Fuqing, Huang Xuhua, Shen Jilan, Sun Jiadong, massacre. Leave after sowing, not only the achievement of these exploit invites an audience people touch, contributed even actors many topics. For instance Ni Ni as the wife, in the husband enclosed when research and development, she is risking heavy rain alone, holding out pregnant, carrying packets of big packet that wait for birth, walk along a hospital to give birth to the child;


She that is sweating, bearing the look of labor pains, let a person use a facial expression. In the day that does not have husband, she herself can repair bulb, oneself bring two child, oneself live, become a female strong person alive;


This is the epitome of family member of that generation exploit. Because of these scientific research exploit pay, just had new China today; Because those who be good actor is wonderful,also deduce, those who let us understand them deeplier is not easy with hardships.


See this play, I contain hot tear completely almost, their story, be worth to look. (9) ” little be willing to part with or use ” fabaceous valve 6.5 minutes, 70 thousand person is evaluated


Manufacture as limited company of medium of movie and TV of Shanghai lemon bud ” small ” one of series members, ” little be willing to part with or use ” as much focusing is in close child education. Unlike ” small jubilate ” and ” small take leave of ” , ” little be willing to part with or use ” basically tell about in ” litres small first ” level, a variety of challenges that the parent and child face. Although content is different, the actor also is Huang Lei and the combination with clear sea no longer, but let a person feel angst, competition and pressure likewise, be breathed out continuously by parents ” true ” . This drama, in education and marital respect, have speech right very much. Two main girls in drama are Xia Huan is mixed happily respectively Mi Tao, they are representing urban girl and rural child.


Can be later, the Mi Tao of poor child one’s previous experience, because bore,enormous pressure suffers from went up depressed disease, must not learn to answer native place to recuperate endlessly. This final result makes countless people sob, but we have no alternative, because all these is love,her pa Mom causes with one’s own hands. To a child, she bore ought not to susceptive pressure, without care, without safe feeling, can let a girl be immersed in self-abased, depressive condition only. Teach shoulder heavy responsibilities. (10) ” good city ” fabaceous valve 7.6 minutes, 60 thousand person evaluates this theatrical work, heat does not calculate tall, however by person assimilate to modern office field ” discriminate is passed ” . Its nicest place, showing the duty field that give at it 100 condition and the realest duty field life.


For instance grandson the Su Xiao of couple personate, wet behind the ears, conscientious, meticulous ground works, indescribable however should carry boiler on the back for a contingency; Meanwhile, be in love old male friend, as good as him boss for the future went up. By discharge + be produced by off the rails and same day, change anyone, state of mind wants to break down. And the sophisticate of Zhao Youting personate, obviously the error of oneself, he however can hit the needle, find crucial figure to strike back, neglect clear duty, final whole body and retreat. It is the operation is like a tiger suddenly really, look I am agape. Duty field is like battlefield, this character is not empty, suggest everybody mights as well look.


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