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Original title: ” celestial being sword 3 ” a few the most unforgettable tragic parts ” strange a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of celestial being sword is passed 3 ” what this teleplay can say is at that time most a teleplay of fire. But earn sufficient the tear of the audience, probably of drama of celestial being a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct classical depend on its faulty ending. But the knight-errant world in following our memory truly is simply exactly like. Small today make up chat with everybody ” celestial being sword 3 ” a few the most unforgettable tragic parts.

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Black nightshade the princess that she once was ancient Jiang Guo, from carefree, with the elder brother that loves most happy look is being defended. But good times don’t last long, father sacrifices in war with enemy, the mother draws overworked because of embroider sad also died. When the country faces disaster, long Yang also can drape battle armour only, defend oneself country. He wants to cast sword of a demon to serve as guardianship power, but the accused knows to say to use must of the royal blood blood comes sacred, but was rejected by what Long Yang hesitates none. Between little sister and people, he chose a little sister, final die in the last ditch is killed.

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Black nightshade is in after devoting into casting sword, demon sword roams about everywhere outside, be in finally to lock up bewitching by the person seal of Sichuan hill in the tower, till chiliad hind, admit eventually with red-spotted stonecrop later, when looking at that time, still think the elder brother follows a little sister to be able to not leave the travel wander from place to place and earn a living by juggling that does not abandon so all the time all the time, after all Long Kui waited for red-spotted stonecrop chiliad, as the development of gut, when celestial being of sword of unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease appears again, because want to cope with celestial being of sword of unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease,the 2nd sword of hold a memorial ceremony for is, can be Long Kui and Xue Jian only among them, black nightshade so care about an elder brother, won’t let him see to lose snow of course sad, jumped down casting sword pool the 2nd times so, black nightshade is have to with sword of body hold a memorial ceremony for, with sword be in harmony for an organic whole. To Long Kui a such part, be too tragic really.

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Heavy building says the person of heavy building is set first, heavy building is series of celestial being sword most overmatch, have the powerful actual strength that 3 emperor are next to in celestial being sword, bring the dying back to life also is easy to do, it is the final Boss inside game.

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Come as devildom besides honour, appearance nature need not say more, everybody is see a face, heavy building belongs to savage evil evil spirit to be hanged then, it is simply cruel handsome, coming on the stage is clinking cruel dazzle more. Celestial being sword still changed his each aspect infirmly in 3 teleplay, in game actually is really overbearing and callous president. Disposition is candid, stubborn and softhearted, character charm absolutely, so ideal person is set cannot denounce again really was fond of.

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The person that removes oneself is set denounce happy event, what still have him is spoony add cent for this part too much. Love and heavy building is not gotten to violet Xuan, ordinarily his demon honour is overbearing always should be to like to be grabbed come back, but he is done not have. He knows to there is him in violet Xuan heart, of the choice is to be guarded silently, see violet Xuan grows Qing Zhi to absolutely refuse to with Xu the love of change, demon esteem building still broke off oneself wing, it is a part of feel sad letting a person really, in big ending when, heavy building sits together to drink with red-spotted stonecrop, the desolate that appears clinking, from A to Z, heavy building is an alone part, also be a very tragic part, unforgettable.

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Clansman of violet Xuan female Wa. Although having oneself self to feeling, but in the female Wa that faces for the world common people sacrifice life a group of things with common features when fate, her calm is accepted; In light of Cong Zixuan’s love, for an affection word, aux would rather Xu Changqing’s occurrence awaits in the years in endless loneliness, do not regret oneself stand fast.

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In generation when two individual die for love and die, to save violet Xuan, holy aunt is almost extinct mental efforts. In the 2nd world when, although get married, but because misunderstand violet Xuan to return Nanzhao, forestry flat give one’s life saves her to fail again die a natural death. As to the Xu Changqing of sansei, although be on Xiu Xianzheng road, never can forget the feeling between 2 people, where is the snow of that different common that otherwise He Laina instructs? The violet Xuan of argent hair receives the setting of snowflake in snow ground, it is too beautiful really. The place with this the tragiccest part depends on her following Xu Changqing’s love, held to originally so old, think all method to keep his appearance, to finally, still be an ending that end up with nothing definite, in big ending when, the sky is falling heavy snow, violet Xuan stands outside, that one act looks simply popular broken.

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Because Mao Mao is kind-hearted, so Mao Maoshan needs each person beside.

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See, mao Maozhen’s is special goodness, each person that to him so life encounters is worth to he is kind to seriously and be paid, although he does not have magic arts, but on the road he always is carrying most baggage on the back, do not increase chaos to them as far as possible, and be opposite everybody is very good. Can saying is the goodness because of him, mao Maocai can include with sincerity need each person mildly.

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It is in sword of unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease celestial being changes everybody’s commissariat after was being done not have, mao Mao changed commissariat with his flesh, still do not let everybody know, to finally, mao Mao got ” do not have whole dead body to death ” end, small make up what still write down now, discovered to that picture after the flesh is short of on Mao Mao’s abdomen when red-spotted stonecrop, direct with respect to stamp medium lachrymal dot, lie between when old, farewell goes seeing this teleplay, still can be touched those who cry is rare in, I think, this also is this teleplay why so can successful reason.

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