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Original title: Ancient costume is beautiful male have short board: Li Yifeng grow stout, ren Jialun leg is short, does Cheng Yi lean completely ” broken feeling ” ?

20220224210515 6217f30b8baed

Coming in March, again force of labor of a new theatrical work is waited for in hair! 2021 by of all kinds ” ancient Ou Chounan ” the meal elder sister that the injury showed a heart, the decision loves again.

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Can think of to appeared to do not have a so successful bureau 2022, meal elder sister does not have confidence a bit again. Opening the essence before sowing to repair stage photo in, he grows such ↓

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And after drama broadcasts, many passerby breathe out continuously ” bilk ” ! See this exert all one’s strength strap the lumbar line ↓ that also does not look to go out

20220224210517 6217f30d786ae

This is fruity to the mandible line ↓ that is without edges and corners

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Still this expanse goes to two female advocate add up the back ↓ of be not a patch on

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It is the meal elder sister as pink of Li Jiao careless passerby, also doing not have a law to shut an eye to blow him indeed is ” male ceiling of ancient costume beauty ” .

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Yao thinks in those days, his ” Tu Su of a hunderd li ” and ” Zhang Xiaofan ” Jing admired how many person, is saying ” walk out of comer from game ” should also won’t too much person objects? (crooked a building, these two dragon need bang to give play a bit. )

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Although he also has some of flesh on the face at this moment, but the teenager feeling blow on the face that goes up personally and come, eyes muddled blueness is acerbity sturdy however, act remove all sorts of growing model ancient costume male advocate be without violate and feel.

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Plaint silently, although we does not advertise figure angst, but grow stout is right for ancient costume the appearance of an actor, it is deadly injury really. Even if Shuai Ru plum is easy peak, escape hard also ” grow stout becomes ugly ” destiny.

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It is Li Yifeng not merely actually, still some all the time since the ancient costume that is mentioned repeatedly by everybody is beautiful male people, what also have oneself mostly is deadly short board.

20220224210522 6217f312d589d

Ren Jialun leg is these two years short, ren Jialun is depended on ” big Tang Rongyao ” ” under bright and beautiful garment ” and ” Zhou Shengru reason ” in ancient costume ” shark is mad ” .

20220224210523 6217f313957e6

His appearance is not some closer year very fire has a place however ” sodden ave ” butter is small unripe, however deflection week resolute Chinese style is beautiful male, perform a general to come comfortable deserve to spend can to weigh full marks.

20220224210524 6217f3144091d

Meal elder sister does not allow somebody to did not see Guo Guochao use a figure equestrianly absolutely!

20220224210525 6217f31519722

It is plus him when him career impetus is the fiercest open amour, let a lot of people feel he dare be made dare become, pulled many good impression.

20220224210526 6217f31632fa7

Although hold the post of Jia Lun to change on a lot of male bits,the overall headgear that controls hard is without violate and feel, but he has a deadly injury — height, perhaps say direct point again, the leg is short.

20220224210527 6217f3170ae98

20220224210527 6217f317d4a95

Arrive besides scale problem, ren Jialun’s scale does not calculate indeed on outstanding, lumbar line on the low side, the leg appears short, when standing, fall to still look in cover of ancient costume aba not apparent. But once sit down, the upper part of the body compares below half height it seems that one big chunk…

20220224210529 6217f3191386f

Come so, his short board expose without involuntary discharge of urine. Although short leg handsome young man is handsome also, but after all a blemish in an otherwise perfect thing.

20220224210529 6217f319c2e2e

Qiao Zhenyu color of skin

20220224210530 6217f31ac54b1

Young the Qiao Zhenyu when is too good-looking really, weigh ” beauty ” had been none.

20220224210531 6217f31b99621

Nevertheless, believe many people do not have complete ground to had looked actually ” snowflake goddess dragon ” , come from all sorts of movie and TV to mix mostly to the understanding of this part cut. These editing and rearrangement are united to maintain tonal harmony, can augment filter mirror, enough covers a lot of issues.

20220224210532 6217f31c3ef1b

” Gu Jianji Tan ” after broadcasting, those who see Qiao Zhenyu personate ” Ouyang Shaogong ” , one part person breathes out continuously ” father blueness is answered ” , does another part person spit groove ” he how so black ” ?

20220224210532 6217f31cb3101

Right, lie between when old, although his facial features did not produce the change with big what, temperament also accords with ancient costume beauty as before male set, but all sorts of unripe graphs still revealed his too black problem.

20220224210534 6217f31e3d282

Everybody imagines, a Bai Yi waves wave, temperamental and extraordinary role, had turned the head will be grabbed by Huang Hei skin however lens, who looked not to say one gives play?

20220224210534 6217f31eace09

Nevertheless meal elder sister is not to say to perform ancient costume must white ah, the appearance feature that just should combine actor oneself and part character will discuss. Ancient day is for instance happy, “Bai Gu ” and ” black ancient ” it is Yyds!

20220224210535 6217f31f1a3bc

Huang Xiaoming mouth is big although some closer year what Huang Xiaoming stays to everybody is some ” fat ” , ” bully always ” the impression of and so on, but young him when, also say to get on ” Gu Ouyan bully ” .

20220224210535 6217f31f83eb7

Have far ” big fellow the emperor ” the Liu Che in, already innocent and lovely teenager feels, have what blossom at the beginning of the monarch again bully gas move. Although the Xiao Ming elder brother in those days is green acerbity, but facial features is abstruse, let many people bear in mind constantly.

20220224210536 6217f3201129a

Have nearly ” grow since the wind of Lang Ya a list of names posted up forest ” in disposition the Xiao Pingzhang of careful of composed, idea, battlefield of final die in the last ditch, the suggestion that makes countless people is made the same score hard. Right now Huang Xiaoming is facial outline is hale, temperamental and sedate, be spoken highly of by everybody ” go oily success ” , this part is worth to be recalled repeatedly absolutely.

20220224210536 6217f32079104

Nevertheless regrettablly is, besides from time to time ” fat feeling ” , his mouth also became the point reducing cent in appearance. Because facial ministry is gaunt, huang Xiaoming laughs to give a person narrow one’s eyes of a kind of lubricious narrow one’s eyes ” evil evil spirit feels ” , good impression letting a person all is broken.

20220224210536 6217f320e2e08

He acts ” associate of divine carve a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” the Yang Guo in and ” Lu Ding is written down ” the Wei Xiaobao in, “Facial small mouth is shown greatly fat ” defect especially apparent.


Nevertheless this problem is overcome not hard, often want yellow hierarch little contact only ” mad Juan of evil evil spirit laughs ” bully total play, the part that performs some of test acting more is good.


Cheng Yi relies on a person to set Cheng Yi to consider the ancient costume beauty that must going up is these two years of a new force suddenly rises male.


He stands in some caption probably already haematemesis, was alled over by tens of thousands by disclose knife…


Truth fact says, cheng Yi’s facial features pledges compatibly, still do not calculate really what is going up ” ancient costume divine colour ceiling ” , facial features few is weak, body body is frail, the mouth still has a place dash forward, although not ugly but also do not have what to remember a point really.


One’s early years is in ” annals of high official position ” in, of everybody discussion is Li Yifeng and Qin Junjie, do not have a few people to deliver the view to him;


Be in ” the woman of king ” in, he and accepted ” ancient costume ceiling (one of) ” when Chen Xiao stands together, who is good-looking who is ordinary be clear at a glance!


The netizen says, this does not calculate Chen Xiao’s good-looking modelling, ke Chengyi still is aed string of 1 hit.


And Cheng Yi these two years again and again by boast, have two respects reason roughly. It is did not do not have harm quite, although he also does not calculate,go up what is unique beautiful male, anyhow facial features form of decorous, body is thin, do not have what deadly injury, still swing next door certain and strange male advocate several streets;


2 be ” coloured glaze ” in ” Si Feng ” the bonus that one horn brings, let successfully ” broken feeling ” one word gives a group, his follow-up ancient costume resources also continued this way, it is no matter ” with Jun Ge ” or ” agalloch eaglewood is like bits ” , his part is congenital body lose or by the set of disclose haematemesis.


If must say, meal elder sister feels he can is only ” elder brother of atmosphere feeling ancient Ou Shuai ” , “The ceiling ” one word can need not blow forcedly ha!


Epilogue actually, add in what filter lens, dub and person set hold below, the glamour of actor itself can rise point-blank, professional glamour yields audience key point in they take BUFF of United States colour oneself. But cast these pure look from Yan Zhilai, of these God that be blown by vermicelli made from bean starch ” ancient costume ceiling people ” , although the appearance of an actor has been held out, but unapt also hyperbole arrives unrivaled degree. Our that is to say, with its boast elder brothers ” flourishing age of United States colour ” , as boast they ” face-lifting type acting ” come more rich good impression. Of course, the acting that premise is them is gotten pretty good really. Author of # of Ren Jialun of # of Li Yifeng of male # of beauty of # ancient costume, # , # : Wood every day editor-in-charge: Seven Dreams the article by amusement is felt to be achieved formerly between boiled water, welcome to pay close attention to, take you to grow knowledge together!

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