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Original title: ” group of itinerate procuratorial work ” the wire-puller that assault collect joyfullies, not be Huang Yuhong as expected, he also by calculate ” group of itinerate procuratorial work ” because mix,be the drama of procuratorial work legal system that of Tong Sheng of Wei, Han Xue, Ma Yuan, Feng Lei, Han, Song Chunli, Cheng Tai, Wang Haiyan presents as leading role to act the leading role.

20220224210659 6217f373dc137

Hit by accident like that when Luo Xin bump by accident when getting evidence of a crime of fiance Deng Yaoxian, she sufferred a flock of unconscious face people drive chase, still designed a traffic accident subsequently, try Deng Yaoxian and her an eliminate. After incident happening, everybody considers as Huang Yuhong consistently to be engineered single-handed, it is he was given out attack killed order, however Where is fact?

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Chasing collect in the process that joyfully, deng Yaoxian is in all the time as square as Huang Yuhong connection, invocatory they give themselves half hour time go resolving future trouble, let them do not do it like that to Luo Xin first. Can see from inside this paragraph of dialog, the person that assault collect joyfullies is Huang Yuhong is arranged really, but the order that these people receive however with Huang Yuhong make known to lower levels completely abhorrent, their directly under superior has its person additionally.

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Chen Mingzhong found Huang Yuhong, Lu Chunyang, want ” draw out a heart to draw out lung ” the truth that goes getting whole episode, rainbow of yellow at the beginning rain and Lu Chunyang are to be in really act in a play, try to cast aside oneself clear. However the development as the talk, they slowly discover oneself also by calculate, it is a paragraph of dialog of Lu Chunyang and Bai Xiaolian above all, among them Lu Chunyang asks the other side thinks method lets Deng Yaoxian ” do not have method to say ” their secret.

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True means of Lu Chunyang lets them give Deng Yaoxian brushstroke money say sth definitive so as to prevent further discussion, and the other side magnifies this word however, change became kill a witness or accomplice.

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This is not first time of white small lotus any more act on one’s own privately alters Huang Yuhong their command, inform Deng Yaoxian attends a meeting temporarily repeatedly such thing, she did not follow Lu Chunyang to report. From this can, bai Xiaolian does his utmost so make event big, be the have no m ore illusions about the matter that has oneself completely, she wants to give Huang Yuhong namely thoroughly whole break down.

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Additional, assault collect joyfullies, this young fat person with Home Shen Anshun provocative runs before be being driven in Feng Sen, be together with Bai Xiaolian all the time, think he is the member of group of friendly backup of book of white small lotus merely only at that time, thinking of to meet however is Bai Xiaolian the firm person with low hand. Bai Xiaolian commands fatso to assault collect joyfullies and leave firm hand to Deng Yaoxian, to make event big, shift responsibility Huang Yuhong entirely. Everything what what do just also revenges to help a mother, fizzle out in those days pluvial rainbow forced releasing the house of their home, brought about a mother to be broken dead by the wall of collapse, she and elder brother Mi Zhendong are same, it is make reprisals in what deliberately plan.

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Engrave Huang Yuhong to just wake up to reality till this, so he himself also by calculate, this Bai Xiaolian is to use first be close to Huang Sihai, provocative he and Xiao Meng are fought, caused homicide case finally to send Huang Sihai. Originally Bai Xiaolian thinks, huang Sihai calculates be not sentenced capital punishment also can be to not have period, do not want to be in however of Huang Yuhong run below, sentenced 7 years merely, and look on the trend of later period, or else moves to go roily, huang Sihai is met likely still slowly be shifted to an earlier date to release.

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Accordingly she just can find Lu Chunyang, with honey of his one reinstate good boudoir Qiao Yi does bait to go circumvent Zhang Yiwei, apparently seeing Bai Xiaolian resemble is to helping Huang Yuhong, the main purpose that actually she is inside is, use Zhang Yiwei of frame a case against to instigate Zhang Youcheng does it to Huang Yuhong, it is even can allow Huang Yuhong beyond redemption, this assault collect joyfullies, she returns intended and revulsive Lu Chunyang to use ” in case Deng Yaoxian speaks out ” , let next speaking Lu Chunyang situation is urgent ” that lets him do not have method to speak out ” , take the charge that kills Deng Yaoxian thereby solid arrived on Huang Yuhong body, they are given plan by this Xiaobai. ” group of itinerate procuratorial work ” set of all sorts of be concerned about from begin, pare to the layer upon layer reel off raw silk from cocoons of later period chrysalis, look those who be like each place design is impeccable, also be flaw however actually 100. Mi Zhendong too apotheosis, do so that be like what thing to be able to be shifted to an earlier date by him plan is good, can actually? If did not pull low Zheng Shuangxue, Chen Mingzhong, Xiong Shaofeng intentionally the intelligence quotient of these people, these so called designs, can be you still finished normally? It is without Zheng Shuangxue from the back hinder sb, is what can Huang Yuhong still roister so fierce?

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Perhaps this is teleplay, all set is to drive gut to advance, occasionally apparent conference appears all sorts of unreasonable places, but to can continue drama anthology, also can toughen one’s scalp-brace oneself is made up go down. If do not have Zheng Shuangxue to come out all sorts of destruction, the story may be early ended, beautiful without Zheng Shuangxue all sorts of low end are wrong, can let an audience look at how again anxious, furious, only such ability seek theatrical work in spitting groove, in seeking theatrical work, get angry accordingly, imperceptible Lu is over a few collect. To the Huang Yuhong in play by Bai Xiaolian calculate, how do you look? He is true beforehand was not aware Bai Xiaolian is discrepant constant, be still beat sb at his own game uses her conversely? To this you have why view, the welcome comments on the point of view that leaves you.

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