Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” waste one’s talent on a petty job, two sleeve black serpent sends you to river side ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” be by the boreal cool world of Zhang Reyun personate child Xu Feng year, the theatrical work of an ancient costume that the main actor such as the Jiang Ni of princess of a conquered nation of Li Geng rare personate makes, this drama basically told about boreal cool world child cross of classics of Xu Feng single-page calendar grows finally the story that is boreal cool king. Gut is very wonderful, suggest everybody can look!

20220224210847 6217f3df25836

Return to the subject, in drama, father Huang Man after sending fierce to should go up, the division of sky of dragon tiger mountain that will be do obeisance to hill closes for prentice, so far, two brother part. And what basically tell today is two brother again the thing of meet again. Huang Man waiting for elder brother Xu Feng in Jiang Bian every day year will see him, the hawkthorn of own scrape up has become in bags, the brother that is longing for oneself namely comes, the hawkthorn that likes the elder brother to eat most eats to the elder brother, however he is delimiting with the master really turn itinerary when came up against an elder brother fitly, two brother meet too excited, xu Feng year the two sleeve black serpent that lets Li Chungang sends him to arrive before the little brother, the two sleeve black serpent with original inapproachable the world, become to this sit ride send oneself to river side ship. Want to have the meaning of bit of waste one’s talent on a petty job.

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Of two brother again meet again, came to above all greatly the hug has cuddle, and in river side the Xuan Yuan on another boat respects city brother 2 people, apparently brother is harmonious, actually is hypocritical polite formula, he Xufeng year two brother formed bright contrast. Think finally, be in home of photograph of Wang Hou general together, those who be like this brother affection is not much really, most Wang Hou photograph home in, either bright contending for is infighting, for authority at any cost, can think of from this, affection of the brother in this drama just is the most touching place.

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