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Original title: ” between the world ” : Zhou Bingyi will suffer from cancer of the stomach to die prematurely to already had alluded at 3 o’clock Teleplay ” between the world ” very good-looking, can invite an audience in all affection arrives the affection of content of characters in a play, it is really go to meet with between the world, how could of all the different kind flexibly. Defend in Jiangsu inspect ” between the world ” Zhou Bingyi of the eldest brother in this drama can say is to learn bully, also be Zhou Jia’s glory, he goes tall stage by stage on official career, can be busier and busier however.

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Zhou Bingyi is a good person also be a person that seek the get right on the job of welfare for common people, so that to solve such and such problem, bore on the road of reform a lot of. But the ending of a such characters is likely very,want to suffer from cancer of the stomach to get offline prematurely, and cannot carry with Hao Dongmei hand eventually old. Why so say, already had in drama actually foreshadowing was alluded at 3 o’clock. It is he goes to abroad firstly to solve the transition of war industry factory, in that paragraph of time that abroad needs, his stomach appeared gastrorrhagia, this has been the clew of body state.

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It is Zhou Bingyi secondly too busy, so that cannot have a meal on time. There still was the three unities designedly in this drama, that is Zhou Bingkun the thing that is cheated to overtake looks for Zhou Bingyi to help. Grasp late later last week justice ability is busy be over return smooth word piece, he is ravenous. Zheng Juan says to make a fire to boil bowl face for him, but he still tackles the thing that has some of raw or cold food finally, still express in the heart already very good.

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Zhou Bingkun and Zheng Juan look at this eldest brother before at that time, it is some feel distressed really. Exterior light is bright beautiful the meal that connects buccal nice and warm however on time be unable to get something to eat. Cannot have a meal on time this accentuated of Zhou Bingyi stomach trouble serious. It is he comes to cast capital thirdly the stomach is bad, but drink even however dinner party, so that appeared gastric perforation, became an operation.

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Stomach trouble accentuated again apparently. But Zhou Bingyi’s job did not stop, he continues even. So have a meal cannot on time, the dinner party still is continueing, his stomach trouble is met more serious. So that come after cancer of the stomach. So his body is in keep breaking down slowly, so that premature finally die.

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He is having the life that others envies, also have unusual hardship and overworked however. But he is a get right on the job really person, did not seek easy and comfortable.

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