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Original title: Decided eventually! Of this or the transition that will be Cheng Yi make, at the outset does atelier blueprint see symptom of a trend? Since Cheng Yi joins a group, either sport is taken in the play staff, negotiating namely on the road of new theatrical work. Before probably the tendercy that nobody pay close attention to him, but ” coloured glaze ” later, his every make a move, vermicelli made from bean starch can be stared at closely closely. In ” agalloch eaglewood is like bits ” later, hair of his Ceng Yin of a drama is a lot of guess, somebody guesses is probably ” building of lucky grain lotus ” —

20220224210919 6217f3ffc8992

Because the copyright of this drama is early,was taken by joyous luck 2016 only, in the main actor in relevant platform one column also is showing Cheng Yi’s name. Also somebody guesses ” star fast crepuscular ” , this drama is in early came out to act the leading role You Chengyi and Guan Xiaotong 2021, fail to knock all the time however calm. Did not think of these guessing to have not get Guan Xuan, another work of Cheng Yi is raided however sadly, that is ” bottom line ” .

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Open UC browser to examine more and wonderful picture ” bottom line ” original name is ” do not have before front courtyard appeal to ” , just as its name implies is the drama about legal lawsuit and case is made. Cheng Yi ever came out to will be walked out of before this ancient occasionally circle, try this new theme, decided eventually nowadays!

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Show in pertinent information, of this drama manufacturing just is joyous luck century no longer, light movie industry however. It is reported this is the company that Changsha has actual strength quite, guess not hard also so ” bottom line ” broadcast one of platform are Hunan is defended inspected. See from inside drama market information, this drama will switch on the mobile phone on Feburary 26, predict the 3rd season can broadcast. To vermicelli made from bean starch, this is dispatch of one great rejoicing undoubtedly.

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Look in a lot of vermicelli made from bean starch, cheng Yi by ancient occasionally drama was restricted too long, also body defect ” joyous Ruidali is wrapped ” for a long time. He needs to jump out too ancient occasionally circle, also tear down ” joyous Ruidali is wrapped ” label, come to act brand-newly art road. Did not think of place of vermicelli made from bean starch wishs to come true so quickly, doesn’t how could make a person excited? Actually Cheng Yi just is mixed ” bottom line ” the play staff already negotiated for a long time, be in early probably symptom of a trend is seen in the blueprint of atelier at the outset.

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On Feburary 15 the festival of lanterns that day, cheng Yi atelier basks in an one composition firm photo. The Cheng Yi in photo changes before challenge of Wen Run figure had elite profession model.

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White shirt of his a suit ties tie, black business suit still was joined outside, and before photo modelling is more than rising a formal feeling. There is deep feeling of vermicelli made from bean starch at that time: Very handsome! Have professional model. Want to come now, probably atelier been negotiatinging at that time new theatrical work, this figure films to agree with new role just about probably.

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” bottom line ” 4 leading role are law politics personage — Sun Zhe, Luo Yuanxiang, Liu Xiaoxian, Xu Tian is trainee of court of astral city basic level because of be the same as 10 years ago and the deep friendship below the knot.

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So, what is the hotspot of this drama? Above all, his battle array is quite formidable, besides have Cheng Yi, Cai Wenjing, still many old show bone are aided blast, have a hotspot more not only, acting also has safeguard more.

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In addition, its law case will be shown with the form of unit drama come out. Although leading role is a flock of people, but law case changed another, the audience is unapt drab, have kind of strange feeling like explore record play even. Finally also is the most important a bit, the conception of this drama is far-reaching. Every law case blended in the topic of social focusing, can undertake colliding with the audience.

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Cheng Yi goes out act ” bottom line ” exultation making a person, this or the turning point that will be his career, but also be a not small challenge at the same time. Cheng Yi is a good actor, he ought not to be manacled to be in a kind of subject matter, be immersed in inherent figure. He is worth to have better resource, go meeting his challenge.

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Really, this at him character is not small challenge, but play staff can his it serves to show is opposite pitch on his accredit. As vermicelli made from bean starch, should trust with all one’s strength more increase support, expect his decay.

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