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Original title: ” second birth predestined relationship ” the Su Yingxue Jing of Yang Yi edition admired days, tender years Look for the first time ” second birth predestined relationship ” when, was admired by the Jing of a part in drama, that moment still does not know she calls Yang Yi, the Yang Yi that awaits in those days is young and puerile, it is OK that a piece of face appears a water of clutch came, tender but the person’s appearance adds the can in drama to say ideal person is set, who can like Su Yingxue this part?

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Beside Meng Lijun, have two servant girl, one is Rong Lan, argute and lovely, still do a bit laugh, often connect idiom missay, one mirrors snow namely, the tenderness that mirror snow beautiful static, clever and address, outside often helping Li Jun embroidery so that let Li Jun go out,needlework, swim learn. Mirror Mr Xue Heli two people, the name gives priority to fall forward, solid for the bosom friend. Mirror Mr Xue Duili to be able to breathe out continuously its name, and Rong Lan is to cry however ” young lady ” , the position that reflects Home Xue Zaimeng it is thus clear that still differs somewhat, the name is servant girl, pay occasionally more resemble foster daughter. Mirror Xue Conghui, often understand Li Junfei, she always can understand Li Jun’s idea, lian Lijun also can say: “Know my Meng Lijun to be not your Su Yingxue to not be belonged to ” . Sweet on town god’s temple when, mirror snow to be considered as Meng Lijun by accident by Liu Kui wall, then Liu Kuibi is battling father’s ascendancy arrives Mengjia seek a marriage alliance. This ability is derivative Huangfu Shaohua and Liu Kui Bi Biwu win out, be persecuted to treat unjustly portion waiting for play later.

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Later, mirror snow to save Home Meng Jiayi generation to marry, with newly-married of Liu Kui a round flat piece of jade with a hole in its center that evening, after she hit Liu Kuibi, be forced cast river take one’s own life. So, such mirrorring how can be snow liked? Before mirrorring Xue Daimeng Li Jun to get married, she knocks at Bai Zhili to doctor of the first month and madam travel, she is regarded Meng Jiaren as really oneself family member, regarded doctor of the first month and madam as oneself parents. Same, doctor of the first month also will mirror snow to regard as is his daughter.

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Although 9 king a form of a address for an official or rich man to still do not know to reflect the true identity of snow and background with princess at that time, but they still were accepted gradually mirror snow, mirrorred snow to also become the lady’s-maid of princess.

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Mirror Xue Zhao to consider princess with one one’s heart responsible, more what is more,the rather that, princess has the grace that help to her, she more want to replace princess help sb to get over a difficulty. Princess has a headache, she is OK hock oneself bracelet buys drug to princess, daily massage for her, princess because of funeral daughter painful and sad also be her channel, just make the mood of princess improves gradually. The courage that mirrors snow to use her and the hair that got king father couple sincerely the take pity on from the heart and be very fond of. After blocking a sword for king father, king father is more receive her for the adopted daughter, she also became infanta, the identity is exalted. But the identity that she bestowed favor on unripe charming to perhaps forget her without depend on, still princess of serve of with one one’s heart. Disguise as a man in Meng Lijun, after the Number One Scholar of renown pass an entrance examination of Li Mingtang of make use of, 9 king father chooses a husband to mirror snow to enrol, colour building shows snow to cast big-leaf hydrangea, it is so artful, broke Meng Lijun. Two people get married that evening, li Jun in fear and trembling, fear to be known to wear oneself are daughter body, seeing infanta is to mirror snow unexpectedly, this ability puts down a heart to come.

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Reflecting the final result with final snow is with true Li Mingtang in all humorous managed repeatedly. As if dim in God has been destined general, because Li Mingtang as form of a address for an official or rich man to only daughter is in love and persecute with 9 king, li Jia by search sb’s house and confiscate his property, the daughter of king father also sad and blue because of this paragraph of love and dead, mirrorred snow finally to become the adopted daughter of king father, married again Li Mingtang, dim in as if that paragraph of feeling that made up for king father daughter. Mirror snow and Li Mingtang to encounter for the first time, she admit at the moment the true Li Mingtang that the hand takes a person with high aspirations and determination of small chrysanthemum not to forget old affection just about. King father ” before the grave ” , their recall old love; One grieves over parents, comfort solution each other, li Jun gets rescued return, laugh at the note that says them craftily to agree.

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Reflect the old practice of snow, it is the deputy line in drama, but the development of the story cannot leave to mirror snow from beginning to end however drive. She does not have Li Jun probably in that way talent and experience, but, she is more sensible than Li Jun, know to make allowances for other, also know be thankful graph newspaper, she always considers others first, for instance father of doctor of the first month, Li Jun, king, princess, final ability considers him. If say Li Jun is that has prospect brilliance lintel child in the home, na Yingxue resembles is that sensible and clever filial like staying in the child that takes care of beside parents, such child always lets Li Jun parents worries about, and mirror snow to often be ignored, but final the backup force that she became holder however. In drama of only regret, mirrorred snow to conceal his true identity to king father princess namely, and fail all the time later again the opportunity clarifies to king father husband and wife, this must say is a very big a matter of regret. King father princess is regarded her as really the daughter will be very fond of, but her true identity, leave till king father husband and wife, they do not know. In kubla khah mausolem, drink of king father husband and wife poisoneds wine ” commit suicide ” , from now on they 3 people live far apart from each other, get together without opportunity photograph forever the natural bonds and ethical relationships between members of a family, this also is one big a matter of regret. ยท

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