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Original title: Actor Jin Dong: Although had lived together 5 years with the Jiang Shan that leaves other, but survive absolutely won’t disappoint the Li Jia of 2 marriage Jin Dong is a country deputy regimental commander of song and dance ensemble of colliery of one stage actor, China. Some closer year come, jin Dong gives the work that the teleplay that act can weigh each times to going up is high quality:

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” break out of an encirclement ” , ” warm flavour ” , ” ideal and beamed China ” , ” very close to each other ” , ” elite lawyer ” , ” amative gentleman ” , ” my before half a lifetime ” , ” happy eulogy ” etc. Present Jin Dong is the actor of a great minds mature slowly not just, he had become nowadays true ” veteran cadre ” !

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There is red to hear after becoming famous with a lot of actors different, after Jin Dong great minds mature slowly composed all the time and low-key, also not very him sale. Before becoming famous, he also has Guo Fei to hear, the feeling that Ceng Hejiang Shan lives together 5 years is experienced, but his survive won’t disappoint is same the Li Jia of 2 marriage. Recreation was explained with real operation between their husband and wife in the circle, also can have the marriage of low-key happiness! One, 1976, the 2nd child in the home was born in a Shandong aid is peaceful average household is a boy. This child is Jin Dong, he still has an elder sister.

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In major family, after having the child, meet more sweet happiness, but there is a place however in Home Jin Dong not quite same. In the home much after a child, the pressure that does father and mother also increased slowly. Small attrition becomes the fuse that for Jin Dong parents quarrels in the life, petty thing is little make a noise, the important matter makes a noise greatly. Originally father is in the home the time in is not much, still use between greater part time-sharing among them quarrelled. When the elementary school on Jin Dong, the contradiction between parents arrived peak, who will cannot mediate. Final their feeling burst divorced, jin Dong and elder sister follow a mother to live together.

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In one’s childhood experience parents leaves the matter of different, also have many effects to Jin Dong. Follow him grown from different mother as a child, all the time very admire a mother. There never is the woman that has had experience leaving other with peculiar eye look upon after this also makes him grown. Jin Dong’s childhood is not very perfect, but fortunately he was not on wrong road. After the middle school graduates, he is taken an examination of went up technical secondary school.

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The graduate of technical secondary school of that time graduates is packet of distributive, actually Jin Dong early enters system with respect to organic meeting inside. Become step-by-steply ” veteran cadre ” , do not have method to become star so nevertheless. And the destiny also opened a tremendous fun with him at that time, that year in his graduation system was reformed. Graduate to be able to be taken originally in one’s hand ” iron rice bowl-a secure job ” the job was done not have, he must plan an outlet additionally. Under a variety of coincidence, just had our hep today actor Jin Dong. 2, the youth of everybody is muddled ignorance confused, jin Dong also is such. He what graduate from the technical secondary school resembles having head fly only general, bump in disorder everywhere. Become a clerk to the hotel, be stationed in in song hall sing, he still washs car inn to had washed a car. Recumbent like before oneself sing, he does those who spend period of time to be stationed in sing hand. A song two money, want to sing 4 songs in the evening, he spent recumbent sing for a living a few years.

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Have a year, a fellow-townsman in Beijing walk-on comes home spend the New Year, spoke of the achievement of wind and cloud that oneself become an actor. This fellow villager looks at the experience that sympathizes with him very as the Jin Dong of meaning in native place. If go out to become an actor together,still represent the requirement with him, still perhaps can have famous opportunity. The person that say is inadvertently, auditor is intended, inside scamper opened a flower in nest of heart of Jin Dong of respecting of this one word. Two people say to jump over excitement more, saw the enthusiasm in eye of the other side.

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Him Jin Dong also cannot think of, he was on an actor because of this fellow-townsman this road, going is half a lifetime. Before long, jin Dong followed this friend to begin the actor’s journey to Beijing together. Well-known, be being mixed in recreational group should have resource, and this ” food chain ” top is a director. The Jin Dong of travel is entered first recumbent a warm blood holds to hard, he is not one’s previous experience of regular professional training, also do not have the director of understanding. Can follow fellow-townsman play a bit role only, recumbent oneself coolie mixes a dress warmly and ear one’s fill. Rush about in the play staff all the year round, jin Dong also felt the regulation in this circle gradually, that thinks method enters the director’s field of vision namely. Go right the Jin Dong of the road, began to have improvement soon. 3, 1993, jin Dong enters the director’s field of vision successfully eventually. Be in ” Oriental businessman ” in personate ” teenager Gao Xianyang ” this part, the name that lets him appears in cast.

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Do not pass this theatrical work and did not open his way that become famous, let him enter an actor formally however nevertheless this cavalcade. That time, the actor of leading role can be become in the play staff or has an authorized strength, or is one’s previous experience of 8 classics regular professional training.

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Jin Dong just can find the part that has name and actor’s lines to now and then in the play staff, wake in the dot of play staff elder. He realizes himself eventually the acting of attend in a advanced studies of this system, then he was on the road of attend school afresh. But this road, not be so easy however.

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1999, jin Dong of 23 years old spent many effort. One’s deceased father went up class of undergraduate course of melodrama of department of performance of central Thespian college. He is a new student in the center ” old ” was born, because he has,also fasten just about at newborn composed.

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Let Jin Dong early obtain his love in the school, his emotive begins, sui Junbo. The campus love of two people is very good and sweet, not impure any material. But because,also be such character, make this love very brief.

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After graduating 2003, the love of two people also no longer pure, had not escaped to divide the ending of the hand. Sui Junbo restricted company of movie and TV with respect to the autograph after graduation, step-by-step him open act art road. The Jin Dong of across is so not easy, wander in the brim of drama of movie and TV all the time. The part is footy costar, actor’s lines also is very few.

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2004 head sowed teleplay ” teenager big imperial envoy ” extremely red temporarily, in those days Jin Dong of 27 years old also amid goes out act. Do not cross him in those days, what can mix 16 years old to dingdong of 14 years old only is free from worry make match. That is Jin Dong probably this all one’s life does not think alluding hour. 4, Jin Dong’s great minds mature slowly also is not to say really just, he is the greenest a lot of people had seen acerbity look but however nobody knows him. 2004, jin Dong performs the film because of going out ” Qiu Yu ” in hero was nominated ” award of ornamental columns erected in front of palaces is outstanding new personality ” .

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He thinks originally oneself such outstanding there can be position very quickly in recreational group, result however disappear forever. Later though have work every year,pat, work broadcasts, but he is play fire person all the time not fire. 2005, teleplay ” pathos mother child ” let Jin Dong and in Jiang Shan has the division elder sister of play to encounter along a thousand li.

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The two people that differ 9 years old are in drama personate mother child, in drama the adversary between them makes fun of most. Of a few months get along come down, two people had different feeling gradually. Film the place is Shaanxi phoenix town, the howl outside because this river Shan still gives junior fellow apprentice Jin Dong,taking ” phoenix shadow emperor ” . Accepting when interviewing, jiang Shan ever also claimed he is ” after Gu Zhenying ” . Also can see from here, they have some of different sincere feeling at that time.

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The Jiang Shan at that time has had the marriage of a paragraph of failure, still have a daughter of 7 years old. Confront a wife that leaves other, jin Dong does not have because of emotional experience of Jiang Shan look down on she. Two people differred 9 years old, the woman has divorced to still bringing a child. Jin Dong’s feeling follows a piece of paper in vain under photograph comparing like. Such feeling lets a person very hard value! Nevertheless, occasionally the happening of love is such, look be like unreasonable but however bona fide happening. 5, the Jin Dong that falls in love with Jiang Shan is right her be passionately devoted, he is at that time inside the circle fame of it doesn’t matter. And the Jiang Shan when those is early however had been the familiar face in the circle. Jiang Shan is very favorite also Jin Dong, two people still lived together for some time. But two people still did not repair Cheng Zhengguo finally, and the daughter that the reason is Jiang Shan.

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After the Jiang Shan in be in love has begun to be being imagined, live together with Jin Dong. In her plan, if Jin Dong agrees, two people are taking Gao Yixin to go to abroad living together.

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The person gets married to be protected euqally via becoming Jin Dong already in her heart, but helpless is the idea that the daughter has her. Object Jin Dong and mother be together stoutly, final the amour of two people also ends accordingly. The feeling that is as long as 5 years, because the daughter’s apiration is terminative, be being mixed to Jiang Shan is a destiny probably for Jin Dong.

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The frustrated Jin Dong on affection also is done not have by complete crumple up, although be to do not have conflagration as before, but he is holding to hard all the time. Those a few years, jin Dong tried the part of a lot of different types, each he very attentively. But these parts can’t let his conflagration it seems that, the astral way that also allows him goes more confused more. Do not pass good to be in, he confused encountered a bundle of light in the life.

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2010, jin Dong encountered the most serious woman in him life because of play become attached to again, li Jia. This year, teleplay ” green not character is defeated ” let Jin Dong and Li Jia become attached to. The Li Jia that was born 1977 is smaller than Jin Dong a year old, also had had the marriage of a paragraph of failure. 6, Li Jia and Jin Dong are different, she walked up 11 years old to perform this way, read major at attached middle school of Chinese opera college old black clothes. It is to take an examination of more later went up Beijing film institute, assiduously study a performance, entered after graduation always politics word troupe becomes an actor. With ” Jin Fenghuang ” once had been not been,will describe Li Jia is.

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2003, year only Li Jia of 26 years old because go out,perform the film ” warm ” won film festival large award. Of the same age, li Jia and the hall that allows marital Guo Shaohui entered marriage. Allegedly this Guo Shaohui is the wealthy businessman outside a circle, like very to Li Jia, but feel disgusted very she takes sport.

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Fall in love with other actress in play let him be not accepted. And to Li Jia, act art the career is the indispensable one part in her life. Two people also bury a hint foreshadowing later developments in a story that played a divorce accordingly, divorced before long.

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Divorce hind plunges into the Li Jia that takes a cause to did not encounter right person all the time directly, until touch went up Jin Dong. Similar of two people age, because of play become attached to, still having identical hobby photography.

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No matter be the word that the two people outside be in play or making fun of are not over a little,inscribe, still having dye-in-the-wood tacit agreement. After taking sport, li Jia still sent a sheet to serve as the keepsake that decide affection to agree to Jin Dong instead collective record their happy life. The two people that fall in love included everything of the other side, jin Dong never has cold-shouldered Li Jia to leave the experience of different.

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Li Jia never also has said Jin Dong all the time not of fire act art career, two people step down with respect to what give aid to each other so. For bilateral career, they make public amour without the choice, talk about love low-keyly to live happy life however. Got card low-keyly to hold wedding next.

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7, 2015, to Jin Dong it is the most satisfactory year in life, also be him a year when great minds mature slowly begins. This year, jin Dong gives the teleplay that act ” the person that pretend ” , ” Lang Ya a list of names posted up ” heat is sowed, let Jin Dong this the sea offers as a gift bead cover this world no longer. The audience calls him is ” veteran cadre ” actor, have fasten the pet name at those little fresh pork.

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In the life, li Jia also was delivered of a big fat boy for him. Domestic happiness is perfect, career rise steeply, the Jin Dong of great minds mature slowly became life to win the home eventually in age of 39 years old. Also be in this moment, increasing audience attention removed Jin Dongcai to discover a such fine actors. Early already low-key marriage, still had the child. 2017, li Jia still was delivered of young son for him.

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The Jin Dong of career conflagration, work is increasing also, person also more and more fire. Of course Jin Dong also is not a perfect man, he is not perfect perfection person. Jin Dong explodes what be pointed out play route goes after fire is very narrow, acting also is invariable family name is stingy dim face.

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Since Jin Dong after conflagration, dilatancy his numerous work ” happy eulogy ” , ” surgical wind and cloud ” , ” my before half a lifetime ” etc. Each part is having very thick ” elite flavour ” , can see similar sign everywhere. And Jin Dong also had not sought an account from him body, chose to establish to oneself however ” cultural worker ” the person is set.

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The original complex form of a simplified Chinese character is used painstakingly on gregarious platform, publish dynamic issue painstakingly ” the poem is changed ” language. Actually to major vermicelli made from bean starch, this has some of nondescript really, ruin the effect by adding sth superfluous. 8, in November 2020, jin Dong of 44 years old is chosen to be a country one stage actor, obtaining such special honour also is a kind of social affirmation to his ability.


Although he is not an ideal person, but acting art his taking on the career huge success. December 2021, jin Dong put on a new capacity again, became a fact to hit solid ” veteran cadre ” .


He is appointed to be deputy regimental commander of Chinese colliery song and dance ensemble, in still be being held the position of, inspect assist perform work appoint vice-chairman. Old deep accumulate nowadays a thin hair.


On Feburary 17, a message exposes to the sun to say Jin Dong ginseng acts on the net ” Lin Shen sees a deer ” the play staff defaults salary. Let a lot of people feel to want to affect large stockholder is stingy for a short while east. Jin Dong respect also responds to incident instantly, representing this news is start a rumour.


As an actor for, jin Dong’s acting is those who do not have say. For the man that serves as a great minds mature slowly, his achievement nowadays also is envy letting a person. From the technical secondary school gives birth to an actor, become to nowadays again true ” veteran cadre ” .


Of Jin Dong before half a lifetime very encourage annals, he still also has a lot of defect and insufficient place really. Can arrive from insignificant nevertheless today, jin Dong still is worth us to affirm. And his career can be more and more successful rear, also pay from what do not open wife plum beautiful.


The Li Jia after marrying became him virtuous wife, all the time rearward helps him silently fill build up law court. Jin Dong’s red is heard not much, but his affection experience is not to do not have. To wife plum beautiful, believe to have experience of how many affection no matter, jin Dong survive should won’t choose disappoint he. After all he can have today’s success, it is to have virtuous wife rearward supports, support a family repeatedly, also be she sacrifices more. Bless Jin Dong, hope he can bring the work with better more to us.

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