Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: 2022 first quarter only 6 good theatrical work, the specification that has looked completely you have eye 1, ” surmount ” god-given sports athletics subject matter is homebred drama. In the crewel of early days is narrative very comfortable, not urgent not of delay. Because,do not have fortunately germinant miss, the defects cannot obscure the virtues, there still is drop in suspension for some places individual, but monolith is very great, li Geng hopes to also fit this kind of character very much, the small painted eggshell of every collect ending is very good also. Encourage annals, touching, saw a winter abstruse later come back to looking, feeling is quite deep.

20220224211054 6217f45ee3258

2, ” between the world ” the more abjection when adore with respect to what need others more, this word is perfect really the psychology that explained Feng Huacheng, also be the psychology of a lot of people, actor’s lines is quite lucid. Yan Tao is complete really piece most the part that allows me to like, tender and firm and idea is sensitive, the look that adopting week mother to cry looks so that I feel distressed. No matter be to let life is enraged or let a person,feel regret and feel distressed, it is the actor’s skill, always compare billows not of Jing see a play strong.

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3, ” germinant “

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4, ” Jiang Zhaoli bright “

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5, ” flickering bright tiny spot “

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6, ” pan ” actor acting is online, but gut has some of plain boiled water, also can see be decreased by cutout apparently a lot of gut, bring about partial the plot of a play abrupt, a lot of clues are very abrupt. Acting is pretty good, of begin ending similar a black and white playlet that puts analogize to take gut is quite interesting, a Qiu is owl basically early is guessed, and gut later period has bit of coarse.

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2022 first quarter only 6 good theatrical work, the specification that has looked completely you have eye!

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