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Original title: What actor has ” drama casts a face ” , plasticity of part of these 4 actors, accepted ” drama casts a face “ There are many actors in recreational group by everybody accepted be ” drama casts a face ” , alleged ” drama casts a face ” , it is personate spends a lot of parts but be being recognized by the audience hard is same name of actor personate. Their acting by superb, perform what to resemble, we say what actor has together today ” drama casts a face ” , who to see most let you feel mysterious.

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One, Zhu Long is wide of 86 edition ” on the west travel notes ” can saying is a super and classical ancient costume myth drama, every part in drama also was become what cannot surmount is classical, besides division apprentice outside 4 people, buddha Budda also is among them one of classical parts, his person that act is bright red Long An, buddha Budda is under his depict very dramatic image, also got the height of wide audience friend praise. But you want to be less than Mr. Zhu to still once was joined absolutely acted ” pass outside Wu Lin ” this teleplay. He is in drama the father that of personate is the Tong Xiangyu that speaking lineal Shaanxi word, very happy feeling. A lot of audiences see teleplay had not admitted is bright red Long An so, mention to just be stupefied till somebody, too fierce also, discovering from A to Z is same individual.

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2, a lot of people had looked Wang Chuanjun ” I am not medical god ” this film, ever also was shaken by Wang Chuanjun’s performance. He is in film of personate is exceeding longing subsist but the Lv Shouyi of terminal cancer patient of very awe-stricken and lay eye, however you can have visions of is this timid actor unexpectedly ” love apartment ” in does humour do strange Guan Gu legend? It is inherent that everybody stays in him all the time to Wang Chuanjun’s impression be born for light comedy, but Wang Chuanjun did not stay in comfortable area all the time, however bold him breakthrough, will what tell everybody to ability is true good actor with actual strength and work, the drama in also making audience heart casts facial actor.

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3, a lot of people do not understand Wu Zhuohan too Wu Zhuohan, do not have how old impression to him. Once say,can rise ” small fish do not have with the flower be short of ” the act person of day of the Yan Na in this teleplay believes everybody is met impressive, wu Zhuohan the wind of the healthy atmosphere stern the day austral swallow and master model depict is gotten lifelike, drew the attention of many audiences.

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4, Reyiza is in ” discriminate is passed ” in, heat depends on the peaceful noble that plunges into personate is a saddle horse daughter originally, the palace after be being chosen by the emperor later, after participating in killing the emperor by the audience people calling is to drag the wife of a prince. Be in ” hill sea affection ” in, reyiza deduced what kind-hearted and honest, of one mind is other consider to be sold others to tentatively when the northwest village of daughter-in-law by father Li Shui is beautiful, in drama her cry the heart that play is affecting countless audiences, earn sufficient everybody’s tear. Because act too faultlessly, a lot of people spend special attention to Li Shui, however everybody does not know this role however is Reyiza personate, show her performance in succession true oneself. In order to perform an act that always can bring everybody to find everything new and fresh, every drama can cast a face to the drama with different audience, plasticity is extremely strong, get of everybody love, also enough proved their acting is masterly. Besides above a few actual strength are sent, you still know what drama casts facial actor, welcome and we discuss together.

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