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Original title: “Abjection wealthy businessman ” Guo Yingquan: Injury Li Retong is the deepest, does survive conceal one’s identity repent for love? Guo Yingquan this word is Li Retong lifetime cannot evasive inexorable doom. Although Li Retong now is queen, she and Guo Yingquan’s past still are talked about. Youth of 10 years, pay entirely, finally is an all in vain however. In this paragraph of relation, li Retong is condescending and open to question. Someone says Li Retong is a love medium goofy, also someone says her is peacockish only. Everybody pays close attention to Li Retong, but never search the man that the reason is playing banner of Hong Kong wealthy businessman this from Guo Yingquan, how many selfishness and affectation is the backside with creditable scene hiding after all? His harm to Li Retong, be one parts company merely so simple? 01 1946 year, guo Yingquan is born in the queasiest Hong Kong, maffia infestation, constabulary dispute and demonstration make people panicky. To maintain life, wealthy person has lifted a change to take refugee toward Taiwan. Like Home Guo Yi such Everyman can stay in Hong Kong only, invocatory and lucky. In the times of that swaying in the midst of a raging storm, guo Yingquan was experienced worldly all affliction. Sister of the brother in the home is so much, I connect a meal be on short commons. Guo Jiafu’s mother is looking forward to the child every day fast grown, earn one’s own living, for domestic help sb to get over a difficulty. According to the big environment at that time, guo Yingquan should be ten years old step a society, look for a rock-bottom job to fend. Guo Yingquan does not believe life, he thinks the dream of stand out is buried greatly in the bottom of the heart. As economy of Hong Kong market arisen, guo Yingquan seized opportunity. He does poineering work, make from the simplest business. Without powerful setting and off-the-peg network resource, road of Guo Yingquan that do poineering work is full of hardships and twist. 1966, be being returned when Guo Yingquan is a poor child when, li Retong came to this world. She is Li Jiadi 7 children, parents gives her entitle Hui Xian, hope she is clever and virtuous. Who can think of, these two people that differ 20 years old, unprecedented romance can stay in future. When it is difficult to be encountered socially when Guo Yingquan, li Retong tries to do a good girl. Achievement is outstanding, clever and sensible, parents expresses great expectations to her. Li Retong grows very beautifully, big eye, tall nose, the figure is slim, often draw the attention of male fellow student and attention. Such Li Retong, be destined to often be shown appreciation for sb by the month. Go up after high school, she mentioned love. To Li Retong, without what more important than love. The lover becomes spouses eventually, bear children, live flat life, it is Li Retong’s greatest desire. Regrettablly, this desire is to should come to nothing after all. 02 1990 year, guo Yingquan becomes shopping centers magnate, his company was on the right path. A few years short, he was hit turn over battle. Right now, the person went to Guo Yingquan middleaged, hard to avoid is met by fortune turn sb’s head. Besides spend money like water, the place with gewgaw discrepancy is very normal also. Of course, face the wife child in the home, he also gave take care of best. Everybody thinks Guo Yingquan can be in career career when live to old age in conjugal bliss with wife hoary head, but what everybody did not think of is, he can greet the 2nd spring. This year, li Retong is overcome to dig by director Xu, combine film with Li Jiaxin ” bewitching animal city ” but the pursuit that becoming an actor is not her. After the film is patted, she returned the post of empty elder sister to go up again. Fly in aerial everyday, finished Li Retong annulus to swim secondhand the dream of the world. If do not give an accident, she can be become all the time a common empty elder sister, with legitimate child of first love knot. But the day fails,the person wishs. 1992, first love and Li Retong divided a hand, li Retong is extremely sad, aching to cannot breathe, cannot complete the work at all. Airline cannot accept Li Retong to ask for leave however, under Li Retong stretch, resigned directly. All along values Li Retong’s Xu Ke, take advantage of an opportunity helps she and autograph of Du Qi peak make an appointment with, li Retong was entered so ” temple of red lotus of baked wheaten cake ” play staff. To here, li Retong will use work of a department, little goes to the side of Guo Yingquan’s. 1995, ” associate of divine carve a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” explode red, li Retong becomes famous overnight. It is when whole Hong Kong when infatuation small Long Nv, li Retong is buried in Guo Yingquan heart for the first time laid a seed. Nevertheless, the Guo Yingquan at that time is busy do a company, had not wanted to mix this young female star can have what be mixed. But the lot that God arranges, you do not hide to be able to be escaped. 03 pat ” associate of divine carve a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” hind, li Retong cannot go out to make fun of tardy. Of the bend city that she is enmeshed in small Long Nv and Yang Guo in loving, often sit in the home to burst into tears. The Li Retong when those already 29 years old, as it happens is the age that talks about marriage talking to marry. But, she hard look for is so old, did not encounter an intimate person from beginning to end. Her grey to love heart meaning is cold, can complete body and mind throws the job, the anguish that will escape the life and alone. After this 3 years, li Retong had ” big inside nark 0 hair ” and ” day dragon 8 ” such classic work. She uses youth but the person’s figure, in stand firm of Hong Kong moviedom calcaneal. According to this trend progress continues, li Retong sits after the shadow also can be expected soon. Be in Li Retong is so red that Li Retong send irremediable when, guo Yingquan appeared. That was 1998, guo Yingquan the first see Li Retong, the heart had billows. For the Guo Yingquan to passing fifty years old, the lukewarm thaw that has experienced a family is pulled stumble, also had experienced the vanity of field of fame and gain and applause, after float drift along has sunk, beautiful woman only photograph companion, ability resists of the heart windy. Li Retong is best choice undoubtedly, the 30 age that come forward, maturity is not broken again artistic, extremely beautiful appearance, it is a piece of calling card of successful man more. Face Guo Yingquan’s pursuit, li Retong refuses at the beginning. She longs to search like the demeanour is elegant man like Yang Guo, is not with him father age differs very few old man. Look at refus person at the Li Retong besides a thousand li, the conquer that aroused Guo Yingquan instead desire. Since the face is attacked forcedly,be no good, that with respect to flank knock. 04 Guo Ying Quan the heart door to lever Li Retong, can be rack one’s brains in scheming. He often arrives class of play staff explore, the staff member that goes can giving Li Retong every time beside is taken some eat drink. Time is long, these staff members air in side of Li Retong side: “Guo total humanness is very good, attentive to you only affection. ” to here, that frozen heart begins Li Retong melt. Guo Yingquan knows Li Retong values close affection, begin to do the work of her parents again. Li Retong’s mother likes to hit mahjong, guo Yingquan with respect to almost everyday for company she is hit, lose bit of money intentionally still, denounce favor of a respectful form of address for an old person. At that time plum mom is held to Li Retong’s marriage originally broke heart, appeared suddenly so a man, age is bit bigger, but humanness plays all is considerate and considerate, where won’t most propbably differ to Li Retong. Be in plum below mom’s persuasion, add Guo Yingquan’s pursuit to strike, li Retong loosened eventually tone. The Li Retong that awaits in those days, in holding have one’s bosom filled with in the arms to expect to throw Guo Yingquan’s bosom, do not have anticipation to violent storm a bit of future. After the amour exposure of Guo Yingquan and Li Retong, draw dispute of countless public opinion. Look in a lot of Jin Yong confusing, li Retong should have better a home to return to, is not with old man is seduced together. Although faze of outside confused confusion, li Retong never has shrunk back, to give Guo Yingquan hope, she often is taking him to attend an activity. Li Retong is more high-key, scandal is more. Among them the biggest voice is, li Retong is the Qian Hequan of covet Guo Ying Quan, she just wants to become a broad wife. Actually, at that time Guo Yingquan company is already be between the beetle and the block, below the concussion of financial crisis, his capital catenary ruptures, will be faced with not carefully indebted. Even if is such, li Retong went without the choice, she always is fine fine comfort Guo Yingquan: “I can be carried together with you. ” the affection deep desire that faces Li Retong is heavy, guo Yingquan appreciates tears 0. 05 1999 year, guo Yingquan’s company closes down thoroughly, clear dish it is debt of a huge sum afterwards. This message is captured very quickly by the reporter, harbor intermediary spent most length to report. The masses sobs in succession, dream of rich and powerful family broke. Everybody is awaiting the news that Li Retong parts company, but Li Retong is before media firm say: “No matter male friend is rich,be deficient, I won’t sit the success that enjoys him, also won’t blame his temporarily failure. ” this word is the form that redeemed Li Retong to lose, one also stands to love the big goodwife that stand fast to set rose. To give Guo Yingquan repay a debt, li Retong begins to take sport to inland, from ” strange person strange case ” arrive ” Yang Men daughter will ” , she opened another door that deduces a career. 2004, guo Yingquan’s debt clears almost, he also has the tendency of stage a comeback. Everything is in ameliorate, li Retong also can set his mind at to take sport. But Guo Yingquan raises a requirement however, let Li Retong exit perform art circle, set his mind at to do the wife of his backside. In the meantime, guo Yingquan still asks Li Retong can not besmear fingernail, cannot wear too bright-coloured dress, it is a bit more mature to had better dress up, with him more suitable. By the Li Retong of love turn sb’s head, still agreed really. Pat ” be handed down through generations of Jing of big the Song Dynasty is strange ” hind, li Retong leaves thoroughly public eye shot, her debus makeup look, put on simple dress, became an ulterly changed Li Retong. Vermicelli made from bean starch thinks she went marrying, actually she and Guo Ying Quan have husband and wife’s fact only, do not have husband and wife’s name however. Guard nice rear area to give Guo Yingquan, li Retong resembles a perfect wife. Each days, she can wait for Guo Yingquan to come home in the home, no matter much evening, she won’t sleep first. Do not know to have how many late night, li Retong is done not have when Guo Yingquan, be asleep on sofa alone. Besides the dietary daily life that takes care of Guo Yingquan, li Retong still kisses his parents the person regards as oneself close kin is treated. On holidays, li Retong can abandon reuniting with family, the family that follows Guo Yingquan to attend them however meets. Every time meets, before the daughter-in-law that Li Retong resembles move into one’s husband’s household upon marriage is euqally busy busy hind, guo Jiaren never also is mixed she is polite. Those years, li Retong did everything what a wife can do, did not wait alone only come of Guo Yingquan propose. Of Li Retong be dead set long for an acceptance, but the decision that Guo Yingquan had him already. 06 2006 year, li Retong enters the age of 4 words head, the woman’s best time already was passed half. She still wants a home, want to give birth to a child for Guo Yingquan. Of Li Retong appeal to beg, guo Yingquan turn a blind eye to, said a few times more when Li Retong, guo Yingquan put forward to part company directly. A day be common only then, guo Yingquan walks out of a door, with close to definitely absolutely attitude left Li Retong. But Li Retong does not believe this is true part company, because be before this, each years of metropolises carry Guo Yingquan to part company, every time ” part company ” meet again afterwards very fast compound. One year of after this 4 months, li Retong is in waiting for Guo Yingquan to turn round. 2007, it is to float outside probably tired, guo Yingquan the door that came back to knock Li Retong. Two people are embraced closely, promise also does not part again. Can be this compound hind, li Retong discovers with Guo Yingquan the concern ran suddenly. Be together with Guo Yingquan before, two people always have the word that does not say. But at this moment they, sit together to be able to say nothing however. The dribs and drabs in the past emerges like discharge shadow it is before, the Bei that Li Retong feels unprecedented is cool with loneliness. And what Guo Yingquan a bit did not experience Li Retong is aching, he still uses the attitude that stand high above the masses, inciting Li Retong. Faced this to love old man, li Retong still is making last effort. She persuades herself to excuse ceaselessly go understanding, after all Guo Yingquan ever also put down figure, in roadside booth has bought a dragon to need sugar to oneself. It is this candy, those who let Li Retong write down very old Guo Yingquan is good. Even if Guo Yingquan is dropped,get hurt oneself, reject to pay a formal visit oneself parents, debase oneself, she is certain Guo Yingquan is him love. No matter how Li Retong is Guo Yingquan make up a deficiency, this ending that come still came after all. 07 2008 year, guo Yingquan puts forward to part company again, thoroughly acedia Li Retong agreed. After parting company, li Retong became silent 5 years, she is hurt too greatly by Guo Yingquan. Be in love old lover, the pain that cramp decorticates is undoubtedly when parting. The most painful when, li Retong ever had wanted to abandon life. Not bad of family be very fond of, let her little find unripe hope. 2010, li Retong and that paragraph of associate with of Guo Yingquan are fried bubbling with noisely by media, li Retong was become to abandon Fu by appearance, she drops hell again. The little sister reachs daughter area beside Li Retong’s, those who had the child cure, li Retong just was maintained. After this, li Retong also does not have new amour again, she is fitness only, take sport, became the appearance of all-conquering alive. Do not know Guo Yingquan sees such Li Retong, is the dimple since meeting extensive returned in the heart? Calculate carefully, if Guo Ying Quan still is in the world, also already 76 years old. He probably grey-haired, all over the face furrow, also cannot cheat a girl again. Nevertheless, after parting company with Li Retong, guo Yingquan disappears in public eye shot thoroughly. Someone says his stage a comeback, someone says he remarried. Anyhow, he also should have the final result that attributes his. Probably when midnight dream is answered, remember 10 years that with Li Retong, he also is met part regret meaning and regret.

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