Thu. Jul 7th, 2022
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Original title: Ge Jianguang goes out perform new theatrical work ” by column a wind and cloud rises ” reincarnate great villain in drama ” Gangshanxin one “ ” by column a wind and cloud rises ” it is by movie and TV of happiness of magpie of culmination of China plan group, Beijing combination manufactures, star of Bin of Zhao Yifang, teach, Wu Xiaomei is held the position of manufacture person, wu Xiaomei, Zhang Zhuo holds the position of total producer, sun Xu holds the position of producer, jin Chen is directed hold guide, mai Ling, Wu Xiaomei holds the position of playwrite, hu Yitian, Zhang Renan, Wang Jinsong, piece is faced, Ge Jianguang, Zhang He, grove jades, the teleplay that Li Min castellan performs, this drama has the bend affection of young actor to deduce not only, more old show bone joins in, have a strong lineup.

20220224211329 6217f4f93ace9

” by column a wind and cloud rises ” focusing 1937, 1945 national calamity period, told about 3 intellectuals family and a flock of patriotic youths, inheritance article arteries and veins, save the nation save civilian, in Na Du the sacrifice that in route is being taken on the west, makes and choice, developed nation of civil and military of period of history of a the storm and stress person people bosom of domestic national condition and sturdy belief.

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The Ge Jianguang when filming always can treat the mood change of the part the land meticulous in a subtle way, give a director the surprise, a lot of directors that had contacted Ge Jianguang and actor like his spirit that respect property very much, he still is a very warm person. The does oneself thing that he can set his mind at only, deliver oneself warmth, no matter had performed how many part to be before each play begin, still can undertake admitting fathom a part really.

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Ge Jianguang more person of the ” that be by what movie and TV encircles medium person is nice, the actual strength that has made fun of sends ” , send an actor as an acting, acting positive and negative freelies, winning such title is greatest to him admiration.

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As we have learned Ge Jianguang is born in Jiangsu Nantong, be graduated from Nanjing artistic institute, height 179CM, ever was inside domestic fist actual combat sends ace, inchoate major is vocal music, have a special liking to the performance later, turn to perform art circle.

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