Thu. Jul 7th, 2022
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Original title: Hao Lei laughs at rancorring Zhang Ziyi: Have international order, because the life is good,be only! Zhang Ziyi always uses his personal experience to preach, also be the imply in show off occasionally, she says to become an actor should be divided one day, and if doing not have endowment, become an actor this industry also no point. And she also thinks to serve as an actor to should not take sodden sport, must pat be about to send high-quality goods, what should have patted is Thespian. She such word has stated reason actually, but be opposite not completely again, the laugh that sufferred Hao Lei so rancors.

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Hao Lei feels Zhang Ziyi can become her today’s, because be in,be original when she encountered Zhang Yi to seek, and still encountered Zhang Yi to seek during her student such big director, just had the international order now so. That is to say, it is Zhang Ziyi the life is good, just had present situation. And broad in recreational group actors they often are to want recumbent oneself are felt climb boil dozen, one pace ground goes, prove oneself finally with acting. Because take sodden sport,also be the acting with need to hammer into shape certain. Serve as an actor so, the most important is acting, is not to should have what kind of savour go picking a play. Because be in original when, everybody does not have the right of any choices. And it is important that this moment is compared as much by the choice. And, without giving thought to when, acting is paid attention to to be opposite when taking sport!

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And Hao Lei is clear also make clear, although oneself are very fat, but also can let throne of him lord it over with acting. This has the actor of acting to have the energy of life end some namely. Serving as an actor want the appearance that pays attention to his undoubtedly, but also be not all actors to ask face is beautiful and the figure is lithe and graceful, if one has the actual strength of enough acting,send an actor only, when can no matter be in,receive good part and play so. See ugly woman Zhang Shaohua, see Li Mingqi of look wet nurse, look foolish a Wang Baojiang, see the Huang Bo of Yanzhi it is a long story. . . . . . They are having outstanding acting, so everybody instinctively oversight their Yan Zhi, but who does not respect them again?

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And about Hao Lei and Zhang Ziyi, does everybody think whose statement is more correct?

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