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Original title: Blue wool of pink of Du Xinzhi iron, announce to exit 28 incident again! Wrong substitution was born 28 years to had lasted for a long time, plan of 2 hero Yao and Guo Wei live the life that got on 2 kinds to differ, yao Ce has died for a long time, but did not die because of his it is more clear to let the truth 28 years become, guo Wei begins to admit with Xu Min, with Tian Jing the family was far from Du Xinzhi one, also went up too now the life of goods of direct seeding belt, the life that believes them can become better and better, we also expect Xu Min family is found at an early date at the same time in those days the truth, give everybody a satisfactory answer! This period article ” La Mao of pink of Du Xinzhi iron, announce to exit 28 incident again! ” , will bring latest news to everybody, welcome everybody to watch! The word does not say more, text is as follows: The fault changes 28 years of life this case, heat was caused to discuss on the net. Already was passed for a long time to now nowadays, temperature is constant all the time. This thing, drag in be involved in among them person is increasing, there is no lack of the gain that has a lot of vermicelli made from bean starch advocate phonate for its. The netizen that also bears attention differentiated two batches of a group of people of same interest, one party supports Xu Min, one party supports Du Xinzhi. This business grows now, imagine very hard, leave at the outset bureau it is a mother is about to cut liver to save actually child, discovering however is not one’s own, leave like the fairy tale that seeks one’s own father and mother for the son bureau. Develop the ending that litigates so however nowadays, can’t help letting a person sob unceasingly. Support Du Xinzhi’s friend, to La Mao, this person scarcely is unfamiliar. He is iron pink of Du Xinzhi, often phonate for Du Xinzhi support.

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She releases a message to say, want to exit 28 incident. La Mao says, oneself take the major person of 28 incident closed, everybody fastens misunderstanding, either have an opinion to who, just think out slow take care, yuanxiao evening party ends, the plan goes out to travel. Going actually annual bottom, she phonates with respect to Ceng Gao attune should exit 28 incident. To supporting Du Xinzhi’s netizen, to this very feel regretful. Blue Mao Ye expresses is not somebody press, just be struggled to be done the heart is tiredly by interior of vermicelli made from bean starch of supportive Du Xinzhi. It is to although exit this business,express oneself more, but still can pay close attention to continuously prevent of Mom. Also oppugn to other ” the fault is changed ” change ” change secretly ” this doubt makes known his position, if conclusion comes out,be Du Xinzhi exchanges a baby secretly really, she can kneel down everybody apologizes.

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Last year the end of the year, unseal traffic accident of aunt mother and daughter dies, a lot of people point to spearhead Du Xinzhi. This announcing that the La Mao that exits 28 incident jumps out to phonate again: I emphasize again, li Li is affection is killed. However this thing, to now police also did not give a fact, la Mao gave this thing to do at that time however qualitative. Is La Mao true message so well-informed?

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Think La Mao is returned to originally, can continue to support Du Xinzhi, did not think of to just pass however before long, she expresses to want to exit this business again. does she get awful hearsay again? good this period ” La Mao of pink of Du Xinzhi iron, announce to exit 28 incident again again again! ” the article ended to here! Yao pa and make Mom return original place severally again after with Yao Wei brief appearance gets together, we bless them to be able to encounter earlier, the life is happier. What what everybody has to want to say is OK comment area leaves a message, we fall period adieu!

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